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  1. Is this still for sale? Can you provide the information asked for?? MAK
  2. Which version of the card do you have. There are now 3 iterations of the JCAT usb. Can you provide a picture of the PCB with the version or model number. Thanks, Mark
  3. Interested in your card. Please contact me. Thanks, Mark
  4. Greta has what qualifications in the scientific community? Wasn't she the one who had a car full of plastic wrappers from food, while complaining about the plastics within the ecosystem. POT kettle BLACK. Who/what is going to replace the oil used to manufacture our everyday products as well as reduce the population to reduce resource usage. You want to die first?? Your kids? Manufacturers need to get onboard instead of planned obsolescence.
  5. Also the fact that the longer the extension cord, the less current supplied to the amplifier if the wire diameter is the same.
  6. Yep, 2 weeks later and the hamster is still on the wheel. Same crap......Different day. I'm surprised Chris allows this to continue. Everyone is much better off finding useful things to accomplish, than responding to someone who needs mental help. Pathological lying is a mental disorder in which the person habitually or compulsively lies. Proverbs 12:22 ESV / 246 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord, but those who act faithfully are his delight. Have fun guys......
  7. From Frank "found another piece of scrap plastic had landed where it shouldn't have, affecting the system power circuit" Are you talking about your Ghetto blaster?? 😁 LOL
  8. Asio4all is such a old hack, I'm surprised you recommend this. WASAPI or kernel streaming would be a better choice over the above recommendation. Coverflow is a cool addition to foobar.
  9. Frank here polishing a turd. At the end of the day it's still a turd.
  10. A little Etta James and BB King to get the morning started.
  11. Servo feedback is one method to resolve over extension of a woofer system. A sub for bass, or 4 column system engineered properly, will spank the low grade speakers you tinker with. Throwing several bricks or cement blocks on your speakers won't fix the deficiencies. If the encoding has bass below 40hz, your edifiers are lacking. Enjoy your Edifiers. They are a good bargain for sound, but don't hold a candle to better engineered products. We all know better than what you speak of.
  12. But Frank, You don't believe in room interactions as part of treatment to tame room nodes. You have admitted to this, and you have stated that you just plop them in a room and make magic. Your Edifier speakers have a reponse from 48hz to 20khz per the specs. They are not going to compete in the low end of many speakers which are capable of 18hz. What many see is that YOU make plenty of mistakes and then preach to the choir. If you are so worried about the electrical feed to your system, why don't you measure it, determine what needs to be done, and purchase
  13. Franks $399.00 Edifier against 100K?? LOL
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