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  1. The Lumin U1 Mini works perfectly fine with mconnect player on iOS. I prefer the Lumin app, but I sometimes use mconnect as a standard UPnP controller for playing TIDAL “My Mix” playlists since mconnect shows those playlists via their API implementation (and the LUMIN app does not yet). When using standard UPnP (i.e., without the Open Home extensions) the songs played do not stay in the play queue. The currently streaming song from the controller is shown as the last song in the play queue of the LUMIN app. Edit: and the display of the U1 Mini also correctly shows the currently st
  2. You are of course correct sir: choice is preferred; and part of the hobby for me is trying out all the permutations looking for the *best* sound. I have to stop myself sometimes and quit A/B’ing all the choices though, and just enjoy the music. As for the Leedh implementation on my Lumin U1 Mini connected to my preamp via USB: it is slightly audibly better sounding to my ears when using Leedh processing and setting the DAC/pre-amp to a unity gain setting, versus turning volume control off on the U1m and using the digital volume control of the DAC/pre-amp. However, until Lumin imple
  3. Why is there even an option to turn on or off “Leedh Processing Volume” in the settings if it is so much more superior to the old processing? Why not just market the new firmware as “now implementing the far superior Leedh processing for digital volume control” and just keep the “Volume Control” On/Off setting? Did we need another thing to decide to turn on or off? The only valid reason to keep the old digital volume control as an option is if there is some situation where it is better than Leedh processing. Is there such a situation where I should select the non-Leedh processing if I have tur
  4. Hi, I didn’t want to pollute the “Qobuz Issues” thread so I thought this was a good place to post this: While manually copying some of my favorites over to Qobuz from TIDAL I’m noticing that a lot of recent pop albums that are listed as MQA in TIDAL and are 24/44.1 before decoded/unfolded can be found as Hi-Res in Qobuz but at the same 24/44.1 bit/sr values. Is this like the thing we saw with 2L: the studios are sending Qobuz the same MQA version of these albums they send to TIDAL, and Qobuz is listing them as Hi-Res? If so, the MQA crap is encoded in these tracks, so
  5. Feature request for iOS app: Please add to the context menu (three-dot menu) for a track in a playlist “Add to Playlists” without having to play the song. Obviously there are other ways to add a track to a playlist. If I play the song from a playlist and go to the song-now-playing screen, and select the three-dot menu, there is an option “Add to Playlists”. If I go to my favorite tracks and select the context menu I can add the song to a playlist. I would like to add a song from one playlist to another playlist without having to play it first or having to go to the favorite t
  6. Another great review Chris! Thanks for bringing reading enjoyment again. You and your collection of reviewers with their quality prose is why I read AS (still liked the CA name better though) every day. I have had a Node 2i for over a year. I thought I would “upgrade” it with a Lumin U1 Mini. As much as I love the U1 Mini, I can’t part with the Node 2i. So I keep them both, side by side, and enjoy those streaming services on the Node 2i that the Lumin app doesn’t support (yes, I’m one of those Radio Paradise aficionados you mentioned). The BluOS apps are good but I like other contr
  7. I haven’t seen any post on Soundiiz in a long time. Chris’s “Definitive Guide” article hasn’t seen any traffic in almost a year. So I wanted to ask some questions since I haven’t tried Soundiiz yet but I’m ready to jump on board if enough folks say they had good results. So, here goes: 1. Who here used Soundiiz to move playlists from one service to another? Which services? Was it a good experience? 2. Who is still using the Sync feature to keep favorites/albums/playlists synced between two or more services? Which ones? Does that work well? For context, I have been
  8. The first Rush concert I ever went to was Rush’s “Signals” tour (April 1st, 1983, CT). I was too young to go to the “Moving Pictures” concert since the closest venue was 2 hours away and I didn’t have my license yet. I will always remember seeing Rush live over the years, primarily because of Neil Peart. The greatest drum soloist of all time. Thanks for making those nights magical Neil. Rest in Peace.
  9. FWIW, I have a U1 Mini and feed an RME ADI-2 DAC via USB. I have never had the Lumin/RME combo clip the beginning of a track, regardless of sample rate changes. I rarely play an entire album, so my play queue is almost always a mix of Redbook, 24/44.2, 24/48, .., up to 24/192 (Qobuz and TIDAL, no NAS/local files). Far from scientific, and not using a stop watch, I set up a playlist with all the sample rates and mixed and matched them (sometime playing a couple of the same SR in a row). I estimate sample rate changes experience a 3-4 second delay; no delay between songs with the s
  10. My experience with DLNA/UPnP if interested: —turning on the DLNA/UPnP beta in the Qobuz app (MacOS) does not work in my setup: the app sees my Oppo 205 and a Lumin U1 Mini (they are listed in the audio device list) and I can select each one (getting the check mark), but after selecting a song to play, the song never plays —mConnect app sees my Oppo 205 and Lumin U1 Mini and performs DLNA/UPnP controller duties without issues as long as I keep the iOS app in the foreground and don’t do any app switching/multi-tasking (this is when streaming Qobuz and TIDAL); no dropouts,
  11. Does the setting in the Lumin app for “Search Mode” (Filter, Find) have any impact on searching in Qobuz or TIDAL; or, is this just for local music?
  12. My memory isn’t what it used to be, so when I’m adding a song to a playlist that is already there it would be great if the app would alert me to the fact that this would be a duplicate and allow me the option of adding it again or cancelling. In the TIDAL app, if I try to add a duplicate a popup says, “Duplicate. This track already in your playlist” with buttons for the options: “Add Anyway” or “Cancel”. ——————— Qobuz Feature Request: please add a server-side duplicate checker when adding a track to a playlist. Or, provide a way to filter on duplicates in a p
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