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  1. Have problem with desktop app for OSX no longer working on my Mac.--I have been a member for a year and though buggy I could always get it to work-No more. I get no response from Qobuz and have tried everything from deleting app and reloading . have tried different browsers as Qobuz has told me that they have problems with Safari.All I get now is a blank white screen. Apple did a trouble shoot with me and they say it is a qobuz software problem. I have no problem with Tidal/Spotify/apple itunes or the qobuz web app except that in order to surf the web or use the computer I must use a separate
  2. I am currently using Tidal hi-fi/master and the sound is great.I can not believe that the improvement in flac/24/192 will be any better to me. Time will tell and I will give it a try when it becomes available for USA os desktop. From what I read the music selection might be better for me as I listen to mostly classical/jazz and standards type music. The UI in Tidal is bad and I hear Qobuz is not much better.We will see. My system is imac late 2013, streamed optical to Rega dac .Onkyo a-9150 amplifier [sweet], Then Dynaudio audience 52 speakers. CD player is Onkyo dx-7555
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