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  1. Nay

    Antipodes CX

    Hi, The CX-EX when connected together are electrically isolated from noisy routers and switches as it only handles the audio data giving the cleanest single possible, there is no need for any expensive audiophile switches and isolators.
  2. Nay

    Antipodes CX

    Surprised with your findings as i had a big difference adding the CX to the EX. Did you disable all unused apps on both CX and EX?
  3. Great review, comparison to MTT2 given the price difference it held it's ground. MDAVE i'm sure would have been a different outcome.
  4. I have since found out that using my setup the one server completely isolates any network data to the second server being used for playback.
  5. Correct me if i am wrong but i thought Melco have a direct mode that completely isolates from ethernet?
  6. Will be interested to find out if it has any improvement on my Antipodes Solution when playing local files from internal SSD as there is no direct playback option like Melco the ethernet cable needs to be connected at all times.
  7. Thank you, I did not realise until i have read further back regarding the discussion of Ethernet cables is a no go. The Etherregen looks the way to go so hoping to see it available soon?
  8. Hi, I am not to familiar on the capabilities of the Etherregen as not done my research but can someone explain what would be the benefit of using this as apposed to a good quality Ethernet cable like the Shunyata Alpha with a built in filter module?
  9. 200W.linear.PSU.Guide.pdf I have the older HDPLEX 200 Watt lps and I find the pdf guide is a little misleading see attachment. It says the 19 volt default rail can be adjusted from 15v-19v by adjusting the screw the same way as you adjust the 9 volt default rail from 5v-19.5v however the 19 volt rail does not change voltage when screw is turned. Can someone please confirm that the 19 volt rail can not be adjusted? Thank you.
  10. Any UK buyers for my Digione Signature message me please. This is the spec DigiOne Signature Player - Acrylic Case : Black Acrylic With Black Rivets, Add-On Memory : SD Card 16GB, Add-Ons : 5V PSU + Battery Pack, OS : DietPi + ALLOGUI, RPi Version : B+ Thankyou.
  11. Anyone know how to add music to the Volumio library on my network. I can access the library on my network and play files but it will not allow me to add music i get security issue, i have to physically remove the USB HDD and attach to PC direct to allow me to add any music files. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  12. Nay

    Pink Faun 2.16

    Can someone tell me the outside dimensions of the 2.16 streamer LxWxH and approx weight? Thank you.
  13. Hi Jaggy, Thank you for that, it now works using the Volumio android app. I always thought Bubbleupnp was compatible with pretty much everything but obviously not a plug and play with my current setup.
  14. If anyone can be bothered to answer this, it is all new to me? Don't know about android apps but if you go to a computer on the network, open your browser and go to volumo.local. Once volumo opens at the bottom click the browse tab. In there you will see various options. Go to "Folders" and you should be able to navigate to your attached Music HD. Hi, Thank you. I already have access to the USB HDD using the Volumio through web browser, what i can not work out is how to play music without having PC on just using android app such as bubbleupnp. I do not understand why the attached USB HDD is not showing up on the mobile bubbleupnp app under library if it can be seen on my PC network? There must be some users that are using there didgione with a USB HDD attached for music storage and playing music from mobile app if there is i would be interested on how they set it up? Thank you.
  15. Hi, Not sure how to view my usb hdd that is connected to my digione using android app? When i open my android app bubbleupnp i see the digione as Volumio renderer but when i select the library option i do not see the attached USB HDD ? Any help appreciated. Thank you.
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