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  1. I don't have the TX-usb and I could still clearly "see" the improvement with my BDA-3. And the Bryston does pretty nifty internal reclocking...
  2. Of course that depends on your entire system but I'd say: Definitely KEEP it (if you can afford the expense). I use the SMS-200 Ultra with the Bryston BDA-3, and compared to directly feeding it the USB output from my mac mini - the soundstage is deeper, the sound more natural, it cuts a lot of the harshness and overall I get a more natural sound with the SOTM (fed by a linear power supply - seems quite important). I would have never imagined this before listening, but yes, the source is very important;
  3. The NEO is a capacitor upgrade in the power supply circuit. Some dealers offer this upgrade as a service or you can do it yourself if you're confident with soldering. That being said, I still think the sms-200 ultra neo or not is still a great player.
  4. I'm using the SMS-200 Ultra and went from 4.22 to 4.51 and now 4.54. Each time I did a complete reinstall, burning the img to the sd-card. I'm only using my SoTM with Roon - so there's not much to configure. To avoid skipping (DSD only from Roon) my settings are: Buffer: 0.5, Resync Delay: 0.20 - didn’t skip even with DSD256. Buffer 0.2 skips sometimes only with DSD - and 0.1 always skips. Didn’t find any benefit for larger values. These might also be dependent on individual network and settings. Didn't do any critical listening because so many variables changed...
  5. Hi, I'm having a problem with an Aurender ACS10 and Accuphase DAC cards. The output on the DAC-50 is extremely low volume and the sound is muffled. Same output from the Aurender to an older DAC-40 works fine, just as other inputs to the DAC-50 work fine. The display on the aurender reads Sync USB when connected to the older dac-40 and Async to the newer DAC-50. Has anyone had any experience with USB incompatibility between the aurender and certain dacs? No idea how to deal with this, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. As always I'm aware that these changes are probably subtle and that for some a detail can mean nothing or the world... and all is dependent on the whole chain. That's why I was just curious about experiences of those who had both. I can see that for @Confused it really did change dramatically. I'm wondering if they are actually changing more than the capacitor ? Honestly I couldn't find any details online with regards to the exact changes. Thank you both for your input. I'm looking forward to receiving my *original* ultra next week, really looking forward to it.
  7. thanks! whatever difference you recognised, how would you describe it?
  8. Hi, Has anyone owning the new Ultra NEO had a the non neo Ultra before? I'm looking to get a SoTM soon and was wondering, aside from that description from sotm, how do people who actually auditioned / owned both find them comparatively? Thinking weather to get a pre-owned original Ultra or a new NEO... Thanks for any input!
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