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  1. Hello Peter, updated the app and Masters are back 👍 thanks a lot Maurizio
  2. Hello Roy Boy, I have A1 and minimserver as well on the NAS and 4K albums. Every time I add some album on the NAS, I just run the rescan with the Lumin app and after max a couple of minutes the new additions are available. Hope this help
  3. Oooops sorry, you're right, I confused Aurender with the other that is probably the one you already know
  4. @wklie thank you for the reply. Yes I’m in Italy and I know that also Aurender is suffering the same problem but I didn’t know it was area related, so only Tidal can fix it properly. Actually I search in the desktop app and if there is something interesting I look up in the Lumin app. but thank you anyway for the list.
  5. @wklie Good morning Lie, I'm a very happy owner of A1 since almost 3 years and I have to say it is absolutely fantastic. I'm using files on NAS and Tidal. Since more than 1 year, after few monts that Tidal released the MQA files, It was not possible anymore to see the MQA list in the Master section (at the beginning it was possible) because it say that it is empty. I wrote to the Lumin and Tidal support asking for possible to fix the problem. Lumin said that the issue was in Tidal and Tidal of course said that the issue was in Lumin I don't know if someone else already ask you the same,
  6. Good morning all, it's 10.34 am here and here is Italy and exactly Milano where I live. I have 1 wife (sometime is a little, sometime is too much☺️) , 1 son , 1 cat and a big passion for the music since I was young, now I'm 63. After many and many years my HiFi system is now more or less definitive ( I know, strange word for this matter) and as soon as my job and my private life allow me, I enter in my dedicate room, small unfortunately but enough for me, and I listen music. My preferred music is Jazz and Progressive Rock. See you on the forum to share experience, opinion and so on.
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