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  1. Hi I am interested in this device. I can be reached at [email protected] for follow up. Thank you
  2. Hi Sidemounter I have have very good results with an HDMI extractor into my DAC (which has a volume control) and have used the Monoprice extractor with good success. I recently upgraded to an Essence Evolve II and the Monoprice is gathering dust in a drawer so if you're interested in trying this approach (you will need a good HDMI cable and a great SPDIF cable - I have some suggestions), PM me. Happy New year!
  3. SACD-R's? Are they possible? I've scanned and searched for a long time and haven't found a way to do this, although I did read some articles alluding to them years ago. Thank you Kind regards ---Hyendaudio
  4. -off topic response - Thank you. I got them new in '99 in a trade and never looked back. They look great in rosewood and sound even better, paired with a VAC Phi 200. - off topic mode off -
  5. Both drives I formatted are using MBR and I used the Windows 10 GUI with the "quick format" option disabled. Beyond that I did not perform a deep-dive analysis at the bit or byte level of either drive. That said, since there is only 1 partition / volume on each drive, and since both drives were readable by the player at boot - as evidenced by the player's opening the drawer after receiving instructions from the drive, it make sense to me that the issue is not at the partition level.
  6. Ok. I've run 14 different tests with 11 different USB drives. Results as follows (except for the original drive which never worked - but functions fine otherwise - no other drives were reformatted for this test). I am also publishing a pic of the drives included in my test, which include PNY, HP, DatastickPro and no-name (promotional giveaways): 512MB (1 passed with a freshly formatted volume - had no choice as the drive was encrypted) 1GB (3 - 1 consistent failure - the original USB drive [don't it figure]. Note I had a second one which looks similar but may not be from the same no-
  7. OK. Please PM me your shipping details and I will send you a PayPal invoice.
  8. I'm open to suggestions if you want to pursue this.
  9. Shouldn't be that hard to build a script which installs an image onto a USB drive. My scripting days are long ago and far away I'm afraid or I'd volunteer to do it. Both "sticks" have but 1 auto script folder with the requisite files copied over.
  10. Something else I just noticed: The drive which didn't work stayed powered (led in-use indicator stayed lit for a few minutes) up even after I turned off the player. The PNY drive doesn't do that. Not sure what this means either. I am going to try a few more drives - I have a ton of them here - and report back; likely Sunday or Monday.
  11. yes. I'd probably use USPS though as other options are likely to be expensive. What country?
  12. I don't know what to tell you. I have first hand experience that two different drives, identically formatted with the same exact set of files copied into the same exact folder behaved differently. I reformatted the first drive twice with no success using the exact same Windows GUI interface with a 32 bit File Allocation Table and Quick Format (which only rewrites the allocation table and doesn't reset all of the bytes on the drive) disabled. I can't speak to what anyone else may have done. BTW telnet still yields connection refused. Telnet and putty are generally simple executable
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