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  1. I have a Lumin U1 Mini as network player but other than that a very similar setup. May I ask how you connected the ER in the system? Do you use both Ethernet ports of the Zen (going directly to the Bridge II)? Or do you you connect the Bridge II to the ER? And: Have you tried both options? Thanks!
  2. Has anyone any experience with upgrading the PSU in the Zenith mk2? Mine is emitting a small but hearable hum and I get annoyed by it. To swap the transformer with a higher specced model could do the trick.
  3. I'll receive my ER next week. (Very curious, even nervous.... I'll report, promised). To prepare I have a question: I try to make my system invisible in the night. So I turn off all the various displays and mask LEDs with tape. But this might be difficult with the usual very small LEDs indicating network traffic on the ethernet ports. Is there any way to turn them off? Or has anyone else find another way to hide them (besides permanent black marker, which I try to avoid)? Thanks a lot for any help/recommendation.
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