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  1. The RPi4 USB bus does not have the issues that the RPi3 did.
  2. Hello Friends I am currently hunting a new pair of speakers. I would be glad to have your opinions and recommendations. Based on readings, I have already shortlisted 3 speakers: - kef r7, but I am afraid that rear wall in my livin would be too close - revel f206 or f208, but hard to find for a listen where I live. - harbeth super hl5+ but I am not sure wife will stay with me if I buy those... It is not easy to listen over here. I would be glad if you could let me know differences between these. Plus, if you think about any other option, I wo
  3. Thanks Good to see someone interested by the topic...
  4. hi all, I am not expert enough to go into technical details. But what I can say is that I have heard the mentioned product : x sabre pro mqa. It just sounds amazing. It was in my shortlist with Chord Qutest, I could not decide which one to buy. Finally I ended up with the smallest because I dont have so much space in my rack, and my wife preferred the look of the Chord. In my mind, I have a little regret... I dont know about the measruement they do and how relevant this is for listening. But why not a well measured DAC couldnot sound amazingly good? reading the previous i
  5. Right. I had these issues with my Qutest. Allo provided a software based on kernel 4.14 which solved the problem (but I am not on the last 4.19)
  6. I knew something was missing in your signature
  7. I use usbridge with roon. It is plug and play with both dietpi and ropieee software. Then there are few optimization you can do on roon interface but that is optional.
  8. Hello Have you had any update concerning the above issue with alsa drivers? Do you think this issue may still last with le latest usbridge sig, which has the latest Linux kernel?
  9. 4.14 solved issues on my Chord Qutest. May I ask on which Matrix DAC there were issues?
  10. Hi Folks, I am about to replace my current amp with an AHB2. I am currently hesitating between two confirgurations for the DAC+ preamp. If you dont mind, that would be great if you could give me a help to choose between the 2 following setups: - setup 1: Benchmark DAC 3L into AHB2 - setup 2: Chord Qutest (as I own one) + Benchmark LA4 + AHB2 Both configuration look nice,
  11. Hi allo! I just received my usbridge sig today! It works perfectly fine out of the box. Thanks!! One question: in allo GUI, I see that I have v6.18.14 version and the gui suggest that an update is available. As everything is working fine, should I press the update buttons?
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