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  1. Thank you for all the informations. I conclude from this thread that - for me, at least - it's urgent to wait. One knows that, in high-end hifi, most of the gear is overpriced. Here, the fact that one can buy the component separately, at 1/4 of the price, casts a crude light on this general fact and makes the pill harder to swallow. I take the bet that the always decreasing price of the SSD storage will soon make 4To the "entry level" and reduce the price accordingly. Regarding the time to spend, I don't earn 750€ or more per half-hour: the time needed to order, unpack
  2. Is it possible to connect an external hard drive to the Zenith?
  3. There is a consensus that locally stored files sound better (even if some peculiar situations may differ), and I certainly agree with you re:YOLO, but I hate that feeling of being robbed 750€. There may be a good technical reason, for the price difference, but I doubt it.
  4. I'm using a NAS now, and an Ifi Pro iDSD. I'd like to move my music library to a local storage, for several reasons, including local network problems. In the current situation, the additional expense can't be justified, as it seems to be the arbitrary consequence of Innuos' price policy. I wasn't aware of the EtherREGEN switch. It's interesting. Do you intend to buy one? I'd like to be sure of this.
  5. I consider buying a Innuos Zenith mk3. However, I need the 4To version to store my albums collection and I'm surprised by the price that Innuos charge for 2To more: here, in Belgium, the 4To version costs about 1000€ more than the 2To version. As a 4To SSD now costs about 500€ and a 2To 200€, I wonder what explains that extravagant extra cost. Does someone know if it's possible to buy the 2To version and swap the SSD? Actually, it would even be better if Innuos would sell the Zenith without any SSD at all, and let their customers add the one they need, wouldn't it?
  6. Unfortunately, Ifi hasn't solved these issues yet, and they don't seem to be No1 on their burner. The missing first second (covered by a 'click') is rather unfrequent though.
  7. Do you want to convert me to Totaldac? 😁 The price tag is not the same, and you don't have the choice of tubes vs solid state, or do you? Tubes sound fantastic with Ella and Louis, I'm less sure about Daydream Nation. Don't even feel like trying it. 😈 In general, I think it's to soon to invest into expensive digital gear, as the technology evolves so fast. The iDSD is a very efficient and rational solution at the moment, imho.
  8. It's now possible to listen to the digital version of recordings that used to sound like a dentist's drill: http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/album.jsp?album_id=29673
  9. I didn't really enjoy the tube output so far. I thought that it has inferior precision and transparency. Yesterday, I took the time to break it in. I let it play for one night and one day, with the amplifiers off. Now, I'm listening to this ripped CD: Raphaël Fays'Andalucia. https://www.allmusic.com/album/andalucia-mw0000804900 Sorry to say this, but OMG (and I'm an atheist) the sound is SO beautiful! I never heard any digital unit producing such moving timbres (pardon my French). If you never listen to the streamer's tube output, do yourself a favor: break it in and play acoust
  10. I understand, but it was Sunday afternoon and I can't say more than what I wrote in my posts above; there was nothing specific in the situation. If the streamer saves log files somewhere, I may send them to your support team.
  11. OK, I unplugged it for a while. It works again. 😥 Less bugs, they say... 😒
  12. Suddenly the streamer stopped working. I turner it off and on . Now, at each restart, I have an error message: DSD1793 Init error Please reboot What should I do?
  13. Really? How does it work? My Accustic Arts powerstrip keeps the difference between phase and neutral. Fortunately. Here I guess that Ifi wrongly assumed that the phase should be on the right side of the socket (they also live in a country where they drive on the wrong side of the road, you know 😁). It may be troublesome with French type sockets, where the ground pin allows only one way to insert the plug. That said, in many houses, where wiring is poorly done, phase and neutral are mixed.
  14. OK, Mr Ifi doesn't answer to precise technical questions. I made several test by myself, and I would conclude that the iDSD indeed works better with the phase on the right side of the plug. So, on the continent, one should use German "Schuko" sockets, or, with French sockets swap the wires inside it, if the electric wiring is conform to the norm. Btw, a single AC purifier has a homeopatic effect in my system, wherever it's pluged. I ordered a second one, if the results aren't more convincing, both will go back to Amazon.
  15. I've just got an AC iPurifier. I noticed that the phase is on the "wrong" (right) side of the plug, compared to the continental norm (where it's supposed to be on the left side of the socket). Is it a British thing? Should I revert the iDSD's plug too? I ear differences, but they aren't huge, and it's difficult to decide which side is supposed to be the good one.
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