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  1. @athegn: You have hit one of the internals in the Qobuz Android App, which could be called ”legacy burden“, ”technological debt“. This issue is the so-called ”chunk file method“, whereby offlined contents and the online cache are stored as lots of tiny (2 MB) chunk files. Please refer to the previous posts here: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/46611-official-qobuz-issues-thread/?do=findComment&comment=1110738 https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/46611-official-qobuz-issues-thread/?do=findComment&comment=1110812 https://audi
  2. So I dare to suggest an improvement for Qobuz to implement. AFAIK, this thread is the (only?) official place to file issues with anything related to Qobuz (besides writing e-mails to support which by the experience of many customers is not overly helpful). It might be very helpful if ALL responsible product managers (by app / operating system, music contents, textual publications) could read this thread regularly, respond in due course according to their field of work, and keep track of issues / solutions. This would eliminate the ping-pong game that takes place here all too often, where @Davi
  3. Maybe you might want to take a look at https://darko.audio/2021/03/hi-res-streaming-comes-to-sonos-via-qobuz-sort-of/. Sounds like there is more information on your problem in that article. Myself, I don't have Sonos speakers - no experience of my own.
  4. Great!!! You and I and DM know about this quite well ... Thank you. Regards, 111MilesToGo
  5. Thank you! That’s fine. But ... please take a look also at the later posts regarding this album, in particular with respect to the Q Android App playing at 96k instead of 192k for all tracks except the 44.1 of that particular album.
  6. Thanks for pointing this out. Indeed, there is one track at 24/44.1, while all others are 24/192. I checked all tracks now: The Qobuz iOS App and UAPP with integrated Q do it all correctly. The Qobuz Android App stubbornly does 96 kHz for all but one tracks, and 44.1 for that outlier. So I guess the Qobuz Android App fails on this mixed sample rate album - no idea why. Of course, I checked that it does the correct sampling rate for any 192-only album.
  7. Actually, I do usually not like to join the club of people ranting about specific albums as released on Qobuz. But today ... Neil Young, Young Shakespeare (Live) released today Looking at the album in Album View, second page, on both the Qobuz Android and iOS Apps: 24/44.1 Playing with the Qobuz Android App on Cayin N6ii Android DAP: 96 kHz shown on Now Playing screen Playing with UAPP on Cayin N6ii Android DAP: 24/192 on Now Playing screen Playing with Qobuz iOS App on iPhone XR: 192 kHz on Now Playing screen All app
  8. To add (no edit function here?): Be aware, a performance hog not only on the Qobuz Android App itself, but in fact the entire Android Digital Audio Player.
  9. Just a kind reminder, please. I do strongly feel that this severe issue needs to be commented upon by Qobuz staff. As it was explained, the unwisely chosen brute-force method of piracy protection via tiny chunk files causes dreadful performance of the (Android) App, bringing the usability down. Also be reminded that Tidal does nothing of that kind. Cancelling my Qobuz subscription would be a pity.
  10. Huge usability issues resulting from the Qobuz way of storing offline contents, at least in the Qobuz Android App I am a Qobuz Studio subsriber for for a number of years now, i.e. a HiRes customer. For a long time, I used it on a Windows PC in stand-alone and in integration within Roon. A while ago, I added an Android DIgital Audio Player to my gear. I do now face the need to address the a.m. topic in public. Please bear with me for writing a long post. I e-mailed the Qobuz support last December and again early January. Answers haven't been entirely satisfactory, in essence "we hav
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