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  1. vardilon

    Amp/dac for hd 600

    i dont realy understand all what u said but i already bought the hd 600 with magni 3 and modi 3 (the magni and modi are on the way to me ) and now i listen only with the headphone it sound amazing but i realy feel it need more power cause in the pc im on high volume and it not very loud .. and i got a question. do i need to change the setting on the pc for the headphone? and where can i listen to songs with better sound quality from youtube?
  2. vardilon

    Amp/dac for hd 600

    Hey, (sory for the poor english hope u understand) I am a gamer and i also l listen a lot to youtube.. I realy want to spend money on a good headphone and i found out the hd600 is a realy good headphone, but just if u give him a good amp or dac. I dont know much on this topic. Do i realy need dac for games and youtube? Can u recommend for a good amp / dac. i can't spend more than 300$ for this. And also the black friday is soon and probabaly will be a sale for these right?