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  1. I have already determined with a meter that the switch is bad. I'd clean the switch, but broken pins are another matter. I could solder new leads onto the pins and give it a go if all else failed. Thanks for the heads up for the other web site and I will post if Gary cannot provide 2 new ones. Digikey has hundreds to choose from and I need to remove it to test the pinout. Thanks, MAK
  2. Whats my problem? I already have a reply to Gary Koh for the switch. If he cannot source it I have to improvise. Hard wiring it is a poor choice. What frequency should it be wired to? How can I select a different frequency if hard wired? Is there a reason it needs to be hard wired? Do you really think your position regarding the matter is a better engineered product that what Arnie Nudell and Paul McGowan have provided? I'd need hard data from you to find any credibility from what you state. What I do want is to identify the switch. It's place in the crossover network is transparent if properly speced and implemented. MAK
  3. Do you know where I can find the single deck rotary switch? 3 position, right angle, through hole. That's the question. MAK
  4. This is a case where the pins soldered to the board are possibly broke. I won't know until I un-solder the switch, but at that point I'd rather just replace with new. I hope that there may be a part number on the top side. MAK
  5. Can any of you guys identify the rotary selector switch used for the mid range setting. I am looking for a direct replacement before having to re-engineer the switch to the board. Upper left side of pic. The output to the midrange panel is intermittent when wiggling it.
  6. People buy shit on a shingle all the time. Take LH for example. MAK
  7. Mine is solid state. My friends wife's is battery operated.😃
  8. Contrast would be a related aspect of calibration. MAK
  9. The purpose of the calibration is so that the variances between display devices are accounted for when viewing content. In other words, 6 monitors will display content consistently to a person in a film house, enthusiast, broadcast house, Whatever. It has nothing to do with color cast, contrast, etc.other than to see what was intended. I gave several links to learn more. Your application could not reliably provide the results if given 6 displays for content viewing. ie, REC 709, D65, 2.2 gamma, 16 - 235. MAK
  10. You are correct Frank, None of the broadcast companies, film producers, or others use calibration. Just shoot from the hip. MAK
  11. Closer to what? What reference is used for calibration? Does it match a screen cap? Sorry Frank, without any data for the RGB, gamma, and gamut tracking, you have nothing that verifies the content will be seen as intended. It is what it is. Your picture shown of a whale or whatever it is means nothing. That's not fighting, but telling the truth. MAK
  12. I agree that Frank is a nice guy and means well. We provide documentation as a means to achieve the end result, and it gets dismissed as though the scientific community doesn't know what its talking about. See above response.. The same occurs with the audio hobby and Frank. Room response, speaker response, etc get dismissed as though none of it matters. And we all have said that if the laptop cannot reproduce the file accurately, then that person is not hearing the complete sonic results encoded. If so, how can I judge what the material is suppose to sound like when the system is deficient to begin with? If Frank would actually engage with another and be honest during an exchange, then maybe we could move further towards our goals. Deflection of scientific concepts proven to be true don't bolster his position or his blog, and I would surmise that is part of the reason the blog has dwindled. Like you said above "talk honestly" is a key to learning. Blowing off everyone and their system as not good enough makes for a poor start. MAK
  13. Nice reply above. I think we are all beating a dead horse. Are we going to expect it to get up and walk??? Not going to happen. My .02 MAK
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