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  1. Hi, this always brings me to the point that no connector is the better connector. whenever possible, I connect the wires directly or only on one side. regards sunny
  2. Did you compare other regulators, before you build this monster psu? imho you can paralell as much 3045 as you want, it will never sound really good. 3045 is not specially designed for audio use, like others. It got nice specs but it allways sounds flat. Ripple is only one aspect in psu design. There are many ways to reduce ripple...
  3. Lifepo4 battery power supplies are far away, of what is possible. 3 years ago we start with that... Go that way... And compare a lot... Then you will find out, that connected to the power line... Is better... Happy listening Sunny
  4. On which side do I find the original topic?
  5. @austinpop did he talk about re-thinking the pricing model, so thats a bit cheaper for Server/endpoint users? regards sunny
  6. Hi, even though i was not asking, its very interesting for me too. do you know if the Routers can handle vdsl? regards sunny
  7. thats right, The Magic comes when you power the usb-stick with a seperate and high quality power supply. use e.g. a usb 3.0 Adapter, take out the ground and V+ line, cut V+ line, connect V+ and gnd from your psu... then you will be able to hear really big differences between CF, SD, SLC and simple blue jeans usb sticks. These differences are much bigger than clock tunings. Everything that ist connected to the nuc/pc must have a seperate power supply and the V+-Line cut. thats a basic in a audiophile Computer audio setup. regards sunny
  8. HI, i am doing it for nearly 3 Weeks now. Still have no 100% favorite! that means in other words Volumio is damned good for being a Freeware. it depends on the Hardware, which System is the best. On my older futro 900-fanless PC daphile wins every contest. ... so there is no operating System that wins every contest on all hardware-Setups. After listening to Volumio on a single NUC7i7DNHE (i own two in Plato Housing for better A/B-Test) for nearly two weeks i changed back to euphony yesterday - and back to volumio, becouse i missed the higher Dynamics from Volumio. #13764 Posted 1 hour ago Anyone have suggestions on what type or characteristics a USB stick should have for persistent use with Euphony or AL ? I was comparing optane, USB-Stick 2.0, SLC USB-Stick this Weekend with Euphony. On Optane, Euphony sounds a bit thin and bloodless to my ears. A USB 2.0 Intenso Stick was on the same Level - so no benefit. A seperate powered SLC-USB-Stick from Winkom opened the door to never heared subsonics. Regards Sunny
  9. hi, this is normal. most Designers are just taking the datasheet and build up the recommended circuid. thats it - no Magic! the first time i saw that X-HI Version - that would be the one to take for me - ist easy to Change the onboard clock with a Neutron star. the sq-difference from that blue Jeans clock and the cchd575 is imho not that big, and not worth 100 bucks. much better is a seperate clock with seperate power supply and Isolation to prevend ground-loops. regards sunny
  10. I don't understand in matter of sq, why to use a ssd? Internal harddrive (hdd, ssd) with internal power suppy and connected to sata is a no-go also. If you spend so much money for a nuc7i7... Spend a bit more for external hdd and seperate power supply. You will never reach the top of what is possible, if you connect it to the internal heaters. Kind regards Sunny
  11. That is normal for clock tunings. Against all marketing stuff... A clock can only be clean on short distances. Dont believe in one who tells you that 50cm+ like you have if you use an external clock is okey. 5cm clock to host ist okey. better less than that, even with coax cables. That can only be done with internal clocks, guy's. Every cm more is an open side for pollution of any kind. Buy something like this below .. And find out what and how much is going to have an influence on you clock cable... Its not realy precise but enough to have an idea whats going on in the neighborhood. Regards Sunny
  12. Hello Bobfa, i did the same. the conclusion, which operating System is the best is allways connected to the Hardware you use. I liked the way roon did his Job. for me euphony core and roon was the best sounding way, but... what i really dont´t like is the structure of roon. i want to look at the Folders (sometimes). Thats not possible. roon had a perfect implementation of qobuz, which i use for Streaming. If i compare that Point in euphony... omg, ist not really not good. perfect in this Point is volumio, roon and daphile. at the Moment i am comparing Euphony and Volumio. 51% Euphony and 49% Volumio at the Moment. Roon is out becouse of the Price and the missing Folder structure. for the roon-Price i can buy a reference-clock... and imho i have a better benefit for the Money... regards sunny
  13. Thx @bobfa while comparing so much during the last weeks... I did not see that point. But the qobuz thing is still open. I don't use tidal. Wow is the tidal implementation, tidal-user? Regards Sunny
  14. Hi, the Qobuz implementation is not realy perfect. Are you planning an Update, that it has the same functions like Volumio, Daphile and Roon are offering? Will there also be a future access to Music on a USB-Stick or external HDD/SSD? Thx, and regards Sunny
  15. Hi @RickyV, it depends. The coax output is only better if you cant mount it very close to the host. the neutrino is an improvement due to the seperate power supply and the isolator but it didn´t come with the temperature regulation like the neutron star got. how many other clock-boards do you know that got that feature?? @LTG2010the fidelityaudio clock would not be my choice, becouse it got no isolator and the rest looks easy made for me. (it got no temperature regulation also) some polymere caps did not make me to click on the "buy "button. what is really nice is a fitting service... just wondering how that thing could weigh 10kg! you can compare the neutrino sq with a sellarz audio https://www.ebay.de/itm/R-Clock-High-Precision-Low-Jitter-Reference-Clock-with-Ultra-Low-Noise-Regulator/230871603430?hash=item35c10518e6:g:EJAAAOxyyUtScgHh for example. It got a seperate supply and a isolator. neutrino and sellarz are worth what you pay for it. i prefer the neutron stars active input. if you use it to replace a cmos-clock, it will work without adjustment. sometimes when you are using the coax output it can be tricky, and sometimes you need to adjust the signal with a small trimmer. so without the possibillity of measurement impossible to do. regards Sunny
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