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  1. Frank seems ignorant to see the folly in repetitive posting of the same comments and clothes line approach with others and their system.
  2. LOL. Treatment! Like the dodgy, prototype, connections.. (talk to self) is a certainty. Frank sadly seems to have a mental disorder. Because anyone with a modicum of integrity and honesty knows it was a pile of bunk like this thread. Are you suggesting the Edifiers are head and shoulders above the majority of posters here at AS? Amen...
  3. That's great that you considered all the above. What does that do to show what has been accomplished with Franks surgery??? Can you provide any evidence of Frank's accomplishments? We can correlate many of the mentioned considerations and more, but how did Frank move beyond the limitations of replay and feel like he is there... What are we suppose to take away from the above from Frank. ^^^^^
  4. Step by step surgery by Fas42. You created the thread to show how the Edifiers have been modified thru your surgery. The onus is on you.
  5. Again, you claiming they sound like the recording doesn't provide any evidence of what you speak of. You adding that others add character to the rig is finger pointing. A deflection of your ability to deliver on your word.
  6. How do we know what your Edifiers sound like. Some clown on the top of a hill with a big red nose claiming they are, and no actual evidence of the fact, doesn't make it so. You haven't done anything that others have tried in the past. The body of evidece pointing to you as the problem seems more plausible.
  7. It would be interesting to take a poll and see the number of people who believe you are on to something for audio reproduction or on drugs.
  8. ^^^^ Fas42 Marketing.... ^^^^^^ Blackmorec support for some "dodgy" "prototyping" "connections" by Frank and equating this to some newfound clarity from the Edifiers. It would appear that Franks engineering skills are on par with MSB. I'll be waiting for the glossy brochure...
  9. Yep, sure is.........kinda like your stance on the matter.
  10. Others have suggested the same as Archimago in the past, and you can see the same excuse/reply from Frank. There are no photo's or documentation laid out in a clear path showing how this method works. The system and it's setup is hidden from view due to embarrassment, and the tweak cannot be quantified from others who may have listened to the Edifiers. It's a half baked attempt to convince others of something that is not believable.
  11. Do you like endless, circular, repetitive, nonsense posts from Frank. This thread will evolve into the same Magic thread. I'd suggest you to take a look at Franks past posting history and realise he repeats the same thing. We get it. We understand he thinks he has the answers. They just don't have much value to others. If nobody replies, then Frank chimes in and moves the post to the top. It seems like a child mind which he cannot control. The dopamime effect???? I wish everyone success.
  12. Mitch, Is there a trial period before purchasing. Fully functional as well.
  13. What about the room??????????
  14. I'd say most are light years ahead of the Edifiers in your home. But right now I have a new home being built for our semi retirement. The room dimensions, decoupling from the studs, treatments, wire runs and a host of other things are what I am working on. Sounds like your perception is off significantly. There are other things more important for all of us, and thread crapping isn't my game. I'll leave it up to you to continue. You are always welcome to stay at our home for a visit. Much to do and less time as we get older. I hope to meet others in the Huntsville area.
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