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  1. And it (still) works and sounds great!! I did not listen directly before the update (only after) because of lack of time but If there’s any new stabilization taking place now because it was powered off and on again and it gets even better then great if not I’m still as happy as I was before the upgrade. I think this device should be sold at at least 3x its current price. 😀
  2. @octaviars Yes, that makes sense. 😀 Not sure why Emile recommended that >10m length.
  3. My question above was completely ignored by Uptone Audio but I just updated anyway since most reservations about v2 are/seem to be retracted now.
  4. Found the relevant posts on the FMCs, SFPs and OS2 fiber cable: https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/taiko-audio-sgm-extreme-the-crème-de-la-crème.27433/post-607711 https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/taiko-audio-sgm-extreme-the-crème-de-la-crème.27433/post-607694 https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/taiko-audio-sgm-extreme-the-crème-de-la-crème.27433/post-582269
  5. If I remember correctly Emile recommends a long fiber (10m or so) for use with those 80km SFPs (because of their high transmit strength). Also his recommendations are for use with the Taiko server but of course it could be a good match here as well.
  6. My DIY music server has a JCAT net card, connected to A side of ER. Only one port is used now, previously the second port was used to directly connect to my NUC endpoint (the two ports were bridged). Now the NUC is connected to the B side of the ER. This resulted in the SQ improvements I described in an earlier post. With everything that’s written thus far I don’t think the same results can be had when I connect one port of the JCAT to B side and the second port directly to NUC.
  7. OK now there’s a separate topic and I might find some time tomorrow.. @Superdad I still haven’t updated; is it possible, when I save the ‘current.uf2’ file (before copying the ‘V2’ file) to copy it back if&when I want to return to ‘V1’ (perhaps after renaming it first)?
  8. I already asked the same thing a few days back. Alex’ reaction is here: Hopefully he’ll reconsider now that more people are reporting the same.
  9. But, but..you already tuned it! 😉😁 Seriously, I can understand that position and since I don’t suffer from the EEE issue I’ll stay where I am now and await further feedback, generously given by other owners.
  10. Yes, on the devialetchat forum I wrote that I owe it to myself to test this one day and back then even made a topology update to show how this would hugely simplify my system (for giggles I’ve attached it here as well). However since my Devialet came back with the CI module a year ago I have not ever used the USB and ethernet inputs, so these are still brand new. Pre CI module release I preferred USB over ethernet (when using a tweaked, both hardware as software wise, PC) and later AES/EBU out of the Mutec MC3+ USB over ethernet. I’ve been too lazy to re-test and RAAT stability issues reported by others and Devialet not caring much or at all did not motivate me either. And yes, I really ‘needed’ the TX-USB Ultra connected to the NUC to clean things up, yet it did sound better than my previous single machine setup.
  11. My first impressions/listening notes after my first listen (I’m not counting the 15 minutes or so I listened when I hooked it up) and around 140 house of continuous operation of the ER. In short: WOW! 🎶 Stronger foundation, more punch and the (upper) bass/lower midrange octaves seem to have filled up a bit in my system Microdetail in spades without distracting or anything specific drawing my attention More ambiance or reverb is heard, better soundstaging in all three dimensions Incredible separation, delineation and natural portrayal of voices and instruments (harmonies OMG) Emotion is really oozing from recordings Less digititis (again?!), no sharpness, peaky or intermingled/smeared highs, just well balanced not dark or filtered in any way. Lively recordings still sound lively. One very weird ‘effect’; music seems to play a bit slower, of course it doesn’t (or so I hope 😁) but I think this is because it sounds more right and relaxed (good thing!) It must be my brain adjusting to something no longer there or the opposite: missing before. Very happy so far!!! Thank you Alex and John! 👍 My system topology in attached picture (clickable for larger version). The ER is a drop in replacement for a TP Link MC220L fiber ethernet converter plus EMO Systems EN-HD70 LAN isolator. I’ll update my system details in my profile next.
  12. I understand but really don’t know. Also your application is very different than mine (in my case this cable is used way upstream near my DSL modem/router after I upgraded it). I just gave this as a tip for anyone who has the cable and had not thought about it. Perhaps use some electrical tape around the connector to test first.
  13. No idea! 😁 I just did it ‘for peace of mind’ and it was just one of a number of commonsense changes (all related to grounding) I did all at once.
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