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  1. Abyss Man

    Innuos 1.4.5

    Hi Ken, I have been spending time after the upgrade and I think I know why its a hit and miss for me. It could be my Mundorf Silver/Gold DC cables. I'm sorry if I was too quick with the assessment. I think I better let it run in more before making comments here, apologies to Innuos too, but then again, I'm expecting the arrival of my Farads with the Orange fuse soon, probably Tuseday, so there goes my take on the FW upgrade. LOL. Think I'd better stay clear of saying anything for now till everything settles down in a month or 2. LOL.
  2. Abyss Man

    Innuos 1.4.5

    My setup is a bit complicated cause I use the Zenith as a core but that in turns plugs into the sms-200 ultra Neo and txusb ultra. I have to set my player on the Eunhasu player to squeezlite and then on Roon set it to squeebox. On the Zenith I have to set it to experimental.
  3. Abyss Man

    Innuos 1.4.5

    ROON Alan. I tried Experimental too but not sure if it sounds different. In an A/B test I think I would fail miserably. Hope someone with a bat ear can help.
  4. Abyss Man

    Innuos 1.4.5

    I too find the FW update not really to my liking. The highs sound a tad bright. It's lost that mojo, x-factor if you will. Damn. I will listen again after letting it settle and just in case, I restarted my digital front. Let's see.
  5. First off, I would recommend that you get urself a better PSU. The digital domain needs speed and I can tell you no Chi Fi LPS has that. As for your question, its always good to have a slight buffer for current draw. I do not think sms-200 needs 1.5A though, it should be lesser. Can you confirm with the seniors here or mail May at sotm, she is a darling with help. Enjoy.
  6. Did you get them with the Orange fuse Markus? What DC cables are you using?
  7. Deleted, sorry wrong question.
  8. Guys, I can tell you that just the Termy with a Gaia in tow is already bloody good. In fact, just the Termy with a upgraded DSP board sounds very good if it is fed with a very clean signal thru USB. So ya, you feed the DAC well, you get excellent sonic reproduction. As they say, Rubbish In, Rubbish out.
  9. Hi Ben-M, I would think so. If you look at the Terminator Plus it has its own 45 and 49Mhz frequency out to be synced with the Gaia, as for users without the TP but would like to have the Gaia in their system, I guess a dedicated external word clock should be in the works. In all honesty, the double OCXO in the Gaia is already very good on its own. I guess the reason for their modus operandi is for Denafrips to have it own "ecological system". I am assuming here and you know what they say about assumptions being the mother of all [email protected]#K ups. LOL.
  10. Hi, Nope, I did not I'm afraid. I agree with you that the Gustard U-16 was better than the Su-1 as I had previously owned a SU-1 before getting the Gustard. The Gaia though is a toatally different beast compared to either one of them, if fact there is no comparison. The Gaia is miles ahead.
  11. If u can get hold of a Tellurium Silver Diamond USB, give it a shot Alan. I’m using 2 of them on my soTm Trifecta.
  12. Hi Alan, If u are running Shunyata PC, as Ken recommended, it's best not to go with the IEC which are Rhodium plated. As for the fuse upgrade, I think you should definitely go for it. Currently I'm running SR20 fuses which were spares I had lying arnd. I will be getting the Orange fuses soon. I do have experience with SR fuses quite a bit as I use them on my amps and I've been through their entire range. LOL except the Black. The Orange really is a good upgrade. Hope this helps
  13. I would sell the sps-500 in a heart beat and get the Farad. It is very quiet, clean and with good power. In fact I love it so much I am getting another 2 units, so in all, I will have 4 Farads. Get some nice DC cable going as well but just straight out of the box with the supplied DC cable by Matt sounds good, as I said, it's awesome personified. Enjoy.
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