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  1. Same here, no brightness at all. I am using LPS 1.2. I tend to agree, it could be system synergy.
  2. @lmitche& @tapatrickthank you both. Ordered 8gb*2 ballistix
  3. Hi all, quick check nuc7pjyh model maximum memory on the intel website says 8GB. Does it mean 8gb for each slot or 8gb for entire system (sorry I am technically disabled). I have ordered 4gb*2 for NUC. If it can take 16gb, I will cancel and buy 8gb*2. Thanks
  4. No probs... NUC prices are now up compared to last week... I better buy one soon..
  5. Thank you @tapatrickand @lmitche I have attached screenshot of Roon and HQP setting. Roon server is in NAS and HQP desktop is in AL. Backend of HQP is NAA, device is ultraRendu. This setting is not optimum. Anyway, I guess I will try NUC as endpoint and report back.
  6. Interesting results. Need help. I have bought AL about 3 weeks before along with desktop HQP and had some initial difficulties setting it up on macbook pro. Finally everything resolved (thanks to Piero) and now able to boot from RAM in Macbook Pro (Mid 2015 model with it processor and 8GB RAM). Roon core is in Synology NAS --> HQP as NAA in AL Macbook Pro ----> ultraRendu --> DAC So far experience I felt like above setup recessed the music overall (took out the sparkle) as compared to Roon direct setup (Synology NAS ----> ultraRendu --> DAC). I am not sure it is because it Macbook Pro or my setting is incorrect? Or I should directly try with NUC? Any experience AL and HQP on macbook pro?
  7. I got to know month ago that they are releasing new one. So I waited and this made to hold my purchase. I am also wondering about the clock. Need to do some research.
  8. I don't have more information at this stage. Sorry. I checked with them and English manual should be available in couple of weeks soon. Until then we just need to use google translate from the above link.
  9. Please try this. Hope it works this time. It's on Taobao.com https://a.m.taobao.com/i581802405856.htm?abtest=5&rn=a2f3317be68fde9cc616520b7ca45cdb&sid=9a3d34eb1fdf4d8584650bbfdad7f6fb
  10. Singxer SU-6 is released!!! https://m.tb.cn/h.3O0verE?sm=d4b420
  11. Thanks to this forum, I am now interested in getting network switch, seems like important component in audio chain. Out of curiosity I am wondering, are there any options to go over wifi. My friend who bought New Auralic Aries G1 streamer mentioned that Auralic prefers wifi connection over ethernet. I guess this could be because of downside of ethernet. So far, I checked both wifi and ethernet connection, I could not able to tell the difference with Aries G1 (i used JSSG360 Ghent CAT6 from router). Are there any worst or good experience to share. Has this been tried with NUC? Cheers, Soma
  12. Another happy customer with Lush^2. My Audio Chain: Roon server on Synology NAS -->connected via CAT7 to-->Asus Wifi Router -->Connected via CAT7 to--> UltraRendu (powered by LPS1.2) --> Connected via Ghent JSSG360 USB to-->USB to i2S converter --> Connected via Ghent CAT6 JSSG360 ethernet cable to-->LKS Audio DAC (modified)-->Pass Int60->Harbeth P3ESR I replaced, my Ghent JSSG360 USB cable with Lush^2. There was immediate WoW moment for me. Of course it is not fair comparison between Ghent cable vs Lush2. Ghent cable was better than my previous labkable USB and it did bring noticeable improvement. But Lush^2 got us to another level. I was bragging about my Ghent JSSG360 cable to 2 of my friends and we planned listen Ghent USB cable. Luckily Lush^2 arrived on the same day. When we switched from Ghent to Lush all of us noticed an immediate clear step-up. Till today I bought many cables thinking those will make feel wow.. none of them reached that level in my experience... yes there are cables which made me feel worth buy... but with Lush^2 it was another level ... . clarity, sound stage, dynamics all improved... simply marvelous... From the above chain, you could see i2s connecton is in the last leg of my chain. So, I also thought i should get better i2s cable (RJ45 Ethernet) to get best out of Lush^2,. I thought may be I will ask @PeterSt if he can help me. He kindly accepted my request and sent me ET^2 cable (https://stordiau.com/collections/cables-and-more-snakes-oil/products/ethist-2-ethernet-cable - I guess picture posted could be my cable :-) ) This was nice surprise as I did not think that Peter would accept my request. I connected only USB first and it was big improvement and then connected ET^2, it further extended improvement of Lush^2 (both lows and highs) never like before - double effect. I will need to put back my Ghent USB cable and only connect ET^2 to see what it will bring to my system on its own. I am already thinking of replacing my all Ethernet cable with ET^2 . I do not own dCBL-CAT7 but I intend to purchase special edition for comparison in future (as it was my first plan to buy for i2s connection). I want to say thanks to Peter for all the help and he is quick in responding too. Cheers, Soma
  13. Thanks for the explanation. Now I see as DAC guy mentioned me something about DAC frequency. I didnt get at that time. It make sense now. So if new OCXO SC cut installation does not have master pin or master clock input it may better to go sCLK-EX installation instead and then regulate it with Mutec Ref 10. Thanks once again ?
  14. Here comes my first post on CA. First I want to say thanks for creating this thread and it made me believe that each component in the chain is important. I have spent many days ready this thread but I have not yet completed reading everything. However thanks to indexing the thread.. that's something really awesome. I am posting because, I have question about clocks Here is my Spaghetti I have my roon server on Synology NAS -->connected via CAT7 to-->Asus Wifi Router -->Connected via CAT7 to--> UltraRendu --> Connected via labkable USB to-->USB to i2S converter --> Connected via Ghent CAT6 JSSG360 ethernet cable to-->LKS Audio DAC-->Pass Int60->Harbeth P3ESR I was planning to buy Spingxer SU1 modify by adding SOTM sCLK-EX. Later connect Mutec Ref 10 or Cybershaft. However, as I understand clock closer to DAC would be better and guy who built my DAC (LKS Audio) suggested adding clock within DAC is much better than having external clock which avoids cabling and separate power supply etc. Now he suggested OCXO SC cut (approx. 800USD) which will be added to DAC internally. He says it is 100MHz. I have attached Phase Noise graph he shared with me. So I am wondering what's the difference between a 10MHz and 100MHz clocks. Is this a thing? If I do buy reference clock will internal clock going to have added benefit or it will make external clock useless. Ofcourse I am tirelessly googling and I thought it may be worth to bring this here as well. Cheers, Soma