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  1. Hi Guys, Just took delivery of the Terminator today after selling off my Qutest and beloved Pontus. This machine is pure awesomeness man. I am so appreciative of Alvin for convincing me to get this instead of the Venus. The stereo imaging, separation and soundstage is really exceptional. The instrument separation is something to behold. Even in congested tracks it does its thing without breaking a sweat. Its very holographic and encompasses you, pulls you into the music and keeps you there. Warning, bedtime will take a huge beating. Its so addictive. Music just keeps flowing, its very musical and very analogue sounding since I do most of my listening with ROON. I bet you have to go to a much higher price point to better this. Please do try to audition this beast before buying your next DAC. It really is exceptional. Now waiting for the DSP upgrade. Happy listening people. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hi Kelvin, I just updated as well, works wonderfully. As you say, the 100Mbps is awesome man. A nice upgrade indeed. Thanks to soTm again.
  3. Hi Guys, Have sotm pulled the plug on ver4.57? It shows server maintenance when u go into the update icon. I had downloaded the 4.57 on 1 card. I do have another scan disk card with 4.56 which needs updating to 4.57. Can anyone enlighten? Thank you very much guys.
  4. I'm using the Alpha NR connected to the triton, previously was using the Venom HC. What transformation the Alpha NR brought, Love it. Thank you Shunyata ia all I can say.
  5. Hi Guys, I am using the soTm-200 Ultra Neo with the txUSB ultra, need some advise, I have a Sablon Reserva (Non-Elite) USB A to B cable and a Tellurium Silver Diamond cable. Which is recommended as the final USB connector cable to the Singxer SU-1>Pontus or Qutest DAC. I would reckon that the TQ would be a better choice, just getting some suggestions. Thank you.
  6. Hi Guys, I am using a good quality LPS for my soTm Ultra Neo and soTm txusb, do you think it would be a good upgrade to get the sps-500 to power them. If the gain is big then I am all for the upgrade. Thank you for your suggestions.
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