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  1. So true, I had high hopes initially for Amazon Music Unlimited HD because when you put so much work into building libraries and playlists you want to go with a service you think will be around in 20 years, which undeniably Amazon will be. But their failures so far (no exclusive mode, forced upsampling on external DACs, etc.) have made me abandon it. Now I just want Qobuz to last for 20 years, or more.
  2. @keeper I should also mention there are some things the U1 Mini has that the Node 2i doesn’t have that may matter depending on your setup: AES/EBU output via standard XLR connecter, S/PDIF coax via BNC, and USB out. The Node 2i as you know just has the Toslink and Coax S/PDIF digital outs. It’s rare to see a streamer or transport with so many output options at this price point. The OpenHome implementation in the LUMIN is on par with the BluOS functionality, but better than standard UPnP/DLNA support like I have in the Oppo 205.
  3. That is a difficult question to answer. Based on sound quality alone (feeding USB from the LUMIN U1 Mini, Toslink from the Node 2i , and S/PDIF coax from the Oppo 205, each to an RME ADI-2 DAC) there is really very little, to no difference between them all. But, I love the LUMIN U1 Mini and the app, and I find I use it the most to stream my music; it has been problem free since I got it too. I dislike the BluOS app (and reading their forums I was surprised that they don’t want to add the display of sampling rate and bit depth for some reason, which I really like to see) so I was using the mConnect HD Player app to stream through my Oppo 205. But that had compromises, mainly gapless playback and playlist stoppages if I sent the app on my iPad to the background. So, I went looking for a replacement streamer in my budget with software I liked, and I’m loving the U1 Mini. Blue Sound is a great company (and the Node 2i a great streamer), but they are really getting into a lot of products and concentrating on the whole multi-zone speaker/synced-playing/multi-room thing and thus the quality of the user interface for folks who just want a great audiophile-quality streamer is second to their emphasis on speakers & multi-room payback (trying to beat out Sonos I guess; good luck). So they are falling behind on support and I think they are stagnating at adding functionality to their existing product line. My research led me to choose LUMIN for my next upgrade: their awesome support, a great app, frequent updates to software and firmware, and great hardware design. Considering how long they have supported their earlier products, I can feel confident this U1 Mini will be updated long after I have upgraded to another device. And they offer multiple upgrade paths if I ever feel I need to go up a notch. But seriously, if you don’t dislike the BluOS app, don’t care if you have a display on the device (I like the blue display of the LUMIN), don’t like the idea of a physical power switch on the back, then you are probably fine with the Node 2i. Now, someone with a LUMIN U1 or a X1 that upgraded from a BluOS or NAD device may have more to say about bigger differences, but the U1 Mini was more of a nice side-grade rather than a definitive upgrade from the Node 2i for me. Cheers, Gus
  4. Thanks. Looks the same as the bottom of my U1 Mini.
  5. @The Computer Audiophile nice review. I was wondering if your X1 and the external power supply have markings for US standards compliance (e.g., UL, and FCC). I know the LUMIN products I have seen have “CE” labels on the bottom of the units, but that is a self-certifying standard. Pictures of the internal switching power supplies for the less expensive LUMIN products don’t have any certification/testing markings in the pictures I’ve seen either. Just curious because I have a LUMIN U1 Mini always plugged in and there are no US safety and compliance markings on the product. I’m assuming the importer/distributer could produce proof of compliance in order to resell in the US.
  6. Thanks to the Qobuz API team. I just saw that the 3rd party controller apps, mConnect Player (for iPhone) and mConnect Player HD (for iPad) were updated with sorting capability in Qobuz for favorites (i.e., by artist, by name, by date added). This is the first time I have seen this functionality in any 3rd-party app, so I’m assuming there is a new API out and mConnect beat everyone else to implementation (e.g., BluOS, LUMIN, Lightning DS, etc.). Nice one! Please keep improving the API with things you add to your native apps. Some of us need the 3rd party apps due to our hardware. Cheers, Gus
  7. I figured after 24hrs more burn-in time (4 days total running playlist in repeat) I should compare USB vs Coax again. The main reason I was curious is because I was noticing a glare from the U1mini-(coax)->DAC in the high-mids/low-highs that I don’t notice with two other streamers. So I plugged in USB and listened to the same songs that were displaying the brittleness, and the USB-delivered music was sublime. Example: one of the songs that was a problem was Durutti Column’s “Requiem for My Mother”; I usually love Vini Reilly’s guitar on that song, but over U1mini coax it had, to me, an unpleasant digital edge to the high notes. Switched to USB into the RME ADI-2 DAC and it was smooth, euphonic, and non-fatiguing; the way I was accustomed to hearing it. Using USB will allow me to dabble in DSD now too. I’m a very happy listener now with the LUMIN U1 Mini over USB. I’m definitely done doing A/B comparisons for a while 😉 Cheers, Gus
  8. I don’t see a way to edit an older post; after a certain period of time, the “Edit” link disappears. So...here’s an update: Since I mentioned above that I was connecting the U1 Mini to my DAC via USB, I wanted say that I’m back to S/PDIF Coax (I’d try AES/EBU if I could). After listening to more varied music last night, I again tried out the S/PDIF. I’ll spare everyone my attempt to describe the differences and just say that the S/PDIF through my RME ADI-2 DAC sounded better to me than USB. I’ve put away the flashlight and will not be making any more changes to my cables and/or connections 😉 Cheers, Gus
  9. Also, Peter, a +1 from me for a feature request to the LUMIN app: —please implement the capability to add a track while browsing TIDAL or Qobuz to one of the users TIDAL or Qobuz playlists (an option such as “Add to Playlist” in the press-and-hold popup, just above the “Add to Favorite” line, that would bring up a list of my playlists from that service. All the other software I’ve used to access TIDAL and Qobuz have a means to add a song to a playlist (usually a 3-dot menu button). Please consider it because I really like the LUMIN app and I could do most of my discovery in that app if I could add songs to my server-side playlists. Thanks. Cheers, Gus
  10. Yes to everything you asked: —Yes, I’m using paid versions of mConnect Player (on iPhone) and mConnect Player HD (on a 1st Gen iPad Pro 12.9”). These were the players that I mentioned that are implementing new Qobuz and TIDAL APIs (bringing Qobuz sorting in My Favorites, and to TIDAL, the algorithmically generated My Mix playlists). —Yes, mConnect has very good indications of MQA tracks in TIDAL, and Hi-Res tracks in Qobuz. It’s one of the main reasons I started to use it with my other UPnP/DLNA streamer. —Yes, if I select the U1 Mini in the “Play To” tab of paid mConnect Player, then play an MQA song, the LUMIN’s display at the bottom shows “MQA” and the fully decoded & rendered SR/bit values for “MQA Original”; if I hit pause, the line changes to “FLAC” and the compressed values sent by the server prior to decode/render (exact same behavior as I see on the LUMIN app; press play to unpause and the MQA indications return in both apps). Example: playing “One Track Mind” from Thirty Seconds to Mars shows “MQA 96 kHz 24 Bit” while playing and then “FLAC 48 kHz 24 Bit” when paused. Note: a couple of times the mConnect Player wouldn’t play to the LUMIN (even though it would connect to it via the “Play To” tab); force quitting mConnect then playing something momentarily via the LUMIN app, then going back to mConnect works every time.
  11. Yup. That was it. I turned on “Gapless to Renderer” and all is well. Thanks!
  12. I’ve been running the U1 Mini through its paces for a day and I’m very pleased with everything. After trying all the connection permutations I decided to turn off all the non-USB digital outputs of the U1 Mini and connected it to my RME ADI-2 DAC via USB. The Oppo 205 is now just used as a disc player and an occasional UPnP/DLNA renderer (don’t really need it for that now with the LUMIN pulling that duty though). @Cebolla mconnect does indeed work with the LUMIN. Functionality is identical to how it worked with the Oppo, with the same issues too: gapless didn’t work, and since it’s not OpenHome, the app needs to be running to keep the playlist going. I much prefer the OpenHome capable LUMIN app anyway, which had no problems with either gapless or stopping playback if the iPad was shut off. Now that I’m done playing the same tried-and-true songs over and over to determine the best connection, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the music. I love these streaming services and the quality players. Enough music to last a lifetime for a small fee.
  13. Thanks Peter, that works, but it is not the best way to just add one new song to an existing playlist in TIDAL or Qobuz. No worries, I have other apps to do discovery and playlist creation (not to mention the native TIDAL and Qobuz apps) so not a big deal. I’m a new U1 Mini user and I love the LUMIN app (and the U1 Mini). Cheers, Gus
  14. Am I missing something? In the LUMIN app, when browsing TIDAL and Qobuz, I see how you can add a track to Favorites, but I don’t see a way to add a track to one of my TIDAL or Qobuz playlists. The LUMIN app has powerful **local** playlist-making functionality, but I don’t see how I can add anything to my TIDAL and Qobuz playlists. Is there a way to do something like “Add to Playlist” and then select the TIDAL or Qobuz playlist to add the track to? Cheers, Gus
  15. Oh I definitely will. The LUMIN app is one of the reasons I chose a LUMIN streamer over others. Looking forward to it.
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