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  1. Hello guys I have some problems. Hopping somebody knows about them. 1) i have hijack and Roon. I am using hijack because dirac supports only vst while roon not. So i make a session in hijack as roon-dirac-dac. It works. However i can't find a way to add the endpoint raspberry (ropieee) to the session. 2) I have some clicks and pops. I don't know if the hijack or my macbook make them. any thoughts?! 3) As trying my endpoint with a tplink repeater 650-ethercable-switcher cisco-ethernet cable-raspberry(ropieee)-usb cable 0.5m-ifi iusb 3.0-usb cable-0,3m usb cable-igalvanic ifi- 1m usb cable dac. I loose the signal as in my macbook works fine. Thanx guys.
  2. Is there a reason that you are using male to female barrels adapter?! as i see some companies are using spades that fits arround to the dc plug.
  3. Hello guys. i was wondering if audirvana has vst plug in, if i can put as end point on it, my raspberry pi and if supports tidal. Thanx
  4. A very thanx for your answer. why do you don't build it like the old one?! The old dirac works like virtual card and is so easy to use with everything. Not to buy other player, use it with everything chrome,movie player etc. Hijack wants also to pay it. I think is a thumbs down for me.Is not pratical.
  5. in other worlds says that work as dap. in the old dirac says On a Mac: From the Applications folder -> Dirac -> Dirac Audio Processor Once running, clicking the “D” icon in the dock opens the DAP Controller window. Tip: If you have set the DAP not to start automatically upon system startup, you may want to drag the DAP application icon from the Applications folder into the dock for easy startup in the future. but in new version ?
  6. i just want to know if it works with tidal. i was trying before some months asking you some problems that i have without understanding my problems so i am very unhappy with that. Such a non friendly app.
  7. I can't make it work. I read that tidal works perfect with dirac. Well i make the measurement i choose my dac from my laptop,dirac and dirac live....and nothing happend. I use the latest version dirac 9.11. any thoughts?!
  8. Hello guys. i have a streamer/dac that i want....and a macbook. Also i have a rpi 3 b+. I have try audirvana,foobar,jriver,moode,volumio,roon. i just wondering if i can upgrade to something better from that. With rpi using a power supply ifi ipower and i think i am loosing something.body maybe...and i am not pretty source if a better power supply will be a day and night to other solution. with macbook and roon using the rpi as end point i have the best way for music. Foobar and jriver aren't for my taste. Audirvana is just ok. The 851n is also ok....and i didn't try to compare with roon. I connect the hhd to 851n and i play from there. so what do you suggest?! a signature and spakry with usb bridge is also a solution but i don't think that is a killer machines.
  9. as dac/streamer i have the 851n and not the hegel's dac. My bad. I am playing usually with roon as end point the rpi 3 using usb to 851n dac. it will be a help telling me if other way works better. the rpi3 powered with ifi ipower...and also i have the iusb ifi nano.
  10. Maybe is right maybe i mean mid bass. What do you mean saying "these days we know that a stupid configurable USB cable already can do that the most easily, hence theproven truth in that"? so better to try other speaker than taking a sub?! About software i am very happy with roon?!you guys?!
  11. 1) harbeth c7es 2)tidal or mine flac songs. is a difficult finding a stand speaker nearfield that have bass. I never find any.
  12. any suggestions for sub guys?! 400e to 500e max. a friend suggest me a Temblor T10.
  13. thanx for the detailed answer. I agree with you. I think the speakers can't afford the eq and they don't listen at it. Some B&w i had before was better than harbeth. So the first problem i think is the speakers....and maybe after the amp. I am thinking to try a sub....but i don't know if that will make the things better. Some suggestions for sub to 400e and any opinion for buying a sub?! thanx again
  14. i try to eq from foobar. i try to +3db the 55hz and get the 77 +2db and 110hz +1db. Also i try +6db with smooth it down db up to 220Hz. This was the worst. I try to leave the 55Hz to zero and - the other and was better....but not such a thing. I try both -3db and 6db. If i understand well harbeth doesn't have bass at all....or the something else i am missing.
  15. I have rew and umik and some measurments if this helps. I am living in a small village and pros don't come here.that's why i am asking if i can make it work. I find only one eq in foobar. Please if you could tell which other you mean it could be a help. i will send you the songs when i will go home.thanx a lot!
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