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  1. I concur, the Zenith is magic. Mine is a Mk2 BTW. I can only imagine what the Mk 3 and Statement can do. Its being used as a core with my endpoint being the soTm Sms-200ultra Neo. I sounds wonderful with or without the soTm. Its preference I guess, with the soTm it's got a bit a bit more density which I prefer. Its also such a joy to use. The UI is so easy my granny could sort it out if she had been arnd. RIP granny.
  2. The Gustard U16 converts USB (From soTm Txusb ultra) to Is2 connection into the Termy.
  3. Sorry I don't sir. I am living in Singapore. My chain is as follows: Zenith Mk2 (ROON)>soTm Trifecta>Gustard U16 (is2)>Termy.
  4. James, I would advise you to prepare your wallet first. LOL. Its extremely addictive, u will have withdrawal symptoms once you hear the beast in action. I had a Qutest and Pontus, sold both and got meself the Termy. Its just so clean and analogue sounding. You will have to spend a few thousands more to reach the levels that she can dish out. No hint of digital hash at all, in my case as I am running a digital system. Wishing you all the best in your quest. Cheers.
  5. Hi Womaz, How do you find the Nucleus compared to the PC? I am almost certain that I will be getting the STi5.
  6. Hi Sir, Are there other makers who make the same thing? I was looking at Innous, Melco Antipodes etc, but am confused. I just want a good quality unit that will replace my PC, something in the mould of the STi5. Really appreciate your inputs and time sir. Have a good weekend.
  7. I think I am probably going to live with my PC as remote and soTm 200 ultra as an end point.
  8. Ok sir, thank you. I will wait as you suggested as I am very happy with my current setup and I don't really have much to complain. The reason I want to get the ST is purely out of curiosity to see if it really does improve the SQ.
  9. I am looking at getting the STi5. Nucleus is also on the radar and soTm might be releasing one of theirs soon as well. But I feel STi5 is bang for buck.
  10. End point? Isn't my soTm-200ultra a end point? Please advise sir. Thank you.
  11. Hi guys, Will there be a SQ increment if using the ST i5 compared to a laptop as ROON Core? I am intending to purchase one if it does. I am perfectly fine with my Laptop which is using a i7-7500U 7th Gen intel chip. My laptop is Lenovo ideapad 520S-141KB. Any inputs is much appreciated. My setup is as follows: Router>soTm Trifecta>Gustard U16>Terminator>Simaudio HAD430>Abyss Phi CC. All cables are Tellurium Black/Blue MkII and Silver Diamond USB. /Sablon USB. Thank you so much for your time.
  12. Hi Guys, Just took delivery of the Terminator today after selling off my Qutest and beloved Pontus. This machine is pure awesomeness man. I am so appreciative of Alvin for convincing me to get this instead of the Venus. The stereo imaging, separation and soundstage is really exceptional. The instrument separation is something to behold. Even in congested tracks it does its thing without breaking a sweat. Its very holographic and encompasses you, pulls you into the music and keeps you there. Warning, bedtime will take a huge beating. Its so addictive. Music just keeps flowing, its very musical and very analogue sounding since I do most of my listening with ROON. I bet you have to go to a much higher price point to better this. Please do try to audition this beast before buying your next DAC. It really is exceptional. Now waiting for the DSP upgrade. Happy listening people. Thanks for reading.
  13. Hi Kelvin, I just updated as well, works wonderfully. As you say, the 100Mbps is awesome man. A nice upgrade indeed. Thanks to soTm again.
  14. Hi Guys, Have sotm pulled the plug on ver4.57? It shows server maintenance when u go into the update icon. I had downloaded the 4.57 on 1 card. I do have another scan disk card with 4.56 which needs updating to 4.57. Can anyone enlighten? Thank you very much guys.
  15. I'm using the Alpha NR connected to the triton, previously was using the Venom HC. What transformation the Alpha NR brought, Love it. Thank you Shunyata ia all I can say.
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