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  1. Hi, I am using Zenith Mk2 with the Terminator, but I have the soTm Trifecta in the chain as well. I love it. My sms-200 is the end point. I find it gives a bit more body compared to just from the Zenith to the DAC. YMMV. happy listening.
  2. Wait for the Ethergen. Personally I am using the sotm one. Paul Pang is another option among a few
  3. Hi Frank, Same thing happened to me, I thought the same, and did the same mistake and tried numerous ways to get it fixed as u did. But after it was "fixed", I was trying out other configurations and same thing happened again, my sotm was not recognizing my DAC. I had to reflash the microsd card on the sotm SMS-200 and everything is fine now. Phew. So guys, if you indeed find urself in my predicatment, re-flash the sdcard on sms-200. I think its something to do with the Zenith FW upgrade. I am no computer expert. My friend helped me to reflash the card. Muchos Gracias to him.
  4. Welcome to the Terminator club. U are going to love it. It's a beast, in a Good way. LOL.
  5. Sorry to hear of this, be strong sir. Stay rooted, don't let the mind paint a picture of negativity. It will be ok sir. God bless.
  6. U are very welcome bud. I was told the Danacable Trustream is also a good one likewise the Lush. Audit them to find a suitable one for your hearing buds. Happy listening.
  7. Hi Matt, No you cannot. I think they are looking at year end for the release of the boards for the Pontus and Venus. Hang on bud, it is totally worth the wait. Meanwhile as I said, try to lay your hands on a quality USB cable. Enjoy the music.
  8. U are in luck. We just did this morning. Not much difference but my Tellurium USB cable made a bigger difference than having the iso regen/lps1.2 combo with or without. We also tried various permutations/combos with my sotm Trifecta and the iso regen/lps 1.2 combo and all I can say is I think its worth investing in a very high quality USB cable to take full advantage of the DSP board. It brought about the biggest jump in SQ. No DDC in the chain, with it, the sound is veiled, almost held back. But one of my friend reported back saying he liked it with the Gustard U16 in the chain, so, its best to try out. If u are using the trifecta keep it and invest in a good quality USB cable, same for the iso regen/lps1.2 combo. Don't go chasing ghosts. T-loan one and try. My 2 cents worth and of course as usual YMMV depending on your setup. Happy listening guys. Please chip in with suggestions. Thank you.
  9. Hi tboooe, The stereo separation, staging, details are really really good, exceptional if I may. The 3D and holographics are very good too, with i2s everything was veiled and thin sounding. I suggest if u have not heard the board yet, do it. I am running through my collections all over again with this gem of an upgrade. U have to hear it, certain things just cannot be put in words. All this mumbo jumbo audiophile words cannot really explain what I am hearing. I love it. Do let us know what you think?
  10. I just put my Gustard U16 up for sale together with the Chocolate HDMI.
  11. Hi guys, Just got my new DSP board installed yesterday. In one word, WOW. Its an exceptional upgrade. The USB implementation is just brilliant. Forget the i2s connection. USB with a good quality cable absolutely thrashes the i2s.
  12. Hi Dev, I am waiting on my DSP, hope I receive it soon. I would agree that if the new DSP has a good USB implementation then out goes the DDC for sure. That's why I am holding out till I get my DSP to hear it. Alvin advised me the same as well. Wait for the board before getting a SU-6 he said. Thank you taking your time to pass on your experience Dev, Its much appreciated. And now to be patient and wait. (Definitely not my forte). LOL.
  13. Thanks Dev. Hope some soul here tries it with a DDC though. Just seeing if there is a difference in SQ.
  14. Hi Dev, I am very interested to know how the USB connection sounds? Are u using a DDC like SU 6 or Gustard? Please do share your thoughts. Thanks a million.
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