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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. Has given me confidence to put the Aurender on my shortlist.
  2. Thank you. It is the potential noise from the hard disk I would concerned about - thanks for the feedback on this. I would hope the N100H mirrors your experience with the other Aurender players you have owned.
  3. Good afternoon. I suspect this question has been asked before but I thought I would ask it again. I am looking to pick up an Aurender N100H and my only concern is potential mechanical noise from the HDD. I used to have an Innuos Zen Mini and my biggest frustration - and the reason I ended up selling it - was the noise from the unit as it seems to need to access the HDD constantly. I know that Aurender units use an SSD to cache music ready to play but whilst it is going through this process is it particularly noisy? Thanks.
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