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  1. Hi, today I connect via ethernet my IFI Pro iDSD and I try to stream some tracks using MCONNECT app for iPhone. I search the streamer (IFI) but unfortunely the app don't find it... so I download MUZO Player for iOS and the app search and find the Pro iDSD. So i play some tracks from TIDAL (I have the HI-FI subscription) and work fine, but for me there's a problem: I run some MQA tracks but the IFI's display dont's show MQA... why? Can you explain me what I do to run tracks in MQA quality? Thanks... and sorry for my English!
  2. Hi, I have installed 2 month ago the beta firmware, if I install the new 2.01 firmware, what are the differences I could notice? The new firmware still support the MQA files?
  3. Yes, you're right, the volume before turn on the DAC was "0", so the volume restore don't work. If I turn up the volume and shut down the DAC, next time volume comes restored. My fault, sorry.
  4. Thanks, but this video not help me because I don't use the DAC to listen files streamed from PC. I use the DAC connect to the Cocktail Audio X50D, can you help me about this configuration? Also, can you tell me something about the restore volume that don't work anymore with the beta firmware?
  5. Hi, I just update successfully the firmware 2.0 beta in my iDSD Pro. I noticed that in this firmware the restore volume don't work as the regular firmware: it is a bug or the function will return to be implemented in the regular/public firmware? I run some MQA tracks from Tidal: it is normal that appears the MQA logo but the frequency of reproduction remain at 45Khz? It depend by the track that I listen to or a setting to do?
  6. Fryday I sent a new request to IFI support and I received a confirmation via email. When will I receive the required firmware?
  7. Hi, I sent a mail to IFI's support to receive the beta 2.0 firmware but I don't have receive any answer: anybody knows if the IFI support is closed for holidays?
  8. Many thanks for your help Holzohr! Another question: where I find a guide to update the firmware?
  9. Hi Holzohr, to enable full MQA decode did you have install the beta firmware 2.0 or the 5.30 available on IFI website?
  10. Thanks 4 ur reply. What u written in your previous post is valid also for USB connection? Regarding the beta firmware, I read in the download section of your website that fw 5.30 "cookies & cream" active MQA during MQA playback, so I'm a bit confused... can you explain me the MQA question?
  11. Hi guys, first of all I apologize for my english! I buy some week ago the iDSD Pro and now I have finished buyin all the cable. My setup it's composed by Primare A32 amp, Primare PRE32, Cocktail Audio X50D and the IFI DAC. I buy Cocktail Audio because I listen very often streaming music on TIDAL with whom I have an HI-FI subscription. I got 2 questions: the IFI iDSD Pro has complete decoding for MQA files? The Cocktail Audio natively supports MQA files... How do I understand that I'm actually listening to a MQA file? The 2nd question is how I configure th
  12. Hi, I have a question to ask: the tubes installed can be replaced with the same model or is possible test other types of tubes? There are tests already performed with other types of tubes?
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