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  1. Switch
    A novel way to massively improve the SQ of computer audio streaming
    On 3/16/2020 at 4:10 AM, Nenon said:

    But I have a second Melco(*) switch (more on that in some future posts). So would adding a second Melco switch be even better?

    Cable modem --(copper)--> Ubiquity router --(copper)--> Melco switch --> Melco(*) switch --(fiber)--> (A)etherREGEN(B) --(copper)--> JCAT NIC on the server.


    Well, didn't @hols (current owner of SGM Extreme) comment that Melco switch → Melco(*) switch → SOtM switch + Habst clock cable + Cybershaft OP21A might have the potential to achieve something that's very close to what SGM Extreme could offer?




    And then we came up with the idea of can we do 3 switches to further isolate the HQplayer server from endpoint NAA. And so we added the SOtM as the last switch with the NAA connected to it. And WOW WOW everything just comes out naturally with big and wide soundstage and with very accurate timbre and focus. It is a triple jump in SQ and is the best I have heard from the Linux server system. It actually become very close to SGM extreme though of a different character.


    Since that industrial grade Planet Technology MGB-TLX (with wide temperature range -40℃ to 75℃) turned out to be a winner while @romaz should be evaluating Telegärtner M12 Gold Switch soon, maybe it's also an interesting experiment to give their Industrial IP67 Rated IGS-5227-6MT-X a try since used ones are available on eBay for $299 or less?






    Operating Temperature: -40 to 75°C


    Please take a look at the picture on eBay as well as RTFM, it's indicating that DC 12V could be accepted and here's the M12 connector required for making JSSG DC cables with 15AWG Mundorf SGW115




    1 x M12, 5-pin A-coded male connector


    We could make our own Ethernet cables that are terminated with X-coded M12 connector on one end, though here's something that's ready to go





    Cat.6A, 8-pole, X-coded


    IMHO it's hard to tell why Telegärtner would perform so well according to Emile, did the wide temperature part play a role while having the right male / female connectors might also score some extra points?






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