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  1. Franks Magic CLOWN Show; Part 2....
  2. Chop a couple zeros off the end and we are getting closer. Maybe 3 of em.. MAK
  3. Frank, Nobody is uncomfortable, just tired of the baloney you serve as the main course for consumption. Nobody believes your position. You devote more time and energy to keeping up the facade, than working on your ghetto blaster.
  4. Are you smarter than the engineers designing the products we pay for? If so where are the goods to show this attitude.
  5. You don't own a rig from what I gather, and if I look back, I am certain that you were sorting the laptop. Again, how are you working on a proper rig to confirm to others that your magic works. See below where you choose to ignore the question. You intentionally refuse to answer the questions posed, due to the inability to be truthful.
  6. Yes, and they didn't have to solder wires, eliminate switches, add garden rocks to them or such. They purchased what they have and made do with solid engineering practices.
  7. You could take your laptop into a bathtub and claim magic. The universal truth is, we know it sounds like crap and the room is very important.
  8. Who's systems?? Care to share who is following your recipe?? Crickets again.... Show some proof...
  9. Except that Blackmorec realizes that the room is a very important part of the equation and you don't. World's apart from your reality. You try to pick and choose certain parts to fit your narrative. How sad!
  10. Well, you certainly are NOT getting anyone to confirm your magic. I think you keep this up because you like the attention it provides. Admitting that this is a farce destroys your game, and you cannot let that happen, or the attention disappears. As has been said by others, we have all tweaked our system to provide benefits throughout many years. GIGO
  11. The question was an easy solution, with no outlay, other than have someone vouch for your position. Your excuse is to be expected. I doubt we would bother him, other than to see the reply given in response to your bloated claims. Your backpedaling is not working. MAK
  12. I just asked him the same question????? Crickets! MAK
  13. Frank, can you bring your laptop to Triplexxx's home, and have him vouch for your magic while logged onto the site? What we gather, is that you didn't specify what you did to correct the issues. Your statement says nothing about the process. Jiggled wires, drank a few beers, inhaled some weed??? How come this friend never registers here to tout the improvements? Inquiring minds want to know. MAK
  14. 1. I'd ask you how it sounds on your system Frankie, but you don't have one.
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