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  1. Intel lists a lower standby power usage for the M10. It’s more expensive everywhere too. Also found this in a FAQ: https://www.intel.me/content/www/xr/ar/support/articles/000024018/memory-and-storage/intel-optane-memory.html Are there any differences between Intel® Optane™ memory module (Desktop platform supported only) and Intel® Optane™ memory M10 (Desktop and Mobile platform support)? For 7th and 8th Gen Intel® Core™-i mobile platforms, you need the Intel® Optane™ memory M10 modules, with the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology 15.9 or later driver. The new M10 modules improve power management support, allowing mobile designs to use this technology. This technology (M10 module) can be used in either Desktop or Mobile Intel® Optane™ memory enabled platform
  2. It’s the three pin cable you need (IEC15) with the standard SMPS Uptone delivers. IIRC John wrote about the cable going to the etherREGEN which should not matter much. Between the etherregen and the device closest to the DAC I think the cable will still matter for preserving the signal integrity. Just how much, if at all, is topic of discussion and likely varies with each setup. Experimentation, I’m afraid is key here.
  3. That, I guess, same small manufacturer (who is now on my “never buy anything from”-list ) is writing the same rubbish on the AU/NZ edition of the Stereonet Forum..
  4. As root: systemctl disable smb systemctl disable nmb then reboot
  5. Can you tell us a bit more about version 2.0? Are there big changes/improvements (being) made or are they smaller and incremental ones like today? I’m assuming the 1.x train will no longer be updated from 1st November?
  6. If both 12V and 19V PSU’s can deliver 3A, the 19V can also deliver more continuous power: P=V*I so 19*3=57W vs 12*3=36W.
  7. I just received word from Paul that he delivered the remaining July build SR-4 orders at the post office today. The PHD guy is ill so Paul completed the process for him. Mine is in this remainder of this batch it and I also received a tracking number. Remaining details; SR4S-12 ordered April 2nd, funds arrived at PHD at April 5th, build originally planned for the July batch. Shipped today August 15th.
  8. Here’s some popular options for you to look at: https://jcat.eu/product/usb-card-femto/ https://www.pinkfaun.com/shop/bridge/44-2910-usb-bridge.html https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/portfolio-item/tx-usbexp/ https://matrix-digi.com/en/products/333.html
  9. And you released 1.4, thanks. Will upgrade when I find some time!
  10. Thanks so much TJHUB for experimenting and sharing this setup, changed to it yesterday and I love it! 👍🏻
  11. They are on his website, see here: http://ghentaudio.com/part/list-dc.html
  12. May 9th Paul wrote to me (in an email exchange about a SR7 replacement module) that the funds for my SR4 arrived at PHD April 5th, build is scheduled for the July batch.
  13. Since the power supply is often one the most expensive parts of a device I’d like to buy once and re-use for any type of device where developments and advancements go in high speed e.g. computer audio. When an Innuos ‘switch MKII’ is released next year one would have to buy the PSU again since it’s integrated. Anyway, I understand the rationale and that there’s different types of buyers in the market so nothing wrong with your approach.
  14. No, I’m much closer to Poland. I’m based in The Netherlands. Marcin is in Munich at the High-End show right now, hopefully he can find out what’s causing the hold-up Monday. Good luck!
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