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  1. Kii Three speaker system in Graphite Satin Metallic with Kii Control and Kii stands. Speakers and Kii Control still new, unused condition. Speaker stands are Mint and was used a short time with another pair of Kii speakers which are now part of a desktop system. This is a rare opportunity to own a new Kii system at substantial savings. Asking $13,900 + freight (bank wire transfer) $14,300 + freight if paid by paypal.
  2. Are you running the Einstein phono stage directly into the Kii analog input or is there a linestage between the two?
  3. no worries? i've heard this is an actual issue and owners in the US have sent their speakers in for warranty work over it. The dealer I purchased my set from (former US dist) says it indeed was a problem but was solved (?) with later units. I'm not getting a warm and fuzzy from responders here, seems like it's still is an issue. I don't have a lot of time on my pair so I can't say i've heard the clicking as I spend the majority of time listening to my primary system which is analog based.
  4. there were reports of repeat clicking sounds (electronic) audible w/o signal or during soft passages, not related to thermal heat expansion/contraction or anything mechanical. the culprit was software based and audible. Anyone else experienced or heard of this?
  5. In my room you still have to pay attention to early reflections from the mid/highs, bass issues are just about mitigated with DSP/cardioid response. Mine is a typ audiophile setup listening mid to far field. bottom line, DSP as its employed in the Kii Three is not a panacea for everything incl some room issues but a invaluable tool nonetheless.
  6. Has anyone compared the SQ between an outboard stand alone ADC going into the Kii remote vs. the ADC built into the speaker via its XLR inputs?
  7. Thanks for the responses. I emailed Kii's German tech support with the same question and this is the message I got back from TJ this morning: "I wouldn´t know for sure, would have to ask Bruno when he´s back. What I do know for sure however is that the whole internal processing runs on a high, non-typical audio samplerate (no multiple of 44,1 or 48kHz), because the SRC that Bruno wrote is running on our DSP as well and outclasses any SRC chips available by almost 30dB, the jitter suppression is stunning even below 1Hz." I've kicked around the idea of running the phono stage into a Mytek Brooklyn ADC outputing DSD 128 into the Kii via its remote but if I understand TJ and others here the Kii's DSP engine will resample it again so its all for naught, or what am I missing here?
  8. Does anyone have the sampling rate of the Kii's ADC when using the XLR inputs with analog sources? Its not stated in the manual and I can't find that spec anywhere. Also, for those using phono stages straight into the Kii's XLR analog input, do you find the gain sufficient to reach a satisfying volume? Others are routing them through a separate line stage (per manual). I guess my questions is do the Kii's ADC have sufficient 'digital' gain (volume control range) to make up the lack of a line stage?
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