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  1. Dear allo, i use my usbridge/sparky since years and from time to time i experience kernel traces in conjunction with "crashing" the music playback. Today the usbridge stops playing music (while playing a 24/96 FLAC file) and i found that kernel trace: Dear all, today my dietpi on sparky "crashed" during playback. Beside you find the kernel trace: Apr 02 16:40:43 DietPi kernel: ------------[ cut here ]------------ Apr 02 16:40:43 DietPi kernel: WARNING: at /imxhdd/opt/1301TAG/sparky_volumio/kernel/net/sched/sch_generic.c:255 dev_watchdog+0x24c/0x26c()
  2. Dear Allo, i use SBC as transport solution for my music since years. I started with a raspi and upgraded to usbridge. Since some days i have an shanti power supply. I tested the results not only with USBridge but also with my old raspi P3. On my raspi i have a self compiled kernel which include the RT patch (realtime patch). The sound with the real time kernel was always much more exact as without the RT patch. I never was able to compile a realtime kernel for the (old) usbridge, because i don't have the kernel sources belonging to sparky. My questions: Can Allo support a real
  3. Dear all, i use Sparky with USBridge since several month, but never get it to work for more than some hours. While playing music i get following error: Aug 29 12:51:06 DietPi kernel: aotg_hub_urb_dequeue, retval:-43, urb not submitted or unlinked , type = 0 Aug 29 12:51:08 DietPi kernel: timeout: still 1 active urbs on EP #1 Aug 29 12:51:09 DietPi kernel: timeout: still 1 active urbs on EP #1 Aug 29 12:51:09 DietPi kernel: ------------[ cut here ]------------ Aug 29 12:51:09 DietPi kernel: WARNING: at /imxhdd/opt/1301TAG/sparky_volumio/kernel
  4. In my humble opinion: In relation to the prices for Amazon HD or the new Qobuz pricing the yearly Roon price is much too high.....😭
  5. @Tintinabulum You want to return your shanti/usbbridgeSig/digione ? How old is it and what have you paid for ? Maybe you can sell to me with an rebate .....
  6. I sent a mail to the german Qobuz support asking if and when that offer will be available in Germany. Qobuz answered that they will offer it after the negotiations with the right holders are finished. Qobuz will also offer a family plan starting next year. Sounds very good to me......
  7. Dear all, is it possible to place shanti inside a cabinet? How warm it gets during operation?
  8. How to turn off HDMI and bluetooth? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you for clarification. What is importent to me is simple: Can i use USBBridge signature with RPI standard kernel whitout "your patch", without having any problems? It means no dropout, no issues with disturbed sound or not? Is that possible or do i depend on the patch you send to raspberry? Please hold in mind: I will not blame anybody, i will be sure what i buy, because i want to buy.... 🙂 best regards
  10. @allo.com Dear allo, i decided to wait with bying the new USBridge Signatute until your kernel patch for you network chip is included into rasberry kernel. Because there is no activity at the kernel development i asked if and when they would include your patch to the main rasberrypi kernel. The answer is very clear. i asked in raspberry forum at github at your issue #2942: Dear all, sorry for my question. Some people i know want to buy the new allo USBSig. But because we don't want to buy hardware without any proper software support, we want to kn
  11. Regarding the critics of the Allo USBridge...... What i wonder is why allo use an ethernet-over-usb solution for the ethernet port. I moved from rpi to allo because allo sparky had ( as far as i know) an ethernet port connected (via PCI?) directly without using the USB bus - in opposite to raspberryPi. The fact that allo has to patch the drivers for the ethernet over usb chipset make me feel they face exactly the same problems which RPI's had in past: performance problems and dropouts at playing highres files, which have to be read in and send out (PCM) over the same usb bus.
  12. Dear all, i currently use USBridge with Sparky. I'm thinking about to change to USBridge Signature for two reasons: 1. Get rid of the old tainted kernel from allo an be able to use the standard kernel 2. increase sound quality. Is anybody here who knows both USBridges and is able to answer question 2? thanks in advance.
  13. I'm quite irritated As far as i understand from another question here in the forum, it is absolutely ok to use Standard raspbian on USBridge Signature. I understand the only downside is a slower ethernet port, but 100 MBit/s are fine for me. So my question to @ALLOsupport is: Is it ok to use standard raspbian with standard kernel? Is the lowering of ethernet speed to 100 Mbit/s the only downside? Will the "audio usb output" recognized and work without problems? best regards
  14. @allo.com can the USBridge signature together with RPI run with an "standard" raspbian or does it need any special distribution like dietpi?
  15. Dear all, if i understand the Also.com web page correct, this is the alle support forum. So i ask my question here: I received two day ago my USBridge + Sparky which i ordered two weeks ago. I don't get the USBridge USB port to work. When i connect my DAC (Project PRE BOX RS Digital) to the USB Port of USBridge, i can't select USB-DAC as audio output in dietpi-config. No DAC is found. When i connect my DAC to the USB Ports of Sparky, everything is fine. dietpi-config found the DAC and i can stream music to it. I search this forum and found some simi
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