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  1. it is a real pity that this service is not available in my country
  2. new Euphony version is available - 20210716
  3. ... without comment ... what OS uses your streamer ? PF I2S is not for linux based streamers with Intel processors Most I2S (pinkfaun.com)
  4. Just a small technical note 1. I played Rockna for about 500 hours before the sound completely settled 2. I don't use any resampling on the streamer side, when using HQPlayer resampling I didn't like the sound, so I play in the native resolution of the recording via OS Euphony Stylus 3. I use SOTM tx USBexp PCie card
  5. I have tried Lumin U1 and Aries G2.1 ... I will stay with my diy PC streamer Good luck to everyone
  6. I use SOTM tx USBexp card on my PC streamer (supplied by HDPlex 300 7,6 V) and all is OK
  7. bridge Pink Faun I2S must be ordered exactly according to your DAC, I2S unfortunately does not have a fixed specification
  8. this one - https://www.supraphonline.cz/album/338431-dvorak-kvintety-op-81-97/hi-res
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