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  1. haha thanks. It has a top notch VRM so that’s why I asked. See the tier list attached to this forumpost for example: https://www.overclock.net/forum/27657582-post2156.html#/topics/1638955?page=216&gid=1&pid=1 But of course there’s more than just raw VRM power capabilities.
  2. Very interesting stuff in this thread, thank you for sharing @Nenon! Did you BTW consider the other Asus heavyweight that would fit this case (though micro-ATX) the ROG Maximum XI Gene? It has two PCIe slots.
  3. It’s the link below and you’re right the mods there closed the topic and have hidden it from sight. Google still shows the topic though and one can still browse to it. https://community.roonlabs.com/t/psa-be-careful-dealing-with-uptone-audio/90734 I saw him write on Audiogon that he believes in karma so I suppose he’ll have some coming to him...this is blown way out of proportion and certainly out of line. Edit; it was posted to Audiocircle too (and deleted): https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=167297.0
  4. Pfff..thanks for reminding me why I would never want to be in any retail or end user/consumer support function. My patience would have ran out a lot sooner than Alex’s patience did. To put it somewhat nicely; you are a very difficult customer to deal with Mikey8811...
  5. I count even four; two big chassis fans, one on the CPU module and one inside the PSU. 😀
  6. Quote from the manual below. You’ve done it the right way thus far. — In order for the EtherREGEN to correctly program its clock synthesizer chip to use either the Internal (Crystek XO) or External clock as reference, the CLOCK INT/EXT switch must be set BEFORE DC power is applied. Programming will not occur if the CLOCK switch is moved after DC power is applied. The sequence to utilize an external reference clock with the EtherREGEN is: 1) Remove DC power from the EtherREGEN. 2) Set the CLOCK INT/EXT switch to the EXT position. 3) Connect a BNC clock cable from a 10MHz reference clock. 4) Power on the reference clock. 5) Apply DC power to the EtherREGEN.
  7. It’s in the manual and it was repeated elsewhere as well. The manual bit: Locating the EtherREGEN: During use, it is normal for the case of the EtherREGEN to become somewhat hot. 48~52C (118~126F), depending on room air temperature is to be expected. Do not be concerned about the heat. Even when hot, all parts are operating at less than half their thermal ratings. The case is the heat-sink. Please locate the EtherREGEN on a shelf where air can flow under and around it. If the heat of the case bothers you, standing it on edge will permit more airflow and will lower the case temperature by a few degrees. Do not stack other devices under or on top of the EtherREGEN.
  8. It’s more effective to make posting crap anywhere on this forum prohibitively expensive for both those “pessimistic naysayers and incorrigible vultures of ill-omen (aka"objectivist heretic small-minded tin-eared cheapskate trouble-makers”) and “Genuine Audiophiles”.
  9. A very merry Christmas to all!
  10. Must be an 8th gen i7 NUC in an Akasa Plato X8 case with custom front plate. They mention a 110-240V PSU so perhaps it’s the stock NUC one, in any case it’s a SMPS.
  11. One can exaggerate and call it ‘heavy policing’ but the very thread we’re posting in right now is monitored and actively moderated. Though some off topic posts have been removed, everyone seems to behave and still participate just fine.
  12. I strongly disagree. Often, like with the introduction of the etherregen, for me (and I suppose many others) they’re the best part of this forum since one can discuss an interesting or novelty product (and it’s immediate surroundings) freely, in depth and most importantly on topic. Annoying ‘distractors’ and distractions are removed or steer clear of these parts of the forum. It’s this that part of these new proposed rules is trying to accomplish if I’m not mistaken. So these closely monitored and actively moderated subforums are actually something we can learn from in this context. Personally, and I’m going to say it anyway even if it’s politically incorrect and not very enlightened (please don’t mention ‘apartheid’ though as that would be way out of perspective), I don’t mind the division that might be a consequence. I have no illusions these ’two camps’ are going to live/coexist together peacefully when noting is changed. They may for a short time but not long term. Am I being pessimistic? Perhaps I am, but I don’t see why this forum would be any different then any other medium which allows (largely) unmoderated discussion about anything audiophile. Any of these have flame wars and objectivists and subjectivists slinging mud at each other. These rules makes it way easier to enforce rules when common civility is not respected. It may even make someone actually think about something before posting because if one knows it’s going to be removed why bother in the first place.
  13. In reaction to the first post of this topic; I very much applaud what’s proposed. Please implement yesterday! 👍😉
  14. Thanks Lucie! This indeed is the previous model, or the MK I so to speak. I was just curious, I do own one MK II but am using it on a JCAT NET card, my ER is powered by a Hynes SR4. Enjoy!
  15. @Lucie, could you (just for reference and to satisfy my curiosity ) mention the type of SBooster you’ve used? Was it the latest BOTW P&P Eco MKII or an earlier version?
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