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  1. Sorry for the very long time to reply as I don't come here very frequently. Yes it is on Qobuz. I'm subscribed to the UK service so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. Lovely recording and thanks again for the lead. Happy listening!
  2. Thanks from a jazz noob for the heads up on Serenade to Sweden. Listening to it on Qobuz and yes it's an achingly beautiful recording. Re Porsche... Give me an Austin Healey 3000 any day of the week, in fact if you're feeling generous I'll take one at the weekend too 😂🙌
  3. They are 2 completely separate paths. The XLR and RCA can be connected at the same time and the sound will not be degraded or affected at all and there is more than sample power supply as well. I checked with my main agent in Hong Kong for you.
  4. @barrows OK that makes perfect sense now. Appreciate your taking the time to reply.
  5. @barrows Putting aside your Sonore connection, what is the argument that a renderer with NAA needs to be "powerful" for HQP? What is the issue with a RPi4b running @Miska dedicated NAA software? Thanks for sharing your viewpoint and hoping this doesn't trigger a Pi fans' war. I'm genuinely curious as I have a Pi4B and my Holo Audio May L2 should arrive today. Cheers
  6. I appreciate the effort and dedication taken to build this system and the generosity to share your time to let us participate in your joy. This series is about the "extreme" and it's going to be a fun read. I do hope it will be possible for you at some point to do an addendum which is the average Joe's guide to best bang for the buck list of things to do, items to purchase in stages so that we can get some way over time to your summit-fi but in more $ manageable steps and benefiting from your own personal learning journey. You've obviously learned a lot along the way, taken detours/made mistak
  7. Being a beginner with pc audio, I'm starting cautiously in stages: 1) NUC8i7 running ROON Core-> pi4b running RopieeeXL -> SMSL M8a DAC 2) pc i5/GTX1060 running HQP + NUC8i7 running ROON Core-> pi4b running RopieeeXL +HQPNAA -> SMSL M8a 3) pc i5/GTX1060 running HQP + NUC8i7 running ROON Core-> pi4b running RopieeeXL +HQPNAA -> MAY L2 Other changes to the chain e.g. better streamer or higher powered pc will depend on what I hear from the 3 stages above. I will also try different/free software for the pi (HQP NAA/DietPi/VitOS). I want to have a decen
  8. @Miska Please excuse what may be a daft question but if I use your NAA, does the pi still do it's streaming job as normal if i decide to just go through ROON temporarily or do I have to swap cards on the Pi 4 using another OS if I want to do that? ie if I'm not using HQP for upsamplng/filtering.
  9. Thank you for this, just what I need...a Pi user with experience of more expensive servers. Really good to know that the Pi will not be a limitation on streaming to my DAC which is designed with an excellent USB input. I treat streamers as appliances: set and forget if possible so the UI is not much of an issue for me so long as it does the job.
  10. Thank you for your suggestions. I have a friend with some Sonore and Lumin gear I might borrow down the road. The pi will establish a baseline in this case. Thanks again.
  11. Only "civilian level" pc knowledge skills, by no means a computer whizz. I use ROON for Streaming Qobuz and my small collection of flac files on a usb drive. My current setup is an Intel i5-7500 pc @3.4GHz with 16GB ram & NVidia GTX 1060 (my general purpose living room pc which I use for browsing, Netflix etc) running Win10 pro. This currently runs my ROON Core and usb connected to my SMSL M8A usb dac & a trial version of HQPlayer. I have now just got a NUC8i7BEH on which my son installed ROCK (not yet put in hifi rig). Also now have just got a RPi4b for Ropiee
  12. If it matters to you, there are measurements on both ASR (WolfX700) and SBAF forum (Atomicbob) using professional measuring equipment which have both found the Holo Audio L2 May to be the best measuring DAC using R2R technology ever and better than many DS DACs. Whether measurements are important to you and whether you feel they relate to sound quality is a personal opinion of course. I use measurements as an indication of good engineering competence and attention to design and manufacturing. Only your ears can can tell you whether something sounds better. One thing is for sure from my viewpoi
  13. Has anyone else purchased the May and would like to share listening impressions? I’m really curious whether there is a significant difference in sound profile between the Spring 2 and the May. Quite a premium in price so I’m wondering whether the already excellent Spring 2 & the law of diminishing returns makes the May not worth having other than for the enjoyment of having the best measuring R2R.. I can’t audition either so am having difficulties deciding between the Terminator, Spring 2 KTE or MAY L2. 1st world problems....🤭
  14. Some info I came across. He has other videos on his site and seems to be the sole agent for the US: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojFKx5QREYE&t=296s
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