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  1. I dont know what you are talking about. Do you have a problem with my questions? I'm not the only one in this thread suggesting FAS should try to explain himself. Just take a look at Archimagos posts.
  2. What filter devices? What makes you think they are susceptible to vibration? What is the mechanism? Where is the vibration coming from? Have you established its nature and magnitude?
  3. Why do you think static affects CDs? What is the mechanism?
  4. ? Want what on a platter? Not how what works? My system sounds great, without tweaks. You are not making sense.
  5. I think he legitimatly takes issue with your 10000 repetitive posts that describe or explain absolutely nothing.
  6. FAS believes youtube videos are an accurate representation of what you hear when in the room in person. He can't hear the difference which is obvious to everyone else. He also plays the videos on his laptop and thinks he thinks this is providing accurate realistic sound to judge the video.
  7. I could intelligently explain why none of the things you are doing improve sound. Explain the last tweak you performed and let's take a look at it.
  8. That's impressive. 30 years of tweaking and you have learned and achieved absolutely nothing. Well done.
  9. Such as your belief that awful 100 year old cylinder recordings are made to sound realistic by your tweaks. It's a delusion. It's not and cannot happen.
  10. Who said it is? Your speakers are very ordinary. None of your tweaks can change that. You deludedly believe that awful recordings are made to sound realistic by your tweaks. This is not happening. It's not reality.
  11. This is not true. You have done nothing to make that happen. The speaker design also has fundamental limitations. This is all a delusion. You are divorced from reality.
  12. Everyone knows the edifers are very average speakers. There are no tweaks that can make them anything but that. Everything else is your delusions. You are diverged from reality.
  13. When FAS watches black and white films he sees them in color.
  14. He is asking what is so special about your speakers that they fix awful recordings?
  15. We all appreciate the art. That's not the endlessly repetitive point you have been making. You have been saying that the sound quality of awful recordings can be fixed by tweaks. None of the recordings you show sound realistic. You are deluded if you think they do.
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