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  1. Great minds think alike 😉 See my current build in attached picture. Cheers
  2. Seems to be 5V for both according to wiki. With "PWR_OK" having some specific requirement to drop of in voltage(to less than 0.4 V) if internal self-tests not fulfilled.
  3. @Nenon, To understand the schematics I compared it to a ATX 20 pin layout I found on wiki(see attached picture) I had to flip the wiki layout to match the innous, can you confirm this is correct? Whats the voltage rating for blue cable in port 14 "PS_ON#" and gray in port 8 "PWR_OK"?
  4. Dear Nenon, how is the DC3 connected to ATX and EPS contacts? Do you have schematics? I suppose you dont have all 24 + 8 connected since some are not used? -12V for example. (See number 14 in attached picture)
  5. Reminds me of large, in size, caps used in Naim product like hicap DR. Don't know about the output spec tho. The downside of Naim product is recapping, meaning sending em back to the supplier for service, is preferred every 10-15 yrs. Could it be related to the use of large caps? Maybe thats why other comanies shy away from them?
  6. I'm intrested using it with ROCK. The "S" version because it has dual lan and there is no need for a usb ethernet adapter. Given you don't want to use Wifi. There has been reports of mobos with dual lan, fully functional while using Windows, that after installing ROCK leaving only one port available. How is your unit set up?
  7. Has anyone tried to bridge a MSI cubi 3 silent S? https://www.msi.com/Desktop/Cubi-3-Silent-S-7m It does support Legacy boot according to MSI support, see attached, for those intrested in using it with ROON ROCK. Seems like a neat, cheap, easy and silent bridged ROCK server option. reply1_377289_20181217101516.pdf
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