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  1. novaca

    NUC or Xeon

    Yes, Apacer ECC RAM - I mention it in the first post (as well as the processor and motherboard that are now on my list). Apacer RAM made a nice difference in my NUC (non-ECC version - it replaced Corsair Vengeance).
  2. Back to power again. Have you tried to compare HDPlex 200W to DC-ATX with HDPlex 400W to DC-ATX, ie HDPlex 400W not directly to the board? I know it doesn't make sense, but I'd like to see if the improvement is due to the difference of HDPlex200 vs HDPlex400, or the removal of DC-ATX. If DC-ATX (HDPLEX 400W HiFi DC-ATX) would be "usable" with better LPS, or is it really the weakest part...
  3. novaca

    NUC or Xeon

    Yes, I follow Farad. Unfortunately, as you write, their information about future products has been removed. There are many power options, but most have no reference or comparison. If there were scales, PicoPSU with a standard laptop source "0", Paul Hynes SR7 "10", then Farad maybe "8-9". But where would HDPlex, Teratak, ZeroZone...? There is no answer to that now. But back to Xeon. I would like to repeat the previous question that I am most interested in now: Should more attention be given to selecting a particular (specific) processor and motherboard, or is it a question of architecture as such?
  4. novaca

    NUC or Xeon

    Thanks. OK, Xeon feels like a better choice, though a more complicated implementation. The DC-DC converter would probably be the weakest part. In the first phase I could use Pico PSU for 24pin motherboard and 8 pin for processor power directly from LPS. Then wait for future options or maybe a custom cable 24pin to 3 LPS rails. But then the power section takes on huge proportions and costs. Should more attention be given to selecting a particular processor and motherboard, or is it a question of architecture as such?
  5. Well done, ramroot with 4GB RAM possible with little effort (tested with LMS + Squeezelite). Thanks.
  6. novaca

    NUC or Xeon

    I'd like to try to move on. I want setup with a single computer (I currently have NUC7PJYH, Apacer RAM). My dilemma is NUC (NUC7iDNDN, Apacer RAM) vs Xeon (something like Supermicro X11SCZ-F, Xeon E-2124G, Apacer or Hynix ECC RAM). NUC is not cheap, it costs almost the same as Xeon. So Xeon seems like a better option - until power comes. NUC is easy to power, I have a Paul Hynes SR4, but Xeon? Something like HDPlex 400W ATX is an elegant solution, but the SR4 is probably a different level. Is the Xeon solution so much better (to possibly wipe off the worse power supply)? In both configurations, I am tempted to use a Jcat Femto USB card - if it is externally powered, is the main power less critical? Thanks for the recommendation
  7. Yes, very welcome. Minimalist basic distribution with extension options... We will learn to work with what will be needed when it produces the desired result.
  8. novaca


    After a year of experimenting, I went back to wtfplay and I am pleased again. Great technical parameters of sound (soundstage, detail, explosive dynamics) and yet a lot of emotions (which I cannot say about other distributions). Juicy, fat, muscular... or similar :) Maybe wtfplay on my weaker hardware (NUC) benefits from its low performance requirements. More complex distributions would sound better (but certainly not better than wtfplay) on a more powerful machine, but why do it complicated when it's easy... Even though I lack some features, sound is first and foremost. And presented minimalism for me also has its appeal. Once I would like to hear Windows Serves + AO, but again: why do it complicated? Now I definitely have no motivation to change something and I look forward to the next listening session. Thanks.
  9. I'm waiting for HDPlex H1 V3 http://www.fanlesstech.com/search?updated-max=2019-07-05T00:04:00%2B02:00&max-results=10&start=60&by-date=false
  10. Today I discovered this: https://paul-hynes-design.jimdosite.com/blog/ We will see if the change is for the better - maybe, but now nothing can be ordered (all sold out) ...
  11. Happy day, my SR4 is on the way too (order from January).
  12. I ordered SR4 in January, delivery schedule March. I'm waiting without information.
  13. I ordered mine in mid-January - should be delivered in early March. I asked Paul to confirm receipt of the payment - no response. Likewise, no answer to questions about the new delivery date...
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