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  1. Many Tks. Still looking for affordable i7 hardware.
  2. I had both Spot. and Tidal, yet Qob. Ti.'s sound is better and more paid. But I prefer things like JazzGroove/Smooth, Yo.tube etc.
  3. Hello again, I am recently using Daphile with Youtube. Sound is very good as my ears, however, music just 128kbps. Anyway to have better sound? e.g 320kbps? Thank you.
  4. Hi, please let me know the address with NATIVE DSD that I can add in mysqueezebox's favourite (i.e - PCM only: deezer://31031.dzr ; or http://opml.radiotime.com/Tune.ashx?id=s138946&formats=aac,ogg,wmpro,wma,wmvoice&partnerId=16&serial=3d08e9ab701fe2e49d305bc60a31fe; ect.) Thank you.
  5. Hi All. Can you pls tell me how to record streaming music on Daphile?
  6. @Triplefun s'ry for late reply. Yes, I mean HD streaming. I am using old latop for dsd music and for streaming online radio via Logitech media server with Daphile. Sound is fine, and better with better computer. With 5G, maybe no any computer needed and dsd512 signals direct from modem to DAC?!
  7. Hi! is Music Server necessary with the application of 5G? (speed >1000 times of 4G')
  8. Seems very good improvement but not cheap with ~$150
  9. My DAC is pure DSD DAC (upto 512) I use USB Audioquest Forest cable fr laptop to DAC. Thank you so much @Triplefun
  10. Hi, pls. let me know whether Daphile's improve sound quality and/or performance if: 1. add more RAM (mine currence of 1G is ok with dsd64 conversion) 2. Add usb isolator before DAC (e.g self-powered Urgreen usb hub) Thank you.
  11. Hi, I re-install Daphile on my old laptop, it works fine, goes straight to mysqueezebox account and I also install others (Quobuz, Spotty...) However, when I set external Media server to connect to Logitec Media Server (with Squeezelight Player) on my Surface pro4 (server IP adress: setting>information>Logitec Media Server status). But it failed. Anyone can help? Many tks
  12. It came back to the previous issue: No change have been saved after restart Daphile, including change of static IP Even when I move/copy a file from this drive to other drive (RW checked), i can check the file in new drive, but when restart Daphile: that file disappreared!
  13. Hi all, I use Daphile with my old laptop by usb boot, it runs fine with USB Amanero DAC, soud is good. At the samtime, I install Logitech Media Server on my Surface, I can connect to above USB Amanero DAC as player, music files can be played (meter on player counting) but no sound. Pls help. Thank you.
  14. @Triplefun Many thanks. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
  15. @Triplefun thanks a lot for yr info.! With conversion of upto DSD256 only, Intel celeron is OK?
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