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  1. QSF Plays Brubeck Quartet San Francisco Artists: Quartet San Francisco Record Label: ViolinJazz Recordings Genre: Jazz String quartets like Quartet San Francisco that play jazz compositions are challenging to label stylistically, as they are often putting their own stamp on the music, even if things seem tightly arranged. This focuses mostly on the works of jazz pianist/composer Dave Brubeck, including five of the seven songs from his best-selling album Time Out, though a few of the pieces have rarely been recorded by others. With Jeremy Cohen and Alisa Rose on violins, viola player Keith Lawrence, and cellist Michelle Djokic, they are similar in some ways to the Turtle Island String Quartet in their early years, though the QSF have remained in a jazz setting over time. A nice spicy riff on a jazz classic. The strings are up to the task - a crisp, moody rendition with enough variation and nuance for many enjoyments. This compelling release by Quartet San Francisco should appeal to chamber music and jazz fans alike. ALBUM CREDITS: Executive Producer: Jeremy Cohen Producer: Andrea Liguori Recorded July 31–August 3, 2009, Skywalker Sound, Nicasio, CA Edited, mixed and mastered at Screaming Lizard Productions, Petaluma, CA 1 Three to Get Ready 4:18 2 Strange Meadowlark 7:42 3 The Golden Horn 5:46 4 The Duke 5:58 5 Take Five 6:47 6 Kathy’s Waltz 4:53 7 Blue Rondo A La Turk 7:10 8 Bluette 4:13 9 Unsquare Dance 1:44 10 It’s a Raggy Waltz 3:43 11 Forty Days 4:59 12 What Child Is This? 3:13 https://bluecoastmusic.com/quartet-san-francisco/qsf-plays-brubeck#.XXYm3qTVI2w
  2. Moment To Moment / Cava Menzies / Nick Phillips Artists: Cava Menzies & Nick Phillips Record Label: Nick Phillips Music Genre: Jazz The album was recorded at Fantasy studios at 192/24 WAV. Remastered through an analog stage to produce the DSD masters @ bluecoastmusic. This timeless gem is a brilliant collection of exotic and soothing compositions. This quartet featuring the exceptional talents of Cava Menzies and Nick Phillips magically seduces the listener into a state of utter tranquility. The flow and the emotion of each song are simply breathtaking. It is one thing to create a mood, but it is quite another to sustain that mood for an entire album. Their fusion of mellow trumpet and delicate piano selections are simply magnificent. This is as dark "blue" and as mysterious as it gets. This is right from the heart of "Cool Jazz" and the "American song book." I would you like you to read the review at allaboutjazz.com. This is destined to be a classic. I am smitten, yes, but disheartened by of how many have not taken note. Get into real jazz! 1. The Peacocks 6:46 2. Mal's Moon 7:01 3. For All We Know 7:59 4. You 5:52 5. You Don't Know What Love Is 8:01 6. Almost Blue 6:48 7. Phantoms 7:22 8. Speak Low 6:09 https://bluecoastmusic.com/cava-menzies-nick-phillips/moment-to-moment#.XW066EXVI2w
  3. Artists: Christian McBride Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz ALBUM CREDITS: Producer: Christian McBride Executive Producer: Gretchen C. Valade Ray Brown lives! Christian McBride is one of Brown's disciples and it shows on this album. I'm not implying that McBride is a Brown clone or that the other members of his trio combine with him to imitate the great Ray Brown Trios of the past. McBride and his associates all have their won very eloquent voices. What has been passed down is the sense of swing, feel and emphasis on the ensemble above the individuals which so characterized Brown and his trios.This is a wonderful album by three extremely talanted and perceptive musicians. I recommend it unreservedly! 1. Ham Hocks and Cabbage 8:23 2. Hallelujah 4:01 3. I Guess I'll Have to Forget 8:26 4. Easy Walker 6:39 5. My Favorite Things 9:19 6. East of the Sun (and West of the Moon) 7:40 7. Cherokee 5:38 8. I Have Dreamed 8:26 9. Who's Making Love 6:18 https://bluecoastmusic.com/christian-mcbride/out-here#.XWKzJEXVI2w
  4. Artists: Cyrille Aimée Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz Available @ bluecoastmusic.com It’s impossible to not be charmed by French moppet Cyrille Aimée and her infectious joie de vivre. Her footloose curiosity has resulted in a slew of indie and self-produced recordings, many hard to find. It’s a Good Day, brimming with Aimée’s ebullience, is being billed as her major-label debut. Though Aimée’s previous discs featured everything from big bands to horn-fueled combos, she has a particular penchant for guitarists (her longtime hero is Django Reinhardt). That passion is brought to heightened fervor here via three distinctly gifted axmen: French-Italian Michael Valeanu on electric guitar, Gypsy-influenced Frenchman Adrien Moignard on steel-string and Brazil’s Guilherme Monteiro on nylon-string. According to Aimée, the goal, magnificently achieved, was 'to create a roadmap for each guitar to make the sound beautiful and exciting, without creating a musical traffic jam.' 1. Where Or When 2:46 2. It's A Good Day 2:28 3. Bamboo Shoots 3:51 4. Twenty-Eight 3:20 5. Caravan 3:16 6. Nuit Blanche 4:11 7. Young At Heart 3:30 8. Off The Wall 3:02 9. Love Me Or Leave Me 2:33 10. One Way Ticket 4:59 11. Pourtant 3:32 12. All Love 3:03 13. Tricotism 2:25 https://bluecoastmusic.com/cyrille-aimee/its-a-good-day#.XV6EJUXVI2w
  5. Artists: Julian Lage Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz Available @ https://bluecoastmusic.com ALBUM CREDITS: Julian Lage – guitar Scott Colley – bass Kenny Wollesen – drums, vibraphone Produced by Jesse Harris Mixed by Tom Schick As the cover suggests, Modern Lore is a vibrant, multi-colored and lively album with punish guitar work that is embedded in the wonderful interplay of Colley, Wollesen and Lage. Thanks in part to the efforts of producer Jesse Harris (who here and there also makes guest contributions on guitar, casio and maracas) you get a remarkably warm registration with spry passages here. For example, hear the fresh vibrancy of blues-soaked The Ramble, with which the trio seems to communicate: they can jam a bit if they really feel like it. Modern Lore is again a clean showcase of the guitar talent of Lage, who often comes out masterfully and sometimes virtuoso. Fresh and beautiful album by a master guitarist who has more than earned his spurs. Tracklist Modern Lore The Ramble Atlantic Limited General Thunder Roger The Dodger Wordsmith Splendor Riot Revelry Look Book Whatever You Say, Henry Earth Science Pantheon https://bluecoastmusic.com/julian-lage/modern-lore#.XVTjrkXVI2w
  6. Patients who wear headphones with music before, during and after an operation require less heavy, addictive pain medication than people who are operated on without hearing music. This is according to research from the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. The researchers at the university medical center examined the results of 55 previously conducted studies. Some participants in these studies received headphones with music before, during and after the procedure. Others did not hear any music. It turned out that after surgery, the group that heard music needed much less addictive pain medication, the so-called opioid, than people who received the same operation without music. Patients also needed less of the anesthetic propofol and the muscle relaxant midazolam during the procedure. "Music has an effect on our physiological system via the brain, so in the body," explains the leader of the research group Music as Medicine, Hans Jeekel, on the Erasmus MC site. 'Among other things, the stress response, the immune system, the immune system and the hormone balance. How it works exactly is not yet known, but it clearly reduces the pain, anxiety and stress. The effect of music in the brain is being further investigated. " Heavy metal The researchers also discovered that the favorable effect is not achieved with some types of music. Jeekel chose Chopin Fantasie-Impromptu when he needed surgery. Heavy metal does not seem to work and a certain type of hard rock either. Jeekel: 'There are indications that the music must meet certain conditions. There must be a certain rhythm that fits in with the heart rhythm, there must be harmonies and pauses. That is not in some music. Then it doesn't work well. " Music is now being introduced as a treatment in a number of departments at Erasmus MC. "A new treatment with music that gives no side effects, costs virtually no money, but will save money," said Jeekel. The study is published in the surgical journal Annals of Surgery.
  7. Arclight by Julian Lage Artists: Julian Lage Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz Available @ https://bluecoastmusic.com ALBUM CREDITS: Producer: Jesse Harris Mixer: Cian Riordan With his fourth album Arclight he once again shows what a great guitarist he is. Lage is not only technically super gifted but he also knows how to amaze and emotion with his game. It is unbelievable how he makes his virtuosity sound so fluid and almost "easy". With the great Scott Colley on bass and Kenny Wollessen, he has put together a wonderful trio for Arclight that knows exactly how to fill it in musically in both the more straightforward compositions and the more challenging tracks (Stop Go Start). Arclight was recorded by Jesse Harris, also a musician himself and best known for his compositional contributions to the album Come Away With Me, the incredibly successful debut by Norah Jones. He provided a spit-clear, beautifully direct sound that gives Arclight a glorious extra. Tracklist Arclight: Fortune Teller Persian Rug Nocturne Supera Stop Go Start Activate Presley Prospero I’ll Be Seeing You Harlem Blues Ryland https://bluecoastmusic.com/julian-lage/arclight#.XU7d_kXVI2w
  8. Artists: Andy Narell Record Label: Listen2 Genre: Jazz Musicians: Andy Narell: steel pans Janysett McPherson: piano Thierry Fanfant: bass (CD 1) Gregory Louis: drums (CD 1) Inor Sotolongo: percussion (CD 1) ALBUM CREDITS: Mastered by Raphael Jonin at J Raph Produced by Andy Narell for Kitchen Crew Available @ bluecoastmusic.com This set features Andy Narell in a quartet setting in the first of two CDs. The vivacity of this CD is the more edgier of the two CDs and features some booming bass-lines and jazz-tinged syncopations with Andy Narell ringing out with joyful flair. Glorious instrumental timbres abound in colourful material and in varied styles. I always regarded steel drum music as a somewhat hokey background track for a Caribbean vacation. But Narell plays with intelligence, optimism, a subtle but moving rhythm, and echoes of sentimental memories. Appealing, while well thought out jazz. ‘A Dazzle Of Zebras’ got to me at first hearing. 1. Dis 1. 4. Raf 11:26 2. Abacoco 10:21 3. Para Quel Bailes MI Rumba / Dance Class 9:49 4. Dee Mwa Wee 8:33 5. The Last Word 9:47 6. A Dazzle of Zebras 8:23 https://bluecoastmusic.com/andy-narell/dis-1-4-raf-disc-1#.XUElYRjVI2w
  9. The Alchemy Elements feat. George Brooks, Kala Ramnath & Gwyneth Wentink Artists: Elements Record Label: Earth Brother Music Genre: Global Chamber JazzJazz Available @ https://bluecoastmusic.com ALBUM CREDITS: George Brooks, saxophone; Kala Ramnath, violin and vocal; Gwyneth Wentink, harp; special guests Kai Eckhardt, bass; Selvaganesh Vinayakram, kanjira Brooks project, a trio titled Elements, combines Brooks’ artful soprano and tenor saxophone work with the Hindustani virtuoso Kala Ramnath’s haunting violin and Dutch harpist Gwyneth Wentik in an eastern influenced chamber music setting. The album aptly titled The Alchemy is just that, a transformational fusion of Eastern and Western musical traditions. An album of deep beauty and quietude, if you allow it the music fosters a spiritual connection to your inner self. Kala Ramnath is like an angel in human form. Just to watch her play is an extraordinary thing...she’s one of the greatest musicians on the planet. Meditative and complex. 1 To The Light 4:49 2 Karuna 9:14 3 Traveling Music for Ann 8:45 4 Sringara 6:13 5 Lemon Pickle 4:59 6 Ambika 4:14 7 To Be or Not 5:45 8 I The Gift (The Alchemy of Happiness for solo harp) 5:35 9 II The Longing (The Alchemy of Happiness for solo harp) 3:27 10 II The Promise (The Alchemy of Happiness for solo harp) 7:51 https://bluecoastmusic.com/elements/the-alchemy#.XTmXmObVI2w
  10. Artists: Rob Ickes Record Label: ResoRevolution Genre: JazzAcoustic ALBUM CREDITS: Produced by Rob Ickes Rob Ickes - Dobro, Scheerhorn Acoustic Slide Michael Alvey - Piano Robinella - Vocal tracks (3, 5, 😎 Executive Producer - Betty Wheeler Recorded at Wildwood Recording Studio, Brentwood, TN Mixed at OTR Studios, Belmont, CA Recorded and Mixed by Cookie Marenco Mastered by Cookie Marenco at OTR Studios Photography - Michael Witcher; Adam Frehm (trio photo) Liner Notes - Rick Clark When you think of instruments that might accompany a jazz piano, your mind doesn't necessarily jump straight to the dobro. But that is Road Song in a nutshell; jazz for dobro and piano. In truth, Michael Alvey's piano is the accompaniment here. While it is an almost equal collaboration, the dobro is the focus of this album. The only other addition to the mix is the voice of another artist I'd not heard of until now, RobinElla, who sings on three of the ten tunes included here. Her roots are also in country and bluegrass, but she brings a subtle Billie Hollidaylike touch to the ballads on this release. The other seven tunes are strictly dobro and piano, and they work beautifully together. While this is still jazz, to be sure, it's crossover potential is ripe and it should have broad appeal outside the genre. 1 Song For My Father 6:09 2 Caravan 4:27 3 You Win Again 5:12 4 Road Song 5:09 5 If I Had You 4:35 6 I Can't Make You Love Me 7:11 7 West Coast Blues 4:59 8 The Nearness of You 4:34 9 Take The "A" Train 4:35 10 Hymn to Freedom 4:58 https://bluecoastmusic.com/rob-ickes/road-song#.XS70vubVI2w
  11. Artists: Devil Dub Record Label: Black Hole Records Genre: Dub,Electronica Available @bluecoastmusic.com ALBUM CREDITS: Buckethead: Guitar, Neuro-Pulse Guitar-Activated Larynx Modeler DJ Disk: Turntable, Orange Bear Brain: Beats M.I.R.V.: Broken Guitar Adrian Isabell: Percussion Dr. Ware: Keyboards, Programming Butthouse: Bass, Programming Dow W. Patten: Preacher Produced by Ben Wa Recorded at Tyrell Studio, Oakland CA Additional Recording at OTR, Belmont CA Mastered at OTR Artwork and Cover Illustration by M.I.R.V. Ben Wa was an American electronic band from Oakland, California comprising Anthony "House" Chaba (programming and bass guitar) and Eric Ware (programming and keyboards), who had worked together before in bands such as Limbomaniacs, Big Janitor, and MCM & the Monster. After releasing a four track EP 1 full of breaks and electro in 1998 they began recording their debut album Devil Dub featuring guest musicians such as guitarists Buckethead and M.I.R.V., drummer Bryan "Brain" Mantia and turntablist DJ Disk, plus Scientist live on stage for the release party in January 1999. Chaba and Ware had met Scientist when opening for Bill Laswell's Praxis in San Francisco. This is cool, accessible music for every child of man and machine. This is remarkably pleasant stuff. Noah Wayne of online music magazine Splendid wrote: It's campy, it's twisted, it's dub! 1 Descent 0:35 2 Macrocardio Dub Infarction 6:59 3 Parastolic Dub 6:21 4 Dubasaurus Rex 6:17 5 Floridub 6:51 6 Interlude in Limbo 0:38 7 Ancient Chinese Secret (In Dub Sauce) 7:27 8 Soopfuh Beemuh 7:01 9 The Fall 0:41 10 Vampire (Slight Return) 6:36 11 Beelzebub Dub 5:10 12 White Russian Dub 6:36 13 Good 'n' Evil Dub 4:25 https://bluecoastmusic.com/devil-dub/devil-dub#.XSQsR-3VI2w
  12. Artists: Trio Palabras Record Label: Muxia Music Genre: World Music, Cuban,Traditional Mood Description: Cuban Trova Available @ https://bluecoastmusic.com The album is simply beautiful music that has spectacular layered harmonies with Latin cadence and flowing melodies. Lo Que Dice Mi Cantar is been named as a winner in the 22nd annual Cubadisco festival. This is the most prestigious event in the Cuban music industry and an international showcase of exceptional musical talent and culture. The songs you hear on this album are pure, no editing, no overdubs, no autotune. Three takes were done and Jim Laurel and team chose the best one, imperfections and all. 1 El Vendedor de Agua 3:33 2 Tristezas 2:28 3 Yo Quisiera 3:47 4 Doble Inconciencia 5:15 5 Pensamiento 2:39 6 La Ausencia 3:39 7 Mujer Perjura 2:59 8 Esta Vez Tocó Perder 2:56 9 ¡Ay! Simón 3:10 10 El Soldado 6:09 11 Tentempié 4:14 https://bluecoastmusic.com/trio-palabras/lo-que-dice-mi-cantar#.XQ5Pz6_VI2w
  13. ALBUM CREDITS: Artists: Warren Wolf Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz Producers: Christian McBride & Al Pryor Mixer: Todd Whitelock Available @ bluecoastmusic.com The rising star of multi-instrumentalist/composer Warren Wolf is surrounded on his album 'Convergence' by more top musicians. The rhythm section consists of Christian McBride and Jeff ‘Tain’ Watts. Brad Mehldau is present in five songs and guitarist John Scofield plays in two compositions and of course there is Warren Wolf himself on vibraphone, marimba, Fender Rhodes and piano. Neo-bopper Scofield became best known for the funk explorations with Miles Davis in his band in the early eighties. Since then, he is rightly at the top of the list of modern jazz guitarists. He has a unique sharp sound that fits both jazz and rock. In his playing he allows post-Coltrane harmonies to seamlessly connect with the blues. Christian McBride ensured that Warren could play with celebrities such as Mehldau and Scofield. CONVERGENCE is a Grammy nod! 1. Soul Sister 4:56 Warren Wolf 2. Four Stars From Heaven 11:06 Warren Wolf 3. King Of Two Fives 5:08 Warren Wolf 4. New Beginning 4:38 Warren Wolf 5. Cell Phone 6:46 Warren Wolf 6. Montara 4:36 Warren Wolf 7. Havoc 5:09 Warren Wolf 8. Tergiversation 5:04 Warren Wolf 9. Knocks Me Off Of My Feet 6:38 Warren Wolf 10. A Prayer For The Christian Man 8:38 Warren Wolf 11. Stardust/The Minute Waltz 5:09 Warren Wolf https://bluecoastmusic.com/warren-wolf/convergence#.XP5eh8TVI2w
  14. ALBUM CREDITS: Produced by Christian McBride Recorded and Mixed by Todd Whitelock Mastered by Mark Wilder Available @ https://bluecoastmusic.com In addition to his own work, McBride also portrays his musical heroes and inspirations such as McCoy Tyners ’Sahara or jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery (Full House) or, with the help of vocalist Melissa Walker, takes a classic like Mr Bojangles. These illustrate his capacity as a big band leader to find suitable tunes and the right musicians to perform. His own work such as Used 'Ta Could should certainly not be inferior, yet the most notable passages are those in which the arrangements stand out such as In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning or the intimately beautiful closing piece Optimism, a composition by Steve Davis that may also be solo to shine. Strong and experienced band leader, good tunes, lots of variety. There are actually no reasons why you should not purchase this album. Artists: Christian McBride Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: JazzBig Band 1 Gettin’ To It 6:37 2 Thermo 5:59 3 Youthful Bliss 6:59 4 I Thought About You 6:09 5 Sahara 10:09 6 Upside Down 4:43 7 Full House 6:25 8 Mr. Bojangles 6:16 9 Used ’ta Could 4:37 10 In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning 3:55 11 Optimism 7:06 https://bluecoastmusic.com/christian-mcbride/bringin-it#.XO_7kLfVI2w
  15. Artists: Aaron Diehl Record Label: Mack Avenue Genre: Jazz Available @ bluecoastmusic.com Aaron Diehl is one of the new breed of jazz pianists incorporating a reverence for the genre's musical past, into a more modern amalgamation of various styles-both instrumentally and vocally--that can be heard as a continuum of past jazz traditions. The basic group is Diehl-playing a Fazioli F-228 piano, Quincy Davis-drums, and David Wong-bass (bowed bass on "Santa Maria"), along with the great Benny Golson on tenor sax on two tunes, and Stephen Riley-tenor sax, Bruce Harris-trumpet, and on the title track (the Betty Carter influenced) vocals of Charanee Wade. The recording, engineering and mastering of this disc deserve special mention - the artists are in your room and the dynamics and subtle nuances of performance are fully revealed. 1. Uranus 6:16 2. The Steadfast Titan 4:55 3. Flux Capacitor 3:00 4. Organic Consequence 13:11 5. Kat's Dance 8:15 6. Santa Maria 7:40 7. Broadway Boogie Woogie 2:13 8. Space, Time, Continuum 10:03 https://bluecoastmusic.com/aaron-diehl/space-time-continuum#.XOg80LfVI2w
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