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  1. Hi, There was a discussion about my possible MacMini purchase for using it as an audio PC. I have got different feedbacks on it here in this forum, but now I still can not decide. I just had to travel oversea again, now I am in Nicosia, Cyprus with my friend. He visited a HiFiShow in October and met Core Audio, a small manufacture producing a series of innovative products starting with the source audio PC (they call it DAIDO) through their USB/SPDIF, DAC and amplifier. The amplifier could easily power the demo Herbeth 40.2 monitors with great sound. Finally my friend purchased a serious Audio PC, that is what we are using here for listening great music. Vienna Acoustics speakers, Siltech cables, and I am just calmed down by what quality I can enjoy here. Is there anybody who can give more info or experience with this Core Audio DAIDO Reference - Music Server ? They say they have not only the reference class but there is a cheaper version but still with analogue power supply. I would appreciate any feedback or experience J
  2. Well, there are several solutions, you can find on the net in wide price range Innous ZEN is actually~ $3500 when you go for a 1 TB ssd see ZENith Mk3 1 TB Black if you want you can find even high-end equipment as coreaudio eu daido audio pc that is $9000. the question is whether - the dedicated music servers provide a better sound ? - is the investment on music server preferred or gradually upgrade other components ? I presently use Vienna Acoustic speakers. I do not know if the difference in the music server could be identified in sound quality.
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    New mac mini

    mansr "Thunderbolt is basically PCIe over a cable, providing much higher bandwidth than USB2 and lower overhead than USB3. For normal music playback, USB2 is more than adequate, so there's no benefit from using a more advanced interface. Besides, the vast majority of DACs have only USB2 inputs anyway. " so it sounds interesting then why a lot of company design and produce DDCs ? (USB converters before the DAC) e.g: http://www.coreaudio.eu/karuna-reference-usb-s-pdif-converter They say USB2 is actually a data output which is not really fits for audio.
  4. Sirs, thanks for your suggestions and care. I was traveling last night and was not able to follow up your discussion on this modification. Hope you agree finally Appreciate both of your willingness to help. I was thinking on the Mac Mini just because it has no that many unnecessary components what a notebook has. I visited the Up Tone Audio site and seems the mod is a Fan Controller. They claim to fit for the 2014 model but no reference for the 2018 one. As far as the Innous ZEN I do not see a significant price difference to the Mac Mini...
  5. Thanks for your info. I also think to go for the new Mac Mini as audio server. However, some comments on compromised sound make me not sure. But the next step in price for a real Audio PC is 3 times the price for a Mac Mini 16GB RAM, 256 GB SSD. Am I right ?
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