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  1. The images in this article are no longer available. Can someone fix them?
  2. not for mine. for some strange reason. my Terminator firmware didn't advertise any native DSD capability to the USB Audio driver. not even DSD64/128/256. As a result, Ropieee (the Raspberry Pi software) I used didn't allow Native DSD. it was fixed after updating firmware.
  3. I managed to get the latest firmware from Alvin and now native DSD256 works!
  4. Has anyone been able to use a Linux based Roon Endpoint (or any other Linux based streamer) successfully with the Terminator? I am using a Raspberry Pi + running Ropieee and while most things works, I am unable to get native DSD to work. Ropieee supports native DSD with the Amanero board, but the Terminator is not reporting Native DSD as a capability.
  5. That's interesting. I thought it would be the other way around. Have you tried it? can you elaborate?
  6. that's a skewed analogy. it will be equivalent to saying we are driving $50 pair of computer 3" speaker with a $2000 amp. I am hoping most people have more balanced system than that. while i agree that a true review should cater for the general public by pairing amps with different speakers and other components, we are not professional reviewers, just some dude sitting in his cave listening to music. However, having said that, this is more in the tune of a comparison and not an absolute review. So it does show the comparative qualities between the different amps.
  7. Amp polarity is known. The ST10 is supposed to inverse phase, while the Nord doesn't. However, I did try to experiment with phase and I kept them at what is spec'ed. I understand your concern. I have kept all associated equipment the same, same cables, same speaker, preamp. everything. Now I just want to point out that this is just the evaluation in one system, there can be issues with synergy with other component, synergy with the room, etc. I may not be maximizing something coz maybe the ST10 need some cable and mine wasn't the one but that one I have works well with
  8. Yes. the ST10 reverses polarity and it has been compensated by reversing the speaker terminals.
  9. FWIW, here is my brief comparison between a DIY NC400, a Nord NC500 w/ SI opamp, and a unmodified Nuprime ST10 Firstly, between the NC400 and Nord NC500. It is obvious they comes from the same family and shares the same genes. There is no mistaken that. The NC400 is a neutral amp that doesn't color the sound. Many have said it is like a wire with gain. And that's quite true. But it is not perfect. I noticed the NC400 is actually not complete neutral, it tends to lean on the ... erm.. lean side. Bass is good but not plentiful and high seems to be slightly overemphasized.
  10. Anyway. Back to topic. The Nords are in the house. Been running them around the clock for the past 2 days. Won't say much before a couple more days of burning in. At the moment they do sound better than my NC400 but not much. They sound completely different than the NuPrime ST-10. Given that, we should stop lumping all class-D into 1 bucket. They each have their own character and sound.
  11. I was careful to not say that coloring is bad. That's pretty much why we add preamps. Otherwise, everyone will be running attenuated DACs directly into power amp.
  12. Which really begs the question of why. If the Icepower already has an input stage, adding another fixed gain input stage goes opposite of the less is better philosophy. The only explanation is it colors the sound in a more desirable way that is preferred by the designer.
  13. No takers at the moment. Class D is one of those cases where it is possible to gather some enthusiasts into one location for comparison. The amps can potentially fit into backpacks. Imagine asking ppl to bring in their class A amps, it will be quite an operation!
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