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  1. Following the advice of REL, I connect the left speaker and the left sub to one RCA output on the amp and the same for the right channel so that the REL T9i get a full range signal.
  2. Complete noob here and was fascinated by your article! You have corrected your sound without the subs connected I believe. I have a 2.2 system (KEF LS50 & REL T9i) how would I do this as I believe the subs have a massive effect on the room sound? I use ROON ROCK on a NUK8i7.
  3. Cool video with clean production. Is there shielding on that torroidal transformer? Looking forward to your review as I am in the market for a streaming DAC at the moment.
  4. Could you also look into its use case in a living room rig due to its high WAF. A comparison with will known Dacs like the Yggy, Benchmark 3, Mytek B+ etc. would be great as I'm looking to upgrade from my Chifi SMSL M8A DAC. Also is capability with Tidal Masters would be appreciated.
  5. Hi I'm a retiree who took a leap of faith in a small business. I did extensive research on an affordable option for an audio streamer. Like a fair number of people in the hobby my age, I don't have extensive IT knowledge so a standard Pi based streamer wasn't an option. After reading this forum and others and seeing a long and complimentary YouTube video review from Hans Beekhuyzen, on the Stack Audio The Link Audio Streamer I contacted Theo of Stack Audio via email with product enquiries. He was very responsive in our extended dialogue, replying within 24 hours each time. He was very helpful and encouraging. I made a purchase and had a unit delivered to Singapore. The unit is very well constructed and setting it up was not difficult EXCEPT that it WON'T LOG into SPOTIFY. It streams from TIDAL and my PC and a USB drive beautifully. I have made repeated email requests for help from THEO and he does not help. He answers only after about a week or more saying he will respond the next day but never does. He has now stopped answering at all! As a retiree, funds for my hobby are hard to come by. I am deeply disappointed in Theo and his abysmal service attitude. I would warn off all potential buyers NOT to buy the Audio Link Streamer as it does not function correctly and worse still, the after sales service is non existent. There are many other alternatives out there, do yourself a favour and benefit from my experience; choose something else!
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