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  1. Newest model DA005 is now orderable 😮 https://shenzhenaudio.com/collections/all/products/l-k-s-audio-mh-da005-es9038-pro-x-2-dac-coaxial-opt-aes-ebu-flagship-audio-decoder
  2. Apparently the RME ADI-2 is not really NOS. They only called it so, it is the 'Super Slow' AKM FIR filter which shows a stepped response like NOS. Many AKM chip devices can select this filter, are they all NSO DACs? I think not.
  3. Veri

    iFi foe fum

    Hi iFi thanks for chiming in. Just a small remark in context of this topic -I hope we can keep non-MQA/GTO filter on future devices. Not everyone is a fan, if new firmware becomes the norm the old filters would be gone. -I do wonder about truncating the samples to 18 bits, since this is not documented anywhere. With people feeding the iFi with high quality HQPlayer upsampled content, it is a little unexpected it gets dithered down to 18 bits!
  4. Since I have Spring 2 with new/current USB chip, I'm not sure the SU-1 was really needed. But spring KTE has special silver/gold ground-filter on AES/EBU port. I am using AES output of SU-1. So far, so good. Perhaps only worth in the case of power supply / ground loop noise. Like John I recommend using the USB card unless you have some problems. In the Spring 2 thread there is measurements of jitter -160dB down on USB, -130dB with SU-1. So no it is not necessary at all.
  5. In the US? Yes. In Europe there's magna hifi, in hong kong there is Wildism audio. If you want to spare costs you could buy from taobao Chinese marketplace..
  6. Wait, really? What functionality did they ruin? Admittedly I used the micro BL for 44/48Khz, not DSD256/DSD512...
  7. Never had problems with my iDSD BL micro. Not one I upgraded from the BL micro to the Spring 2, since I'm a total NOS/'bitperfect' nut. The holo spring 2 is a good bit more resolving and natural-sounding than the BL which was my favorite up 'till then. It's also several times its price though.
  8. One question about Spring 2. Mine arrived and it is amazing, congratulations! I know the USB module is still XU208. Is there any reason you did not go for XU216? I mean it's obviously not necessary but still wondering.
  9. Spring 2. It just shipped but will report back when I receive it! I've no experience with spring 1 though so my opinion might not be that valuable in this specific topic of spring 1 in terms of comparisons.
  10. Hey guys. I have a spring coming soon, very hyped. Was hoping someone could clear something up In the DAC, there are two power transformers. There's the copper or silver toroidal transformer, and there's another Talema transformer. Why two? What is the point?
  11. I was wondering about which to go for, Spring 2 or upcoming May DAC. Some information about May: May will be upcoming flagship product. Around 4500usd. More advanced power supply circuit, the very best components. Similar dac module but with some improvements. It will also have a preamp as well as a headamp that is based on our very popular Azure amplifier with 8amp modules and 400transistors. There are many other things but I can’t release this info at this time. It’s many months out still. It is targeted to the loud speaker owner who wants to save space on the rack and have all t
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