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    After a year of experimenting, I went back to wtfplay and I am pleased again. Great technical parameters of sound (soundstage, detail, explosive dynamics) and yet a lot of emotions (which I cannot say about other distributions). Juicy, fat, muscular... or similar :) Maybe wtfplay on my weaker hardware (NUC) benefits from its low performance requirements. More complex distributions would sound better (but certainly not better than wtfplay) on a more powerful machine, but why do it complicated when it's easy... Even though I lack some features, sound is first and foremost. And presented minimalism for me also has its appeal. Once I would like to hear Windows Serves + AO, but again: why do it complicated? Now I definitely have no motivation to change something and I look forward to the next listening session. Thanks.
  2. I'm waiting for HDPlex H1 V3 http://www.fanlesstech.com/search?updated-max=2019-07-05T00:04:00%2B02:00&max-results=10&start=60&by-date=false
  3. Today I discovered this: https://paul-hynes-design.jimdosite.com/blog/ We will see if the change is for the better - maybe, but now nothing can be ordered (all sold out) ...
  4. Happy day, my SR4 is on the way too (order from January).
  5. I ordered SR4 in January, delivery schedule March. I'm waiting without information.
  6. I ordered mine in mid-January - should be delivered in early March. I asked Paul to confirm receipt of the payment - no response. Likewise, no answer to questions about the new delivery date...
  7. A lot of people are writing about using LMS + Squeezelite in AL, few people about MPD. Are you prefer this solution because of the available functions, or SQ?
  8. novaca


    It's alive, that's great. It will be a nice complement/opposition to AudioLinux - that sounds great, but is gigantic and includes a lot of unnecessary parts. I like your minimalist approach. Thanks.
  9. Can anyone advise with the LMS + Squeezelite setting? LMS does not recognize Squeezelite. I tried to install it in Windows and everything works (no setting, just installed). In the AL interface (lxqt) I do not know what to do ... Thanks
  10. If someone needs more ram, I can confirm NUC functionality with 16 GB (NUC7PJYH - CMSX16GX4M2A2400C16).
  11. Full of praise for Audiolinux and NUC here. Has anyone compared Audiolinux with wtfplay? Yes, the fundamental difference in features but pure sound quality? Also, I can not find a direct comparison of NUC vs PC (based on Supermicro X10SBA motherboard - powering 12V + ATX) with the same OS. For use like NAA or single computer (non-upsampling). Is NUC really better (as I have understood from this long thread)?
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