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  1. Hi guys, i have some troubles to refresh my external usb HD disk with music, connected to my server (running AL in RAM mode). Sometimes the disc is unread (almost always) and sometimes -the less- works, when i plig and unplug several times. Have to do with RAMboot ? I use 16 gB of RAM for the server...help !!!
  2. The real ones are bloody expensives. Sure they're work...but worth the money ? Maybe i will choose a power cord for a specialized, non-magic brand.
  3. They're from Aliexpress...cheapo and effective powercords. On crisp electronics can make some good differences (well, my Denafrips Ares sound more civilized with one of this...)
  4. Amazing @bluesman. I i build my setup from old second hand components and, well, after a lot of mods in acoustic treatment and AC and DC clean power (all DIY, all from Audiophilestyle topics), Nucs running Linux and a old pair of Apogee Centaur Minor, makes to everyones shake heads and think about the performance of mid high end components from 90's (pre and power from Proceed). Just sounds far way above the total system cost. i will take a lot of attention at your post ! Cheers from Argentina.
  5. I can get a Topaz 2.5 kv for a mere 75 dollars ! I make my own power strip with 4mm cable inside, and from the transformer, 4 x 2.5mm in starquad with outer ground wire. The sound ? Incredible, a giant foward step on transparency and 3d image.
  6. Seems another id_unique (i have the same issue when upgrade to 3.0.0) Well, i cannot fix it by erase the command...a have to reistall from my ssd to the pen drive and get a new unique_id. i need to lear how to erase....
  7. Ready to try to install my bridge ethernet connection. Router>server to switch (fs108)>endpoint. well...it's very difficult -i'm not skilled on command lines-,so, i will follow some of the graphics and instructions posted here.
  8. Hi guys, i have an issue with my NUC-6CAYHL as endpoint in Ramboot mode. It don't detect the LAN wire...i use a basic cat5 and is not working. I Change by an Audioquest rj45 and Works, but after a reboot the lights on the LAN port are dead. I use AL headless 0.5, but seems strange...i try the same configuration at my brothers house and work fine and stable (Even with the cheap LAN cable). The only difference, he haves a 10 Mb internet connection, and i have 50 Mb. Is there the issue ? Is there only thing that changes...i do not what to do !!! P.D. : i reassembly my server as endpoint (the same NUC model) with a notebook as server running Roon and the same trouble, the endpoint don't get LAN signal. Even more strange ......
  9. I question on original post subject : i Will buy a dual NIC m-pcie to bridge the server (a Celeron mini ITX with 1 LAN). So, i see an RL-Link with Intel i350am2 chipset but the tech sheet says "Now with the BRIDGELESS Technologies of the i350 controller..." What they says ? Can i build a bridge connection with this NIC card ? -i only have a free mini pci-e slot- Thanks in advance
  10. I have the same situation with my Apogees Centaur Minor/Proceed BPA2 (they're wonderful speakers but bass-shy) when i go to the NIC endpoint : the case was more control and not less bass. The Definition on bass notes is now better than Ever, but without the bummy bass. Look on that...takes some time to adapt. Cheers and enjoy !!
  11. I made a mistake the first time that i setup the endpoint in Ramboot, I was listening in standard mode. Now go to Extreme and the difference in transparency and speed is amazing. Plus, my Nuc barely gets warm Even after 5 hours of unstop playing.
  12. Good point. New Rufus version (3.3) don't Works for me. And "ISO image" don't Works too.
  13. Holly Molly. My first setup with dual PC, Nuc endpoint running Roon with AL discless/ramboot...the upgrade in SQ is simply amazing, i cannot believe the difference. Thanks Piero for the support, first class. And all of you guys for the know how. Now is time for power supplys upgrades (i Will use my server LPS -Meiyan 100w)
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