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  1. Given the praise is not just from us all, I think it's up to you to explain why you're not impressed. Is it because she's young, Asian, and attractive, and therefore can't be seriously good? Or, since you're a EuroChamp, is it just because she's not Euro?
  2. Dakhabrakha - Light Probably on most streaming services. Available for purchase on bandcamp and 7digital
  3. I see the Marantz SA8005 accepts coax, optical, and USB digital inputs. This means there will be all kinds of ways to get Tidal into your brother's system, but "least complex and most affordable" depends on what kind of smartphone or tablet he's using. If he has an Android device, the lc/ma route is probably to find a Chromecast Audio on eBay or Amazon (Google no longer makes them) and use the CCA's optical output into the Marantz. I run Tidal like this for convenience, but I also have my DAC connected to a PC via USB, and for better audio quality I usually use BubbleUPnP on my phone or tablet and send the signal to a DLNA renderer on the PC (JRiver). But I wouldn't recommend that for older than old school, at least to start. The Tidal to CCA setup will definitely be easy to understand and use. If he has an iPhone you can probably do something similar with Airplay. Apple no longer makes the Airport Express, but my brother had a couple of spares, so I tried it. Unfortunately, it wouldn't sync properly with my DAC. The DAC manufacturer said the old Airport Express has too much jitter. However, if your brother is using Apple devices and you can borrow an Airport Express this is worth trying. If you're handy with computers you can connect to the DAC's USB using something like an inexpensive Raspberry Pi, but I think this would tend to get too complex.
  4. My nephew visited recently. I can always count on him to bring over something interesting. (Available on Tidal, 7digital, and highresaudio, but you must search for "Strozzi: Virtuosissima compositrice" instead of "Barbara Strozzi")
  5. I don't understand the schadenfreude. I am firmly in the anti-MQA camp, but in Canada 7digital is the only place I can consistently find redbook downloads and Tidal is the only lossless streaming service that actually works. I'll be sad to see either of them go.
  6. Many people in Japan live in small apartments and simply cannot listen this way "at home". So they go to a small bar with a simpatico owner where they can experience what you guys spend far too much time arguing about.
  7. Shouldn't anyone who uses batteries have a multimeter?
  8. If you have an Android phone or tablet you can use the BubbleUPnP app to send your Tidal stream to a UPnP device. If your DAC isn't already a streamer you could run JRiver on a Pi (or a NUC) to make it visible to Bubble. JRiver isn't free, but there's a 30 day trial and after that it would be a one-time purchase, rather than a subscription like Roon.
  9. Continuing on a theme here: And boy howdy, available on Tidal! Tidal is having trouble with pieces over about 4 minutes tonight. I bought the download from 7digital.
  10. Not worth the effort. I just went back to my own collection for the day.
  11. Just now I was streaming "In The Studio" by the Specials through my 5G smartphone and track 6 came up as "Free Meng Wanzhou"
  12. I don't know about Zappa, but today nothing has the correct track length. For example, Tidal will know the first track of the album I select is 8:12, but as soon as playback starts it changes to 1:52. Track length is incorrect for every track, but each track has a consistently incorrect length. Completely unusable all day long.
  13. Not even noon yet but I'm too excited by this one to wait.
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