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  1. Hi Peter, much appreciate your response. I have looked at all the input as to different configurations as they have come forward, & it is most ‘reassuring’ to hear the response from your holy trinity of, ”me, myself and I”. It was rather difficult to really get a ’handle’ on the true long term view of these ‘different’ configurations. Your memory is obviously excellent, so just to confirm, mine would have been sent in what is still the current configuration? Incidently, that being what is termed to be the ‘PNF’? BTW, having tried quiet a number of cables, nothing gets even close to the overall ‘balance, beauty, magic’ of the Lush^2. Such included cables since receiving the Lush^2. (We just have to ‘try’ do we not, ‘just to be sure’). I did get ‘intrigued’ by some of the different Lush^2 configurations, (as to what was reported) but always had in mind that perhaps despite what was reported, that there was a ‘catch’ somewhere as to the situation for overall ‘balance’ re long term listening. Many thanks.
  2. OK, I had not realised that the cable is still sent out as I believe I received mine. There of course has been the ‘PNF’, & I guess I supposed that this would now be what is sent out. Additionally, there have been quite a few other configurations that seem to have been very highly regarded by quite a few owners of the Lush^2. In fact, I have been rather confused as to the exact physical configuration of some of these suggested configurations, particularly that there has been different suggestions as to the ‘naming’ of configurations. IS IT POSSIBLE that the configurations that have been accepted as extremely good, be listed in a group, & that if possible, ‘PICTURES’ be made available. I must admit that my rapidly feeble mind has difficulty in being confident in trying any of these new configurations that are being considered as overall excellent. Better than what is delivered?😉 Regards to you all.
  3. Hi Peter, That would probably have to be the most technically considered & thoughtfully reasoned replies ever provided. (Top 3??) ’Deep’ but able to be understood by all. I can say, totally ‘understood’. Thank you for your time to even ‘bother’ with this ‘strange idea’.
  4. Just a thought. In that you already have a nice ‘sprouting’ of leads coming out, have you ever considered adding to the colourful display & bringing out both voltage leads??? To 2 small connectors that most people would leave connected, but available to be connected to non computer sourced power. Perhaps incidentally, my DAC needs the +- all the time, not just initially. IF the lines were ‘available’, owners could have the choice to use such as the LPS 1.2 to have, ‘cleaner power’. That is also, a long way of saying, in your experience, what degradation is there from having the power directly from a PC/ laptop? I have no doubt that you have the power & signal sides effectively isolated. As I say, ‘just a thought’ Regards to all.
  5. Just 2 questions as to you users of the Lush^2 Many appear to be using it with the Uptone Regen device, (I do own the Amber & the ISO Regens with LPS 1.2) As the recent seems very much to using with the Regen, & mainly ‘debating’ whether ‘before or after’ is preferred, (with the consensus seeming to be ‘after’ which is of course different as to it’s ‘normal’ position) with apparently some othe cable, (or connector) going ‘to’ the Regen. Why are you actually using the Regen? On any other cable thread such is normally not mentioned. But my MAIN question is to anyone using the Lush^2 purely straight to their DAC, no Regen. There must surely be a lot of people using the cable in this manner. Can comment as to the cable used in this, (more ‘normal’) way??
  6. Thank you. The initial post did not indicate this. You had it ‘working’ so there had to be ‘something’. All clear now & again thanks.
  7. I must have something wrong here. The normal input for the Eiter device is AC, not from a DC output ‘wallwart’ is it not? TheUltracaps puts out a clean DC voltage. It is a ‘better than a battery’ replacement. In that you are actually using what you indicated, please tell me where I am wrong. Thankyou
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