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  1. That's what I have. Tube pre and class D power. I think that's the best combo. Tube tunes the sound, and a "wire with power and dynamics" for the power.
  2. I swear I saw a recent video of Ask Paul saying he didn't remember saying the M700 is 90% of the BHK. I tried to go look for it but couldn't find it. It was title something like "is class D the future of amplification" and he basically says classD has the issue with the top end. I will post it here if I find it.
  3. @ShawnC : Thanks for the info. Sounds like I am going to skip the M700. Having a lack of treble is a no-no. and the gain is a bit too much for my speakers anyway, i might not have fine enough steps on my preamp's attenuator. @mocenigo Yes. I agree. I understand the NC400 is for hobbyist with the input stage while the NC500 is the OEM one designed for that exact usage you mentioned. The NC400 is really rather impressive. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It has great extension on both ends, grabs the bass really tight, fast, transparent and clarity. It is a really fun amp to l
  4. The NuPrime Evoluion One looks fantastic. But unfortunately out of my budget. The ST-10 however, look more in my ball park. My dilemma is whether to just fix the Hypex NC400 and keep it, which cost around $400 or so, or try the NuPrime ST-10. Anyone have comparison of those two? Looks like my option so far is one of: - fix Hypex - NuPrime ST-10 - PS Audio Stellar M700
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Interesting that you mentioned the treble being not as defined. Can you elaborate? Is it harsher sounding? or lack of treble? or something else? My NC400 don't have a very smooth treble either, it does reach high, not harsh per se, but definitely not silky smooth. After one of my NC400 died, I took out my old amp which is a Bel Canto S300. Quite old and early generation class D from Bel Canto. I cannot vouch for the Bel Canto sound though. In my experience with the S300 and the Dac3.5vb, I noticed Bel Canto's sound tend to be darker and bland.
  6. Has anyone compared the PS Audio Stellar M700 and the Hypex NC400? I had the NC400 for more than a year and I love the detail, neutrality, dynamics and esp how it manage to control the woofer so well. Unfortunately my NC400 just blew (totally my fault) and I am thinking of moving to the M700 but I don't know if it will retain the same qualities. They will be driving a pair of Mezzo Utopias.
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