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  1. HQPlayer Settings for Holo Audio May L2
    HOLO Audio MAY DAC
    50 minutes ago, Miska said:


    Same as Spring 2, so if you use PCM mode, set DAC Bits 20 and use noise shaper like LNS15 at 1.5 MHz sampling rate. I personally stick to DSD256 output using ASDM7EC modulator.


    What is the reasoning for those settings? (Other than the dac bits which I understand)
    HQplayer is fantastic, and i'm curious to learn about why these settings benefit the spring.

    I'd be using a network streamer that only supports 768khz. Would the desired settings other than sample rate differ in that case?


    45 minutes ago, Miska said:


    So far nobody has shown objective evidence of such. I would be interested to see though.


    I've not seen any either, just that I'd seen a lot of subjective results that i2s was an improvement.
    In any case the usb module has since been upgraded, and the May L2 and above uses a further improved version so I can't imagine there would be issues anymore.

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