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  1. Hi DB, Got it 2nd hand here. I'm sorry I cannot tell u anything of the master clock yet since it has not arrived, but, I just got my soTm gear all upgraded as u know and that already is a huge upgrade in SQ. I'm sure the master clock will be an excellent addition. I have ordered Tellurium Black Diamond BNC for the cables. I like Tellurium stuff and all my cables are from them or soTm. I love the natural feel they give. The Cat7 with the isolators are really lovely, it's dead quiet, very musical with all the details that I love. It was actuallu a toss up between the soTm BNC and the Tellurium, in the end I went with the Tellurium as I have excellent experience with their cables especially their Silver Diamond USB cables that I use. Thst's not to say the soTm BNC is a slouch, there was a nice review of them in Audio bacon. The Tellurium cable though is a bit of a calculated risk as I have never heard them and there is not much review on them too except for the SPDIF version. I will defintely post my impression of the master clock when it arrives, probably tomorrow.
  2. Hi DB, I am waiting on my soTm master clock which I got at a very good price. As for the connection, I think it should be in series. U might want to search here or send May from soTm a mail, she is extremely helpful. Good luck and happy listening. On another note, the soTm dcbl Cat-7 with the isolator is very good as well. In fact my entire digital chain is soTm, I'm using 4 x dcbl-Cat 7 with 2 isolators. My streamer is the innous Zenith which is hooked up to the Trifecta. The sMS-200 ultra neo is there cause I like the weight it gives, but you will be just fine going from the Zenith to the DAC with the signal passing thru the tx-usb ultra using USB.
  3. Hi, I think for starters, don't look at them as your average ethernet switch but as a re-clocker and you will understand why they are so good even when utilised in singular form, guess when you double the dosage, its double the fun. Why don't you hear it for yourself and come to a conclusion or decision. Trust your ears. I am using one and its just been given the Spinach (Popeye) (upgraded), and I tell u its all over Brutus now. LOL. Hope it helps buddy.
  4. Hi Traildog, The upgrade to the Evox caps, silver wires and the ebs has brought my entire soTm gear up from awesome to what's this I'm hearing level? Of course, my DC cables are also Neotech 16awg OCC solid core silver and my PC is the tellurium Black. But ya, it makes a huge difference to what's in the chain, but saying that, I agree with you that straight out of the box, the soTm gears can sound crappy (in my case, it was just awesome straight out of the box). As you so rightfully advised, let it settle in and then make the call to either keep it or dumping it.
  5. The only way u can get complete isolation is if the PS is battery. Both LPS and SMPS have their pros and cons. LPS are usually slow, it would have to be engineered well like the PH to be quick enough for the transients. SMPS are fast but are not as quiet, unless they are well filtered. I am not an expert, but maybe someone here can enlighten us if I am wrong. Good luck buddy.
  6. Hi ehoz, if you cannot hear a diiference after adding in the soTm switch, if its me I would thank my ears. LOL. If the soTm switch didn't do anything to up your SQ, truth be told, I don't see how any other switch is going to make a difference on your setup. Maybe your digital line is already top notch that any switch is not going to make a difference.
  7. HI, thank you for the advise boss. I am currently using Neotech 16awg solid core OCC silver cables for all my DC cables. I will get the Farad 3 soon. My PC is Tellurium Black so I think I am covered on that front.
  8. Most definitely, just upgraded my Trifecta and switch. Its a big big jump. Love it. Waiting on my Master clock now. Wonder how the current SQ can be bettered? It's going to be interesting as I am venturing into unchartered waters here.
  9. Hi Guys, Anyone still using a DDC? I have ditched mine and am wondering if anyone has tried any other configuration? Thank you.
  10. Hi, I am using Zenith Mk2 with the Terminator, but I have the soTm Trifecta in the chain as well. I love it. My sms-200 is the end point. I find it gives a bit more body compared to just from the Zenith to the DAC. YMMV. happy listening.
  11. Wait for the Ethergen. Personally I am using the sotm one. Paul Pang is another option among a few
  12. Hi Frank, Same thing happened to me, I thought the same, and did the same mistake and tried numerous ways to get it fixed as u did. But after it was "fixed", I was trying out other configurations and same thing happened again, my sotm was not recognizing my DAC. I had to reflash the microsd card on the sotm SMS-200 and everything is fine now. Phew. So guys, if you indeed find urself in my predicatment, re-flash the sdcard on sms-200. I think its something to do with the Zenith FW upgrade. I am no computer expert. My friend helped me to reflash the card. Muchos Gracias to him.
  13. Welcome to the Terminator club. U are going to love it. It's a beast, in a Good way. LOL.
  14. Sorry to hear of this, be strong sir. Stay rooted, don't let the mind paint a picture of negativity. It will be ok sir. God bless.
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