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  1. Objectively, yes. But have you tried letting a personal attack burn in for a few days?
  2. The post was intended as a humorous response to Crenca's statement just above. I found the 1954 RCA sampler album in my father's collection, and the dated expression "high fidelity" made me think of it. But as long as you're going to make a point, trusting your ears is a good way to avoid being fooled by the BS put forward by the audiophile press in support of MQA. When I was a young man I got talked into buying an expensive pair of "directional" interconnects for the turntable to preamp. After a move I realized I had been using them installed in the wrong direction for a while and had failed to hear a difference. I never again got fooled into buying another audiophile voodoo tweak.
  3. Album of the morning, recorded at Koerner Hall in Toronto earlier this year. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, so it's great to have the album at last (released this week).
  4. It's not ideal, but as I said, Tidal is the only game in town here so I stopped worrying about it. I do use the Tidal site to add favourites, and when I do that I know if an album is MQA. A while ago Tidal used to show both versions, so I could select the non-MQA album, but thanks to some kind of BS, Tidal now only shows the MQA copy when it exists. I have noted, with some satisfaction, that recently the number of new releases with the dreaded M icon has dropped drastically.
  5. "Ignore this topic" is a good feature. I'd also like an "Ignore this Forum" so I could ignore all the sponsored forums.
  6. The updates stopped doing this a while ago. It was frustrating while it happened. As Qobuz is not available in Canada, and I don't use the Tidal app (I use BubbleUPnP to send to JRiver) and my DAC doesn't do MQA, I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.
  7. The album by Chitose Hajime isn't one of her best, but this song was fun:
  8. The ignore list works well. You just have to use it.
  9. The problem I'm having is that new posts appear sort of at the end, followed by the posts that have been voted down to negativeland. So when I click to see the new post, inevitably I end up reading the next one too, which is an old downvoted post I really don't want to see (again and again).
  10. Is this an option that can be turned off? I'm reluctant to try Audirvana because I don't want it "optimizing" my OS.
  11. Unfortunately, almost all the new releases on Prostudiomasters are available as MQA downloads. And in some cases, the MQA version is significantly more expensive than the 96/24 FLAC
  12. I missed the sorting control. I was looking for it at the top or even bottom, not between the initial question and the responses. I think defaulting to date is more logical though.
  13. I looked for that and couldn't find it, but I see it now. Thanks
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