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  1. Most good results are reported for the nuc7i7DN’xx’ so “be careful”.
  2. I’m assuming one has to have the license to use the functionality in Euphony so I don’t think it includes the license you mention like it also does not include a Roon license. They also mention this on their webpage: Roon and HQ player license owners can enjoy the full benefits of Roon server and HQ player on Euphony OS.
  3. It’s you who named it this way, see your first post in this topic.
  4. 20/03/2019 Audiolinux headless release 1.1.1 with fix for new upmpdcli package and updated working pstate-frequency package. 20/03/2019 Menu updated to version 106 with fix for new upmpdcli package (UPnP for MPD) with fix for new upmpdcli package 19/03/2019 Audiolinux headless version 1.1 is out, Kernel updated to l4.19.25-rt16-9-rt-bfq, menu updated to version 105 19/03/2019 New kernel 4.19.25-rt16 18/03/2019 Last Audiolinux menu 105 with new Network option. Now you can choose: 1 DHCP automatic IP Address 2 STATIC IP Address 3 RESTORE previous 4 RESTORE original
  5. So €249/$289 per machine license so double for a dual box, chained setup. When Euphony updates to a new, major version like 4.0 it seems one has to pay for the update: €86/$99. Again double for a dual setup. IMO this is a bit steep, e.g. compared to a Roon Lifetime license. And yes this is coming from someone who easily pays e.g. >1000 for a power cable.
  6. And you seemed to have missed my point! My point is very simple: don’t compare apples and oranges, whether it be power cables, small computers or even different models of NUC’s. There is no ‘the NUC’, there’s dozens of models. If you have followed this thread you’ve read that the best results thus far come from the NUC7i7DN’xx’ models but all ‘sound different’. NB. The post you linked to is from May 2016 BTW so there’s also no way he was discussing the same NUCs we are in this topic.
  7. It’s a small computer in a fanless case. A NUC is also a small computer that can be built into a fanless case. The sonicTransporter is not a NUC though. Shunyata Research makes power cords, your toaster comes with a power cord. Your toasters power cord is not a Shunyata. I think you catch my drift! 🙂
  8. @Lebouwsky, I’m not sure if I had anything to do with it (your question) but just as an fyi, I was being a bit sarcastic in my latest remark about me being surprised that nobody had reported his house burning down. Of course with any electrical appliance there’s always some risk but I am in no way inferring that with the HDPlex this is bound to happen some day. I think only a well trained specialist with one of HDPlex PSU’s on his workbench can judge it’s safety and safety measures.
  9. @lmitche, my sincere apologies. Now with your post explaining these matters I actually feel/recognize your frustration from a past where I used to be active on a forum where similar things happened with me. It shows me/it makes me think it’s all because you actually care, a lot. So I’d like to take back the mentions of me thinking you’re a bit pretentious or you not being helpful. Uncalled for, I realize now. I’ll stay out of your hair and hope you will find a way to regain the fun you once had here and can set the frustrations inherent to a relatively ‘volatile’ or ‘fleeting’ (from a shared knowledge perspective) medium like a forum aside. Also you’re absolutely right you don’t owe anyone anything!
  10. I now see you edited this in. This didn’t need to have escalated to this. C’mon, as far as I know it’s just the opinion of one person: me. Just forget it and as I see you started this topic; feel free to delete these posts and/or have an admin ban me.
  11. “The theory that given time everything on the Internet will devolve into poor quality content designed to drive advertisement revenue through clickbait, stolen, and/or inflammatory content.” OK And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.
  12. Huh..You get what you give? You’re now talking about me? I just wrote I never asked you (for) anything. Looks like you entirely missed my point but it doesn’t matter. I guess, bottomline, I just wanted to say that I think you’re a bit pretentious and not really as helpful as you think you are. I also don’t see any of your ‘contributions’ mentioned in the index of the massive thread. That’s all, no harm done by you, except perhaps a little to the people who you brush off or call unexperienced. They’ll get over it. Whatever I see fit. But I’m not in it with a commercial hat as well.
  13. Fortunately I’ve heard you’re treating your paying customers better than these people here in this community asking you questions (not me, I’ve never asked you anything) or tryi g to converse with you. All the best! Just remember where you’re from.
  14. A data center is a buidling or a room in a building housing many servers like the one you linked to, network equipment etc. in 19” racks. Space is a huge cost factor so these servers are made as slim (in height) as possible. This allows one to cram a lot of these servers inside a rack. This requires front to end airflows and thus the array of small fans. Small fans can’t move a lot of air unless they run at a high speed. High speed fans=noise. There’s many topics discussing FMC’s and optical fiber ethernet in general on this forum. Nothing new, just do a search. It’s off topic in this topic as well.
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