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  1. Would this power supply be usable (and a better choice than others) also for other than Taiko DC-ATX? (yes, for example HDPLEX 800W) If so, should v2 or v3 be considered?
  2. Thanks everyone, I already have an idea of what to expect.
  3. Today I wanted to try HQPlayer with NAA (NUC, NAA image x64) When I disconnect and connect the Singxer SU-1 from the NAA, I get a message: usb 1-4: new high-speed USB device number 5 using xhci_hcd usb 1-4: 1:3 usuported format bits 0x100000000 What does this mean and can it affect the fact that HQPlayer does not see the NAA?
  4. Can anyone guess what the Xeon W-1290T can handle with HQPlayer? It is a 10 core processor with TDP 35 W. The base frequency is low 1.9 GHz, turbo 3.6 / 3.7 GHz. I assume that resampling PCM should not be a problem, but what about DSD... I'm also thinking about not the "T" variant, W-1290 (TDP 80W, base 3.2 GHz, turbo 5.2 GHz), but a good power supply is a problem ... Thanks
  5. Have you considered the new Xeon W (workstation) processors for the LGA 1200? For example, the W-1290 has 10 cores, TDP 80W and LGA 1200 is compatible with hdplex chassiss without modifications... I originally thought about the E-2236 (LGA 1151), but now I'm in doubt. Previously, there was a link to a post from Emile, where he preferred 10 core Xeons, but it was a different Xeon line. So I don't know if it is possible to generalize to the number of cores and repeat the spell in this case as well.
  6. Yes, Alan. The Nuc i7 has been on my list (for some time). It is also probably true that the SR4T comes as a better choice than the SUPER3 (in the future I could use the SR4T other than to power the NUC due to the variable voltage). So far as you could say, it is decided. However, as time goes on, I still can't get rid of the idea of a built Xeon server. Unfortunately, I know that I will not have a power supply for this for a long time (at the SR4T level). If anyone had an idea or experience what a NUC + SR4T versus Xeon server with a switching power supply + JCAT USB F
  7. Only for NUC is it unnecessarily expensive to buy a power supply with two rails. I would use two rails only in the case of the intended server, but the JS-2 is not strong enough for it (ATX + EPS) - and it would not even work (with HDPLEX 800W DC-ATX), because it has a maximum of only 12V.
  8. In the current situation you would choose 2x 75.B93GZ.G000B or 1x (or 2x) D31.23245S.001 (which should be 8GB variant of D31.23185S.001) Thanks
  9. I have no doubt about SR7. In fact, I was ready to order the SR7T 12V + 19V. I wanted to use it to power NUC and later build a Xeon server: 19V for ATX (via HDPLEX 800W DC-ATX) and 12V for EPS. At the last minute, I noticed that it is now 20% more expensive (for the UK and the EU) and postponed the project... Now I am looking for a appropriate new power supply only for the NUC.
  10. Yes, now I also use 12v (SR4). I used to try LPS-1.2 and it was not stable - but I had 2x8GB RAM and a case with a fan. Now I'm running fanless and only 1x4GB RAM, so I think it would work, but I want to use LPS-1.2 for ISO REGEN which is waiting for power... The JS-2 would be on the list if two rails were needed (after all, it costs twice as much as the above options).
  11. Now I have NUC7PJYH. I would upgrade to the older NUC7i7DNBE if I got one - which should still be OK. I heard something about Farad Super19; 9A and a price similar to Nucleus...
  12. I am choosing a new LPS for NUC. Does anyone have the opportunity to compare Farad3 vs Paul Hynes SR4T? I know that there was an evaluation on the forum and there was a penchant for Farad Super3 compared to Paul Hynes SR4. Now, however, we have a version of the SR4T, which has a positive response (but compared to the original SR4, I do not remember the comparison with Farad). Farad is now also a cheaper option compared to the new SR4T (after the European price increase Hynes). However finances aside, the important thing is as it sounds... Alternatively, some other LPS tips for this particular
  13. Thanks, I get it. It will probably be better to stay with a well-powered NUC for now.
  14. Do you think that PH SR4(T)-19 (2A) for the HDplex 800W DC-ATX and PH SR5(T)-12 (6A) for CPU/EPS (Xeon E-2136) would suffice? Or should (I have to) think of PH SR7? :(
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