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  1. RME ADI is a great DAC and the HP amp is fantastic. I have tried many cans on this - HD 650, GRADOs etc all sound great. The DAC is stellar. Add an EMU and you have a great setup for about 1500.
  2. Sorry for the diversion from the OPs question but I felt compelled to chime in here. I have several auralic Aries as streamers. I hated the Lightning app. Very stunted. Move to Roon was life changing 2-3 yrs back. Please keep this in mind. Move away from Roon is a huge step backwards.
  3. Congratulations... I have been eyeing these too for a while. But the subwoofer requirement has kept me away. How do these compare to the KEF and ELACs?
  4. Shawn, Thats the same setup as mine. The RME turns out pushes signal out to both balanced and SE line outs. U can thrown in a sub there if you are so inclined. I had to turn down the gain on the mtms down to zero. This got rid of the previously reported hum. Let me know what PEQ settings you settle on. I am still dialing them in
  5. I do agree with his assessment of the ARC. I don't like it in my setup. Sounds too shimmery at the top while the bass is accurate though not as impressive as the little bloat at default settings. I did the firmware update BTW. Calibration with the ARC is not to my liking. I bypassed it. I have Anthem room correction in one of my setups as well as DIRAC live in another.... very different price points and very different experience.
  6. I guess he expects a lot for $350! He didnt test a pair. Looks like measured a single and found the listening not loud! Its like ordering a tailored suit, and upon delivery only measuring the pants for accuracy and being unhappy with the look without actually trying on the suit. I am all for objectivity but one can take it too far.
  7. Hi Folks, I have been enjoying the iLouds since they came in yesterday. Unfortunately I noticed a significant hum likely due to connection with the computer. The signal path is destop-USB-RME dac - XLR out - iLoud. I had the gain setting at max. I dropped them in half and that helped decrease the hum significantly. I can still hear it if I stick my ear to the drivers. I could drop the gain further? Or this a cabling issue? I have generic cables as of now. Or inherent to computer connected audio? Please advise.
  8. Wow! Wow! WoW! I am just floored by the performance of these little speakers. I was previously running Emotivas Airmotiv 4 monitors with the AMT tweeter. Not a bad unit but the iLouds fly in a different orbit. Even without the Room Correction/calibration they sounded great. After the Cal, the treble cleared up and the bass became tighter but still ample and full. I still am in disbelief at what these little guys can do in terms to Bass. I donot need a sub here! Just the first impressions after a few songs. Great bang for buck. Together with the RM
  9. Hey Tom, I love your passion... What are your reference speakers that u use to compare/measure these beauties to?
  10. Great pics in the wild! You must really like her!!
  11. So before I read Mitchco's post I was really drawn to the iloud for the price/form factor and ability to go low. His post supported my decision and ShawnCs discount tip on SW put the last nail. At this price... I will take a chance. If I dont like them, I will bring them to work (when that is a thing again) for a office rig. Ordered. The KEF/ELAC and A500s will have to wait.... Thank you all!
  12. How do you mean? it doesnt have a sub out? And what do you mean by sub DSP crossover?
  13. I have the exact same setup and its divine. Have added over time and now am up to 3 sealed rythmik subs. Bass management and EQ by DIRAC.
  14. Desktop but away from wall about a foot. 3 ft from listening position. 3 feet apart. Sorry about the clutter
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