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  1. I would bet my next paycheck that Art does not have the slightest clue about the particulars of MQA, and his knowledge base, and more importantly, his interest level in digital is zilch. Vintage, analog, esoteric Japanese electronics? Second to none.
  2. Some thoughts come to mind..Dudley confined his MQA "comparisons" to Tidal. So if you don't have Tidal, the MQA feature is worthless is what he is saying... All of the albums he mentioned (Zep, Bowie, Rollins, West) are available as 24 bit downloads..why not compare THOSE versions?
  3. In his review of the MyTek Liberty DAC, Art Dudley, who is the only Stereophile writer I still read, says: "Streaming MQA files from Tidal proved a mixed bag—though here I advise the reader that all of my stated praise and blame may have less to do with the Liberty DAC than the MQA files themselves. Comparing the MQA and 16/44.1 versions of "Since I've Been Loving You," from Led Zeppelin's III (Atlantic), I thought the latter sounded more dynamic/less compressed, and altogether more involving; in particular, the kick drum in the MQA version sounded less like a drum than someone tapping his thumb on an open mike." https://www.stereophile.com/content/mytek-liberty-da-processor-page-2#wueKB10oZjEeLiwE.99 is this the first time Redbook got the nod nod over MQA? I think so... But he then goes on to prefer a Bowie MQA album (ZIggy) to Redbook..(but which, there are dozens!)...
  4. A consultant for one one of the big firms? THAT explains it all. Going forward his useless posts will be ignored.
  5. The term "useful idiot" has been thrown around over the past 2 years..clearly it applies in this case.
  6. Be interesting to know how this was arranged. To date the "new" Audiostream has all but ignored computer audio, and has been I guess what could be called a "lifestyle" blog...Was this foisted on the new editor or did he seek out Master Quack himself?
  7. ..I'm not so sure. MLP was intended not only as compression for DVD-A but DRM as well, no? That is until it was easily cracked..the proof is all the DVD-As I have ripped. Then when it became obvious MLP, like all things Meridian, was a joke, they stopped using it, Oh yes, than 24/96 and 24/192 downloads became available. .
  8. nope. they will find more things to pull out their behind.
  9. Clearly it is not, but sit back, make a cup of coffee, and the next blathering, circular, lightweight post will appear...
  10. Your answers are incredibly lightweight, without substance, and are pure blather, in my estimation. With "Friends" like you, who needs enemies.
  11. In my line of work, and on various forums, I find that people who are intellectually dishonest are a waste of everybody's time, and in general are puffed up wanna bees.
  12. I for one, will continue to support labels and vendors that produce TRUE HIREZ music..including Intervention Records, Mobile Fidelity, Analogue Productions..as well as artists that offer direct downloads of 24 bit PCM.
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