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  1. Again Frank, you say jackshit on what is going to make our system better. As a matter of fact, you don't have a system to work with. While you are at it, why not stop trying to degrade people who can afford the better equiptment. You're right to a lot of people; you are zero use to us. MAK.
  2. Repetitive Obfuscation from Frank and the dissimilarities of the playback mechanism/chain that most of us have, gives us reason to call out the foolishness.
  3. Racerxnet

    Foobar fits

    I am trying to figure out how to get coverflow working on the latest stable release of Foobar2k. Do any of you experts have a working set-up with this? I really like the look and hoping for success. Please help I am running windows 7 Pro MAK
  4. Frank, I’ve worked on enough systems to know better than what you are stating. You are getting nothing on your laptop. Again, where is your system to tune?? What reasonable speakers? Pictures of them please! You probably don’t have one (system) or the morals to be honest about what you are working with. I’d suggest that Chris closes this thread. There is nothing but wasted space. MAK By the way, I never use youtube in a serious listening session.
  5. By the way, you don’t appear to have a system with speakers to tune! If so, lets see the system you have. Or is it more baloney and backpedaling? MAK
  6. P.S. I have the Boneyism CD and several other bass heavy tracks if that’s the artist you are referring to. MAK
  7. LOL, Your laptop bass is dismal. Seriously, are you delusional? A laptop is as simplistic as it gets. There is nothing you are doing that’s going to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. It’s $hit in and $hit out in your particular case. As I have invited you over to actually listen to a really well balance set-up, lets compare the MAGIC each will deliver. I’ll bet it won”t stand up to my wet jockstrap. MAK
  8. As the title states, I'd like to know how long it takes to ship the product to the states. I'm excited to try this out. Thanks, MAK
  9. Whats the impedance of the speakers one is driving. Whats the reserve the amplifier can output. Are you supplying the amp with enough current from the mains fuse panel? The Kappa 9's were amp killers. In other words, If the parts are chosen according to the requirements of the combined rig, you have minimized any of the stated deficiencies you claim to know about. Primary of course is; CAN YOU AFFORD TO DO THIS. As Sandy stated, you will never get optimum reproduction in a room with bass nodes or resonance/reflections from walls etc by haphazardly putting the speakers in a random placement. Your above statement is testament to you not knowing how to set up a high end rig at all. Frank, you really say and show absolutely nothing that supports your position. You will never move forward with all you state because the laptop never requires more than a arm to carry it around. It does not INTERACT with the room its placed in. Your blowing to much hot air. MAK
  10. I have 2 orders and would like you to combine them into one shipment. There would be a reduction in shipping costs for me and reimbursing the credit card would be great. Order numbers 7061 and 7062. Ordered about 5 minutes apart. Thanks, Mark
  11. Color space, Gamma, 16-235 or 0-255, White balance?? Driver for the video card? You think a regen changes the video picture???? MPC-HC, MADVR for the renderer? LAV filters? Did you calibrate with Calman, HCFR or other software and a i1Pro for a baseline? Your WAY out there right now. Anyhow, get back on topic please. MAK
  12. Bob, I'm interested and just West of you. Cash price and pick up?? Thanks, Mark
  13. Never mind the mains grunge coming in from the electric company. Lets chop off the plug or swap the power cable and forget about the backend supply. Did Bryston supply or do they recommend boutique power cords? NO! James won't steer anyone away from this, but considers the supplied cord as properly made for the task. How about engineering the amps to reject the incoming distortions as best they can. Fix the source coming into the house supplying the components. MAK
  14. Frank, you are not going to be on the F-1 podium with a laptop. MAK
  15. Not going to buy it today. A half way decent set-up should be enough to discern any glaring or subtle differences from the computer itself. Someone suggested that they can hear differences in cable swaps, and should be able to do the same with changing computers as the output source. Just swap out the PC itself. Many are stand alone such as mine. Same rules would apply as above. That would be a good start. MAK
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