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  1. He was sensational. Apparently he became obsessed with Scriabin at a very young age, and it certainly showed. The final piece on the programme was Prokofiev's Sonata #8, which he also clearly enjoyed playing.
  2. Horslips - The Book of Invasions. Love, the 70s
  3. Sorry to go off topic here, but you've made a dangerous mistake. Let's assume the average January temperature in Minnesota is 24 degrees F, but this year it was 32 degrees F. Someone has taken the values, converted them to centigrade, and reported the difference in centigrade. 24F = -4.4 C and 32F = 0C. The difference is 4.4 degrees C, which you've now converted to 40 degrees F. But the temperature wasn't 40 degrees F warmer than normal, because your average temperature in January wasn't 64F. Time to abandon that Fahrenheit stuff.
  4. Get something like VirtualCloneDrive, mount the ISO volume, and copy the files to your hard drive. Then you can continue to use BubbleUPnP with Minimserver.
  5. If it's not a BT-only budget, the Naim Muso Qb 2 speaker does ethernet, wifi, Airplay, Chromecast, and Bluetooth.
  6. My favourite is The Lady of Shalott from her 1991 album The Visit
  7. I like to prepare for concerts by creating playlists that match the published program. Getting ready for Daniil Trifonov next month. He'll be paying a lot of Scriabin in the first half, but I couldn't find any Scriabin that he recorded so I had to substitute others. This was a nice surprise.
  8. My son returned from Japan with the Triumvirat CD discussed a few pages back, along with a Czech jazz/rock gem from 1975 by Fermáta. New to me, and a lot of fun.
  9. And after Alban Berg, my favorite John Cale album, featuring his ode to joy.
  10. I try to listen to Lulu at least once per decade. Getting through it early this time.
  11. Doesn't Gwynneth Paltrow use these?
  12. The thread's title begins with Off Topic. Doesn't that mean points are awarded for diversion?
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