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  1. Hi, for me its just the opposite. 217 was the most involving. I like the bass of 421. The rest is too smooth for my taste. I feel it a little bit boring. Regards and happy listening Sunny
  2. View Classified Paul Hynes SR 7 dual Hello, after changing my Streaming-Client, my Paul Hynes SR 7 dual ([email protected] and [email protected]) has no actual Job. Ist perfect for powering a NUC. 230V-Version You can find it here: https://www.ebay.de/itm/144008225292 Seller sunny_time_99 Date 04/14/21 Price Category Power Supplies / Power Products
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    Hello, after changing my Streaming-Client, my Paul Hynes SR 7 dual ([email protected] and [email protected]) has no actual Job. Ist perfect for powering a NUC. 230V-Version You can find it here: https://www.ebay.de/itm/144008225292


  4. Hi Joerg, Click Compleate Installation, then Ramroot will be able. In some cases ramroot needs a "y" a few seconds after euphony is loading. Best, Sunny
  5. If something sounds digital, for 90% you will find the solution in the Powersupply - not only in the software. Maybe next bottleneck is visible 😉
  6. Hi, that's what I was thinking of the new update. Normally i was using the update in the system setting. Maybe the brand new setup from the latest image is part of the step up in sound quality. Regards Sunny
  7. Yes, i had some serious Problems with the first Update, it crashed my image. The ultrafast Support made a new Image very fast. In some cases the first Update did not work. In my setup i prefer the actual Version. Its more realistic with a more detailed sound. Precise Bass. Maybe it depends on the setup. Don't forget to make a backup image before you start the update. That is something that has nothing to do with Euphony.
  8. Hello Jai, i am sorry i took not enought Pictures while i did the mod. I think you will get the information on the attached Picture. There is a 50 Ohm Connection between the sCLK Module. Instead of using the SotM Way, and feed the System with a 10 MHz to be upscaled to 12 MHz, that ist used by the USB-Reclocking Part (i mark it with a red circle, were you need to feed it with a 12 MHz-reference-Clock. You Need a 50 Ohm Clockoutput from a e.g. Neutron Star. and a 3.3V PK-PK Signal. You Need a U.FL connector x 1 Cable to connect it. Regards Sunny
  9. TX-USB Ultra: if you want an real Clock update for the reclocker, forget the Masterclock-Option. I did a modification last Month. Instead of using a dedicated 10Mhz-external reference Clock, i ignore the sCLK-EX Board, and use the Cable from sCLK Clock Signal Output and connect it to a reference 12MHz-Clock(50ohm). Technicaly its the better solution. The sCLK do not need to transform the 10MHz into 12Mhz that is used by the USB-Reclocking-Section. The result is a cleaner and more dynamic Sound than possible with a external 10MHz-Clock Input. happy listening
  10. Hello Austinpop, ok, then pls delete my postings from today, i am going to open an thread for this Topic. regards Sunny
  11. Hello and thank you for your question. At first I would like to give only marginal information about my power supply unit. With over 6 years and currently over 600 comparative power supplies built, the development path was complex and expensive. I am just self-taught and a hobbyist who wants the best power supplyfor his hobby. I had a well-defined goal that has now been achieved. Since 2016 I have been using active rectification, a material selection that has been tried and tested over countless hours, a CLC Filter, an active filter element that is placed in front of the regulator attenu
  12. Hi, pls give me some Days. I need to build one for an friend, and i am going to make some Picture while buildung. due to the fact, that english is not my native language ...i need a few days and a lot help from Google translate. hope that it might be fluid enought. regards sunny for your preperation, you can have a look at Fujitsu Futro S900 Thin Client - G-T44R
  13. Hi, the NS will do a great Job there. crystek is building very good clocks. sometimes i use them or Abracon Clocks on the Neutron Star (its not easy to do that - you need to remove some Parts from the NSII). The main thing is, if you can hear harschness in your Setup, the cause is normally not what you think - the clock e.g or the chipset of the device etc. The cause of the Problem is the power supply. if the ripple and noise rate is too high (like 95% of all Audio devices), the Sound will become harsh. Clocks are very sensitive - i think the most sensitive parts in our audio d
  14. The active output is for "square can oscillator replacement" - if you want. It has a voltage input from the circuit you want to feed. So the NS2 and 3 don't need to be set to a special peak to peak voltage like 3.3V or 5V. (for the coaxial output you can choose 1.8V Pk-PK, 3.3V and 5V).the actice output is doing that for you. Both outputs are isolated but its not square wave. For very short distances and unkown pk-pk voltage and a 4pin Oszillator, use the active output. The coaxoutput can do the 4pin oscillator replacement also, but its good to check it with an oscilloscope if the si
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