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  1. I am unable to understand how SOtM can mess-up the sound in just a matter of days. While, in my system, 4.57 is, sonically, very well balanced, 4.58 and 4.59 shift the balance towards the high end of the spectrum, loosing weight... I’ll keep 57 for now but this starts being annoying...
  2. This is just great... now it takes forever to start/stop a service...
  3. Upgrade via eunhasu. It takes five or six minutes but you’ll have be on 4.5 to see it.
  4. My NAA doesn’t even start... I get the spinning circle of death... Maybe more luck next year...
  5. Well... Spoke to soon... Roon -> SqueezeLite still stutters...
  6. F/W 4.5.1 is now available for download. Just upgraded and so far, so good. Happy New Year, everyone!
  7. Almost any micro SD card will do it. There’s nothing special about SOtM one, anyway.
  8. Try to burn your SD card with the previous version, as is still available for download and take it from there. It may be a good idea to have two cards, one for updates and one with the last known working version of the F/W
  9. I have burned the SD card with the new F/W version and all appears to be good, so far. Used Chrome on a Win7 PC to download and imageUSB to burn the SD card.
  10. This is correct... 4.22 to 4.4 is ok. With 4.5: Roon->SMS RAAT->EITR: skips and cracks Roon->SMS SqueezeLite->EITR: skips and cracks DLNA->SMS->EITR: all good HQP NAA: doesn’t even start
  11. Sadly, I had to roll back to the previous version as 0.4.5 skips like crazy in my system (Roon Server, SMS-200ultra Neo, Schiit EITR, Naim Dac etc). Not happy, today...
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