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  1. Disabled GMRENDER as a test and am now unable to enable it again. Whenever I click SAVE it switches back to DISABLE.
  2. Update: am able to stream through the RPI sound card (out via HDMI) . Just can't seem to get the Allo card working.
  3. Just received my plug & play DigiOne Signature player. Connected it to the network port, the SPDIF cable, then the clean side power (iFi power supply) and finally the dirty side (Allo 5v power supply). "DietPi" shows up in the Airplay list and I can select it (stays checked), but no sound is coming out. I am playing Tidal on my iPhone. The ALSA Output Stream Information says: "access: MMAP_INTERLEAVED | format: S16_LE | subformat: STD | channels: 2 | rate: 44100 (44100/1) | period_size: 256 | buffer_size: 131072". When I select my Apple TV using Airplay, I get sound. The configuration options in the Allo GUI look correct -- I didn't change anything -- eg, "allo-digione" is selected as the soundcard. Any help appreciated. settings:
  4. Expecting my DigiOne Signature to arrive in a couple of days. I ordered it with the battery pack. Questions: 1) How will I know the battery is running low. Eg, is there an indicator in the user interface to show battery level? 2) I read that getting good quality batteries (to swap while one set charges) is important. What is the best way to identify batteries of good quality? 3) I read that Allo is working on its own power supply for the clean side. Any update on this, especially regarding when it can be expected and how it will affect the sound quality compared to using the battery pack? Thanks!
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