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  1. That wasn't my experience. What's your source for this claim?
  2. Well most of us didn't, so no need to include the big quote.
  3. On keener observation, I think the attempted joke KO'd a few people. He's quoting "Veter Peth", who doesn't really exist.
  4. A while ago I went through my album "favourites" on Tidal and made sure I didn't have any MQA material. If I couldn't replace an MQA album with the redbook version I removed it from my collection. I've just taken another look and my favourites list now contains quite a few MQA albums. That's it, Tidal subscription ends today.
  5. Most MQA albums on Tidal are also available in standard format. Tidal just hides them, perhaps due to some licensing deal with MQA. If you search, usually you can find the non-MQA version. I refuse to add MQA anything to my Tidal favourites.
  6. Lossless Audio Checker shows both albums I purchased from Presto were upsampled. I'll never buy from them again.
  7. Quoting myself because I don't know how to edit an existing post in this thread. Presto sent me a new link with properly tagged files. However, one of the tags was "Comment: Processed by SoX". I've asked them if this means the files have been resampled.
  8. Bought this from prestomusic.com as a FLAC download: Love the music and performance, but none of the tracks were tagged. It's 24/48, and it cost C$21.75. It's only C$14.49 on ca.7digital.com, but it doesn't come with the booklet and their file is apparently 24/96. The cost on the Linn site is C$24 but the resolution is listed as "Studio master FLAC". I told Prestomusic I'm not going to buy untagged music again, and they haven't responded yet. I don't trust 7digital due to the missing booklet and probable upsampled file.
  9. Questions 4 and 5 are mandatory, so they should contain an option for "None apply". And I think you're missing questions or options that would indicate security concerns.
  10. Please move your advertising to a sponsored forum.
  11. I have Rilling's "Complete Cantatas" set. After ripping all 71 discs I listened to one cantata (not one CD) every day, which took most of a year. There may be cantatas that aren't in this "complete" set, as some were lost and others are fragments, but I don't think that's what you meant.
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