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  1. Hi Ken, Thank you for sharing the update. It was a Long one I must admit. I’m not sure if it’s my gear which has gone through numerous upgrades as u know or the update, but good lord, it’s sounding so beautiful now and Zenith Mk2 is only a core. It’s so natural, my system has never sounded this natural, clean. The vocals, oh my.
  2. Been there done that, nothing comes even remotely close to what the Gaia has to offer, but having said that, it’s a “free” expensive audio world.
  3. The shorter the run of the signal the better it will sound. The Gaia on its own is very good, so it works for those who do not have a TP. As for those who do have a TP, the onboard clock takes a shorter route thereby reducing jitter. Gaia also has a much better power supply among other things.
  4. Iris if used with a TP excels well cause you can clock it with the dual OCXO clocks in the TP. Hermes uses TCXO clocks to reclock and the Gaia uses dual OCXO clocks for clocking. If money is not an issue I’d go with the Gaia. Hermes with its TCXO clocks should sound very good too, though I’ve not heard it yet. The Iris as an entry level DDC is a serious piece of gear and when used with the TP outperforms most DDC imho. As as for me, I went with the Gaia to team it with the TP, but that’s just me. I don’t like sleepless nights, having said this do enjoy your journey and
  5. I restart my Eunhasu player once a month and there is an audible difference. I will try the Zenith next I guess.
  6. I leave the LED on in my TP. I tried on and off, in all honesty couldn’t tell any difference. Lol. I just leave it on which is in phase.
  7. Hi Blake, I would agree with you. It would be quite a chain of gear that and I thought mine was already over the top with the Tx-usb, sms-200, Innuos Zenith server, Gaia and TP. The sotm gear being master clocked as well and 2 sotm switches. Oh my, I must have gone bonkers.
  8. Blake, Did I read right? The Gaia when clocked by the TP was better than the Phoenix? Wondering how it would do if the Phoenix had a Innuos server feeding the signal.
  9. I hope to try out the Hermes as soon as it hits our shores Blake. It should not be too far from now. Hint Hint..... As for the Gaia against the Iris, without any help from the TP, the Gaia kicks the Iris right out of the battlefield, with the help of the clock from TP though, things get a little "complicated". Its quite a close fight, but I went with the Gaia, cause me being me, I know I will be kicking myself and 2 days later be wanting to get the Gaia. LOL.
  10. Hi Rickki, You have a Innuos Statement server and the Termy which already is operating at a very high level. You could go 2 ways IMHO 1. Get a Gaia and team it with the Termy 2. Get a TP (It has very good USB implementation btw) In both options, I would love to be in your situation. The Innuos, though, I have not heard it before (I'm using Zenith Mk2) am sure is a beast of a server and if its coupled with a TP. Oh man, that would be exquiste I'm sure. Having said that, the Termy/Gaia (2 x OCXO clocks) combo is one which I really enjoyed too and it could be you
  11. Hi Koso, Sorry but I never quiet paid attention to this difference. Drop Alvin a mail, he will help you clear your doubts, and congratulations on your new toy. Have fun.
  12. Not required as they use relays to detect incoming voltage. In fact be happy there is one less fuse to worry about or an on/off switch to worry about. No fuse is the best fuse.
  13. https://audiobacon.net/2018/08/11/the-audiophiles-short-list-the-best-digital-coaxial-cables/ Hi Sig, This might help I hope. Happy reading. U will need 2 x 75ohms cables. Try to keep them short. If you don't mind adapters then you can buy RCA terminated cables, get some good adapters. I personally don't use RCA to BNC adapters. Sig, u might want to have a look see here as well. There is post by @Blake regarding BNC cable and he pretty much sums it up well. https://www.whatsbestforum.com/threads/denafrips-product-owners-please-fall-in.30981/
  14. Sig, This is the setup when you are using the TP, but since yours is a Holo DAC, please refer to the DAC manual and configure accordingly. Hope this helps.
  15. Hi sig, its a pin out issue. (Binary) Play with it till u get clean sound. Just in case do a left right channel check after configuration. The channels can be reversed but still sound clean, if that’s the case, you need to configure till it’s ok.
  16. To add on to Ken, if it’s 230v then it’s 800 mA though I have used 500mA without issues, but 800mA is a safer bet.
  17. You are very right the sps-500 is a SMPS and a very good one at that, but, there is always something better out there. You are also spot on with how the soTm gears scale with good quality PSU and the power cords and DC cables feeding them. The evoxcap, silver wiring and ebs upgrade is also a very worthwhile upgrade if u are using the basic unit. I just upgraded my upgrade from a soTm silver wiring to Audio Sensibility Silver cable. It’s still early days, but it sounds like a winner.
  18. Sean, The trifecta is used as a collective word for the sms-200, Txusb-ultra and the sps-500. Actually I was wrong in using that word cause I don’t use the sps-500, all my LPS are now Farad 3. The Bricasti is a DAC with built in ROON ready function. I have never heard it though but reports say it’s very good at what it does and pricey too. Maybe @ducatiridercan chip in with his FR of the Bricasti. Btw, which model Ducati are u riding sir?
  19. Hi Sean, i am running dedicated power line with its own MCB and using a Shunyata Triton conditioner. My wall socket is Furutech GTX. My power cords are all Tellurium Silver or Black. My amp goes to wall directly, the rest thru the conditioner. i have a Shunyata Alpha NR feeding my conditioner. I am sorry but I do not have any experience with other power cords as I love Tellurium and soTm products. My digital front is all soTm. My USB and master clock cables are Tellurium Silver Diamond. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Cheers.
  20. Hi Sean, The Farad 3 is a nice upgrade for sure, especially with the SR Orange fuse. For starters, use a Y-cable but I would recommend using induviual units to power each soTm unit. I would suggest u get a used etheregen or does Uptone offer money back guarantee? Try it out and see if you like it. I was also like you contemplating between the etheregen and soTm for my 2nd switch. In the end i went with soTm. I must add, don't look at soTm merely as switches, they are more like a re-clocker IMHO. Power is of utmost importantance. If possible, run a dedicated line f
  21. Hi Sean, If your soTm are using Silver cables and evox caps with ebs damping material then u are fully loaded. As for running double switch, yes it’s a worthy upgrade and worth every penny. Personally I connect them using optical, which I prefer compared to ethernet. what ethernet cables are u using? Get some good USB cables too. My entire digital front is soTm including 4 runs of dcbl cat-7 cables with 3 iso cat 6. My USB are Tellurium Silver Diamonds. Take it slow Sean, don’t rush. Enjoy the journey.
  22. Hi Bling, Welcome to CA, first off, I feel for your wallet and my condolences to it. LOL. As the saying goes, you are only good as your weakest link. As an Intergrated amp, the DAC section is probably using a chip, which, I'm not sure which one as it looks like a in-house design and they don't say. The TP would definietly bring about a big change in SQ presentation and the biggest jump here. Have you heard a R2R DAC in action before? The Gaia is a DDC (Digital to Digital Converter), basically what it does is take your USB and convert it to another format digital signal,
  23. Im using the Terminator plus now though and waiting for my Gaia.
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