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  1. Acceptance Billy Childs Artists: Billy Childs Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz, Instrumental ALBUM CREDITS: Produced by Billy Childs Billy Childs – piano (1, 2, 4–8); Fender Rhodes and keyboards (3) Steve Wilson – soprano sax (2, 3, 6–8); alto sax (4) Hans Glawischnig – acoustic bass (1, 2, 4–8); electric bass (3); background vocals (1) Eric Harland – drums (1–4, 6–8); background vocals (1) with: Alicia Olatuja – vocals (4) Elena Pinderhughes – flute and background vocals (1) Sara Gazarek – backgr
  2. Jackets XL Yellowjackets + WDR Big Band Artists: Yellowjackets Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz ALBUM CREDITS: Producers: Bob Mintzer, Joachim Becker + Christian Schmitt Yellowjackets: Russell Ferrante – piano, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer Bob Mintzer – tenor sax, EWI, flutes Dane Alderson – electric bass William Kennedy – drums WDR Big Band Cologne: Paul Shigihara – guitar Wim Both, Rob Bruynen, Andy Haderer, Ruud Breuls – trumpets Ludwig Nuss, Raphael Klemm, Andy Hunter, Mattis Cederberg – tr
  3. MONK'estra Plays John Beasley John Beasley Artists: John Beasley Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz PROVENANCE: Recorded and Mixed to 96kHz, 24-bit WAV PCM. Remastered in DSD256. ALBUM CREDITS: John Beasley - piano, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer Saxophones/Woodwinds: Bob Sheppard. Banny Janklow, Chris Lewis, Tom Peterson, Adam Schroeder, Tom Luer Trombones: Wendell Kelly, Ryan Dragon, Ido Meshulam, Steve Hughes, Francisco Torres Trumpets/Flugelhorns: Bijon Watson, Kye Palmer, James Ford, Brian Swartz, Rashawn Ross Bass:
  4. Iron Starlet Connie Han @ bluecoastmusic.com Artists: Connie Han Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz ALBUM CREDITS: Connie Han piano, Fender Rhodes Ivan Taylor bass Bill Wysaske drums Walter Smith III tenor saxophone Jeremy Pelt trumpet PROVENANCE: Recorded and Mixed to 96kHz, 24-bit WAV PCM. Remastered in DSD256. I heard one of the songs from this album while driving one morning. Liked it, so thought I'd see wh
  5. Hymn For Her by Doug Robinson @ bluecoastmusic.com Record Label: Act As If Music Genre: Jazz PROVENANCE: Recorded in 24bit 96kHz PCM Remastered in DSD256 ALBUM CREDITS: Doug Robinson: Piano and Keyboards Iraida Noriega: Vocals on ‘Rain’ Benjamin Garcia: Basses Hernán Hecht: Drums Hymn for her, a jazz accessible to all audiences, cool, relaxed rhythm, with great harmonic richness. A journey on a flow of notes that float in the air, fueled by a heart as big as this ... The trio talk to each other without one instrument
  6. Artists: Cyrille Aimée Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz Cyrille has a great voice, the overall sound is very like Madeleine Peyroux with some scat singing. I love this super talented jazz vocalist and the musicians in her band. Cyrille mixes her own work with jazz standards and always lets the guitarists contribute to each tune in a thoughtful, upbeat way. Aimee is equally comfortable in Spanish (Juan Luis Guerra's ‘Estrellits Y Duendes’) and French (Edith Piaf's ‘T'es Beau Tu Sais’ and ‘Samois A Moi’). She is rising in the jazz world and has an international
  7. Artists: Valerie Joyce Genre: Jazz ALBUM CREDITS: Produced and Arranged by Michael Wolff Engineered by: Seattle sessions - Masa Fukudome & Steve Culp NYC session - Butch Jones PROVENANCE: Recorded to 2" analog tape and mixed to 1/2" analog tape. The analog mix tapes were then digitized to DSD256. The trouble with jazz singing is that so many can't agree on what it is. Those who love the vocal gymnastics of some singers with their improvised 'scatter gun' approach dismiss with a sneer those whose emphasis is on the expressive beaut
  8. The Valence Project Artists: The Valence Project Record Label: Valence Records Genre: ElectronicaJazzPop PROVENANCE: Originally recorded to 2" analog tape and mixed to DSD64. NOTE: Contains PCM source material. Remastered in DSD256. ALBUM CREDITS: Produced by Gregory James & Cookie Marenco Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Cookie Marenco at OTR Studios, Belmont, CA Cover painting: "Give Me Myself Again" by Krisztina Lazar Photography: David Papas Album design: Gregory James & Patrick O'Connor The Valence Pro
  9. Artists: Geeta Novotny Record Label: Revolution Voice Genre: Opera ALBUM CREDITS: Produced by Gavin Lurssen Engineered by Ran Pink & Samon Rajabnick at Fonogenic Studios Mixed by Ran Pink at Fonogenic Studios Mastered by Reuben Cohen at Lurssen Mastering Art Direction, Design & Photography by Greg Allen at Omnivore Creative IS OPERA ALSO JAZZ? Although I had not consciously heard the music before, many of the melodies seemed somehow familiar to me. Rebelle is also known as jazz opera, because many influences of jazz are incorpo
  10. Artists: Laurence Juber Record Label: Hologram Recordings Genre: Acoustic PopFingerpicking steel-string acoustic guitar ALBUM CREDITS: Laurence Juber - steel-string acoustic guitar Produced by Hope Juber Recorded by Laurence Juber Remixed by Al Schmitt Mastered by Joe Gastwirt PROVENANCE: 176.4kHz PCM remastered for high resolution enjoyment using propriety SEA process. The Beatles were the greatest songwriters of pop music, which is always worth listening to when played on acoustic guitar. Laurence Juber, who worked with Paul
  11. QSF Plays Brubeck Quartet San Francisco Artists: Quartet San Francisco Record Label: ViolinJazz Recordings Genre: Jazz String quartets like Quartet San Francisco that play jazz compositions are challenging to label stylistically, as they are often putting their own stamp on the music, even if things seem tightly arranged. This focuses mostly on the works of jazz pianist/composer Dave Brubeck, including five of the seven songs from his best-selling album Time Out, though a few of the pieces have rarely been recorded by others. With Jeremy Cohen and Alisa Rose on violi
  12. Moment To Moment / Cava Menzies / Nick Phillips Artists: Cava Menzies & Nick Phillips Record Label: Nick Phillips Music Genre: Jazz The album was recorded at Fantasy studios at 192/24 WAV. Remastered through an analog stage to produce the DSD masters @ bluecoastmusic. This timeless gem is a brilliant collection of exotic and soothing compositions. This quartet featuring the exceptional talents of Cava Menzies and Nick Phillips magically seduces the listener into a state of utter tranquility. The flow and the emotion of each song are simpl
  13. Artists: Christian McBride Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz ALBUM CREDITS: Producer: Christian McBride Executive Producer: Gretchen C. Valade Ray Brown lives! Christian McBride is one of Brown's disciples and it shows on this album. I'm not implying that McBride is a Brown clone or that the other members of his trio combine with him to imitate the great Ray Brown Trios of the past. McBride and his associates all have their won very eloquent voices. What has been passed down is the sense of swing, feel and emphasis on the ensemble above the indiv
  14. Artists: Cyrille Aimée Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz Available @ bluecoastmusic.com It’s impossible to not be charmed by French moppet Cyrille Aimée and her infectious joie de vivre. Her footloose curiosity has resulted in a slew of indie and self-produced recordings, many hard to find. It’s a Good Day, brimming with Aimée’s ebullience, is being billed as her major-label debut. Though Aimée’s previous discs featured everything from big bands to horn-fueled combos, she has a particular penchant for guitarists (her longtime hero is Django Reinhardt). That
  15. Artists: Julian Lage Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz Available @ https://bluecoastmusic.com ALBUM CREDITS: Julian Lage – guitar Scott Colley – bass Kenny Wollesen – drums, vibraphone Produced by Jesse Harris Mixed by Tom Schick As the cover suggests, Modern Lore is a vibrant, multi-colored and lively album with punish guitar work that is embedded in the wonderful interplay of Colley, Wollesen and Lage. Thanks in part to the efforts of producer Jesse Harris (who here and there also makes guest contributions on guitar,
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