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  1. I believe it means that if the DACs usb port has enough power (from the DACs own power) to power the usb card. Best option is to get a linear power supply for the card. It made a nice enough difference.
  2. For the past 4 to 5 months on my OPPO UDP205, at least that I've been noticing, whenever I upsample files, especially up to 768khz, there is a popping/clicking/skipping sound (like a static pop on a record) that appears. I ignored it for a while until now where it's actually affecting the listening experience. I've been always upsampling with no prior issues, at least that I can remember. I've tried it with JRiver, Roon, other players, I tried it on a new computer, bypassed audiophile USB Matrix Audio Element H card, reinstalled windows, tried Audiophile Optimizer, tried Fidelizer, another lap
  3. Finally a decent explanation!.. Thanks! Would a dedicated audiophile USB card with a linear PS resist the noise coming from the hard drives? The other thing I like about this workstation is that the motherboard doesnt have too much on it lile a dedicated video card.. wonder if that helps with less noise.
  4. In that case... my table top DID!! change the sound of my setup!
  5. Looks like there's a language barrier here.. I should of specified it better... For those that think that desktop in this post is about an actual desktop table... its not.. desktop means a computer/tower computer/PC/etc.
  6. Im wondering if the difference in power supply configurations can make such a difference. Dell Precision T7610 vs PowerSpec B745 Desktop. I just put all the hardware back into my older Dell and its a big difference in sound quality. Numbers are not just numbers. https://www.microcenter.com/product/627304/powerspec-b745-desktop-computer https://i.dell.com/sites/doccontent/business/smb/merchandizing/en/Documents/Dell_Precision_T7610_Spec_Sheet.pdf
  7. AudioDoctor: are you saying all your hard drives were external? and you noticed a difference playing audio from an external HD than internal HD?
  8. sandyk: actually its the other way around. hard drives previously were in a plastic brackets. So is the new computer, but there seems to be a little metal contact. Again.. its not that the sound is bad.. just didnt expect the other computer to sound that much better. (Desktop = Windows 10 regular computer)
  9. Actual Desktop. Basically my old desktop that I transferred some components over (audiophile USB card, Hard drives, Audiophile Optimizer, Fidelizer, etc) to my new desktop. It doesnt sound as good as the old desktop. Wondering if new desktop needs some time to burn in to open up. Just bought this desktop a few days ago.
  10. Does a desktop (used for audio/HT) also need a break-in/burn-in period? For those that use a computer>USB/Network>DAC. Using a newer desktop and it doesnt sound as good as my older desktop. JRiver>Matrix Audio Element H USB Card>Modwright Oppo 205.
  11. Anyone have any experience with the latest versions of these two software? Which one would one recommend?, or both?, or any other software upgrade?, or are they even worth it?
  12. Looks like a good start.. Thanks. Just getting into the world audiophile desktops.. Wish there was an easier way to get this going.
  13. Need some advice on building an Audiophile/Home Theater desktop. At the moment using a Precision T7610> JRiver (mostly listen to SACD,DSD,DSF,FLAC)> Matrix Element H USB card > Analysis Plus Purple Plus USB Cable > Modwright Oppo udp205 DAC. Use video card HDMI for movies to Oppo. Im hoping to use the 4 hard drives I have now, if it doesnt effect quality, equating to about 16TB of music and some movies. 80% music/20% movies. Want a quieter, faster, and hopefully better sounding computer. Any advice would help.
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