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  1. Thanks for inspiring me to listen to some Schubert solo piano again. This one is very good:
  2. If early 21st century is modern enough for you, Mitsuko Uchida has released some lovely Schubert recordings.
  3. I'm sure you're right. Let's hope he doesn't buy one of these:
  4. I have to agree about the sound of the piano. Furthermore, I streamed this via Tidal (CD quality) and couldn't get through it all due to the distracting soft clicking noise - almost like a distant metronome. Did you notice that? If you want to check again, listen around 5 minutes in to the first track.
  5. Their store accepts Canadian currency and they don't add local taxes, which saves me 13% in Ontario. I'll be sad if they disappear.
  6. Microsoft disabled SMB version 1 in Windows 10 a while ago due to security vulnerabilities. If you absolutely must use it, Google "Windows 10 SMB" to find out how to enable it again.
  7. Please forgive my confusion. This is the album I mentioned: This is the album you linked:
  8. If you don't believe me, or if you think there is exactly one MQA-only album on Tidal, sign up for a trial account and check it out yourself. I don't understand what you intended with the link unless you meant it as some kind of insult.
  9. It used to be that when Tidal showed you only the MQA version of an album you search for the album by name and see both the MQA and standard versions. But the "Explore" feature is showing me a new Joshua Redman album named Come What May. No matter how I search, I can only ever find an MQA version of that. There are several others already, but Come What May is ominous enough.
  10. Maybe no apocalypse yet, but there's definitely a red Tidal. Many new releases are now MQA only. I don't use the Tidal app for playback, and my DAC doesn't do MQA, so I am looking for CD-quality only. Tidal has quickly become very frustrating due to MQA. I hope whatever MQA Ltd is paying them makes up for lost subscriptions. Unfortunately, Qobuz isn't in Canada yet.
  11. Did I ever make it clear how much I appreciate your taste in music?
  12. My dog would have given you a diagnosis for a couple of liver treats.
  13. If you cup your hands behind your ears everything sounds quite different. Maybe we could replace all those expensive room treatments with bits of foam that change the angle of your aural dangle.
  14. It's been obvious for a long time that Lee was just winding everyone up. But after the mistake of claiming to hear an audible difference while attempting to prove the audibly lossless claim by saying "engineers" heard no difference, he was forced to take the sword and rip his guts with an FU to the owner of the thread. Really, there was no other way out.
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