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  1. Anyone know where DigiPete went? I'm curious about his take on the B&W Formation speakers... Active, finally, just like DigiPete said they should do with an 800 series Diamond to make it more competitive with a Genelec 8260.

  2. You've ruined me: All I want is a flat coincident coaxial three way speaker that gets into the 20hz region without port chuffing... And the Elac Navis just can't cut it without a sub, and neither can the Kef stuff. Drivers are too small and the ports are too skinny. Time to save $10k+ for a Genelec 8260 setup and calibration kit. Who needs a down payment on a house anyway?

  3. It could help you in determining whether or not a speaker is super beamy, and if your room isn't an anechoic chamber, it is better for it to radiate sound evenly in a way similar to its on axis frequency response so that the reflections sounds similar to the direct sound.
  4. Or look for the harman Target response, which specifically addresses this issue by tilting the treble down a bit.
  5. White, black, or gray, or black with lime or red accents. Don't really care for any other color or wood with speakers, as several of these colored ones seem tacky. I wish more were powder coated though.
  6. I think it in part shows reflected, off axis response in a way you won't get in the sweet spot. According to Sean Olive at Harman, the idea speaker doesn't change at all with off axis response, and had flat frequency response sloping down about 8dB from mids to treble.
  7. There are two dealers with orders in... (Neal at Sound Science Cat, and Tim Hahn from Audio Advisor.) I'm waiting to see who has it first. Early to mid November is the latest I've heard. It's already in the dealer portal... Should have been out in June!
  8. I wonder why they chose smaller? They seem to have carved out a nice little market with the LS50W, and now I think they should focus on updating it to compete with the new Elac Navis (Elac Argo) that sounds better from some listening to the two of them at RMAF 2018 in Denver. Power handling, bass, balance, and I daresay off axis response were all better on the Elac Argo Navis, and while the KEF LS50W sounded like a good bookshelf, the Argo Navis sounds like a floorstanding speaker and is 3-way instead of two. That being said, these little ones could be great... Maybe in a surround system as rear speakers, with the full size as the mains, and something for a center channel.
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