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  1. And you released 1.4, thanks. Will upgrade when I find some time!
  2. Thanks so much TJHUB for experimenting and sharing this setup, changed to it yesterday and I love it! 👍🏻
  3. They are on his website, see here: http://ghentaudio.com/part/list-dc.html
  4. May 9th Paul wrote to me (in an email exchange about a SR7 replacement module) that the funds for my SR4 arrived at PHD April 5th, build is scheduled for the July batch.
  5. Since the power supply is often one the most expensive parts of a device I’d like to buy once and re-use for any type of device where developments and advancements go in high speed e.g. computer audio. When an Innuos ‘switch MKII’ is released next year one would have to buy the PSU again since it’s integrated. Anyway, I understand the rationale and that there’s different types of buyers in the market so nothing wrong with your approach.
  6. No, I’m much closer to Poland. I’m based in The Netherlands. Marcin is in Munich at the High-End show right now, hopefully he can find out what’s causing the hold-up Monday. Good luck!
  7. Sorry to hear that mourip! Mine was delivered yesterday so it may have something to do with your tracking not updating or waiting for pick-up. I hope you’ll receive it soon! (and I can tell you it’s worth the wait, installed cold with a brand new PSU I can already clearly hear the improvements; so much more micro detail/less smearing which’ll give improvements over the whole range!)
  8. And it was delivered yesterday and is working great now. Thank you @paulhynes!
  9. SOtM say they will release a mPCI(M.2) and PCIe compatible network card themselves in Munich. Not sure what it’ll look like and if it’s small enough to fit inside a NUC or one of the Akasa NUC enclosures. https://www.sotm-audio.com/sotmwp/english/highend2019/ Check this link for a ‘how to’ JCAt NET card “inside” a NUC. I don’t believe anyone active in this thread has done this. Several did install the NET card inside the server. https://jcat.eu/install-jcat-cards/
  10. I also heard back from Paul yesterday about my SR7 replacement module which should ship today so it looks like he’s back on track again after the sewage issues.
  11. For those who missed Paul’s post April 4th in the SR7 topic: The last time I was in contact with Paul (about a SR4 order and SR7 module replacement) was April 2nd. I didn’t try after this date.
  12. Me too! Unfortunately it was/is delayed but I did receive a UPS notice last week (though it’s not en route yet) so it must be coming soon to us!
  13. Regarding @DelsFan’s question, I had been assuming the modem is also the Internet router (and firewall, switch). In my country this is near to 100% the case. If not Lmitche is right and this won’t work. If it’s really just a modem bridging cable to ethernet than absolutely the router has to come directly ‘behind’ the modem. I remember similar questions perhaps it was you (delsfan) too. It’s quite difficult to advise online when not knowing what function each device has. Perhaps it’s easiest to get someone over or open a separate topic specifiying in detail the types of devices you have, what functions they perform and how they’re connected now. Communications between wireless devices and wired devices are not subject to filtering/security when the wireless router is in the same network/subnet as the switches for the wired network. So there has to be an ethernet link between the wireless router (LAN) and the switches.
  14. Hi Delsfan, this setup will absolutely work but you can view any ethernet port as both in and output port. You may confuse the single separate clock domain ‘isolated’ port on the etherregen as an out port as that port is advised to be connected to the ethernet device closest to your DAC. Functionally though it’ll operate as any other port on an etherregen or any other switch.
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