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  1. I tried Dirac Live with Foobar2k and could only connect with a virtual cable. The latency was so bad it stuttered. Without any plug-in to load this into software, it is not going to work. The calibration files are unable to load in Foobar. Until it is more user friendly, I'll watch from the sideline. Right now MathAudio has worked well. Mark
  2. LOL! Your closed end apparatus (laptop) is not highly modified, cannot produce the extended dynamic range of a high end system, and is suspect with most who would consider your replies. I'm not picking on you Frank, I am stating the obvious! You do not have to worry about room interactions, phase, coherence, or anything that resembles a High end system. When putting all the nuts and bolts together, and done right, it smashes your laptop to pieces. That's just facts. Can you please tell me what you hear on the low end of the Davis/Coltrane (1955 - 1965) Some day my Prince will come track from the 2000 cd? It's pretty distinct. MAK
  3. John, The re-mastered flac is definitely better than the original posted. Less high frequency hash to my ears. MAK
  4. Dirac did reply back to me and I appreciate that. GR, what are you using for playback with Dirac? MAK
  5. If your speakers cannot reproduce the full audio content, then you are not hearing all of the material as was intended. 😊 Of course, a laptop makes dogs breakfast of just about everything, and worse when "a bit difficult". Enjoy your breakfast!
  6. Frank, Your laptop is richless. You are not hearing much WRT sound quality. MAK
  7. You did not answer the question on the release of Dirac2. Should we all contact the help desk?
  8. I am also wondering if this software will work with foobar2k on a Pc. Please provide info regarding this and what dsp plug-in to use. Can the filters be exported to the plug-in? My Genesis system has a stand alone amp with phase, low pass, high pass, and volume control. How will it integrate with the bass amp and its adjustments? There are Bryston 7BSST,s on the mid/high panels. Mak
  9. I'd be interested in the Jcat USB card if you want to sell the components separately Thanks, MAK
  10. I am fairly new to the forum and want to post a WTB in the for sale forum. Unfortunately, I cannot do so as there is no post button for me. Any ideas? Thanks, Mark
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