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  1. Hi, I didn’t want to pollute the “Qobuz Issues” thread so I thought this was a good place to post this: While manually copying some of my favorites over to Qobuz from TIDAL I’m noticing that a lot of recent pop albums that are listed as MQA in TIDAL and are 24/44.1 before decoded/unfolded can be found as Hi-Res in Qobuz but at the same 24/44.1 bit/sr values. Is this like the thing we saw with 2L: the studios are sending Qobuz the same MQA version of these albums they send to TIDAL, and Qobuz is listing them as Hi-Res? If so, the MQA crap is encoded in these tracks, so would the Redbook versions be better?
  2. Feature request for iOS app: Please add to the context menu (three-dot menu) for a track in a playlist “Add to Playlists” without having to play the song. Obviously there are other ways to add a track to a playlist. If I play the song from a playlist and go to the song-now-playing screen, and select the three-dot menu, there is an option “Add to Playlists”. If I go to my favorite tracks and select the context menu I can add the song to a playlist. I would like to add a song from one playlist to another playlist without having to play it first or having to go to the favorite track list. The API allows this: in BluOS I can add a song from a playlist to another playlist, so it seems odd that the native app does not allow this. Thanks for considering. Best regards, Gus
  3. Another great review Chris! Thanks for bringing reading enjoyment again. You and your collection of reviewers with their quality prose is why I read AS (still liked the CA name better though) every day. I have had a Node 2i for over a year. I thought I would “upgrade” it with a Lumin U1 Mini. As much as I love the U1 Mini, I can’t part with the Node 2i. So I keep them both, side by side, and enjoy those streaming services on the Node 2i that the Lumin app doesn’t support (yes, I’m one of those Radio Paradise aficionados you mentioned). The BluOS apps are good but I like other controller software better. As an audiophile-marketed brand, I wish they would display the bit depth and sample rate of the songs being streamed, not just some dumbed-down icons of “CD”, “HR” or the stylized squiggly “M” for you know what. In their app, I wished they had album art for each song in the Play Queue like the Lumin app. Aside from those minor pet peeves, the sound quality out of the Node 2i coax into my external DAC is as good as the Lumin U1 Mini USB in blind test (I can’t test AES/EBU with my DAC, but that may be better). So, well-done Bluesound! The value for the money in their products is without compare, and with the recent Sonos announcements, I hope they thrive.
  4. I haven’t seen any post on Soundiiz in a long time. Chris’s “Definitive Guide” article hasn’t seen any traffic in almost a year. So I wanted to ask some questions since I haven’t tried Soundiiz yet but I’m ready to jump on board if enough folks say they had good results. So, here goes: 1. Who here used Soundiiz to move playlists from one service to another? Which services? Was it a good experience? 2. Who is still using the Sync feature to keep favorites/albums/playlists synced between two or more services? Which ones? Does that work well? For context, I have been a TIDAL subscriber for a year and a half. I have been a Qobuz subscriber since the Beta offer was extended to me (about a year ago). I am also an Apple Music subscriber and have a substantial iTunes library (started with the first iPod). I have been manually transferring favorites off-and-on between services (when not just enjoying the music) for over a year; getting reacquainted with all this music from my library has been great, but far from efficient when it comes to the goal of duplicating most of my library on all these services. Why I keep all 3 services is besides the point, but I do have reasons (and no, I don’t like MQA, but I really like the My Mix playlists). I’m ready to give up this manual syncing and try Soundiiz if there are enough endorsements. I know I could just try the Premium for a month and cancel, but I didn’t want to give out my login credentials for all my services to a company I barely know anything about (not much about the company online) unless I’m going to use them long term. Appreciate any and all comments. Thanks! Gus
  5. The first Rush concert I ever went to was Rush’s “Signals” tour (April 1st, 1983, CT). I was too young to go to the “Moving Pictures” concert since the closest venue was 2 hours away and I didn’t have my license yet. I will always remember seeing Rush live over the years, primarily because of Neil Peart. The greatest drum soloist of all time. Thanks for making those nights magical Neil. Rest in Peace.
  6. FWIW, I have a U1 Mini and feed an RME ADI-2 DAC via USB. I have never had the Lumin/RME combo clip the beginning of a track, regardless of sample rate changes. I rarely play an entire album, so my play queue is almost always a mix of Redbook, 24/44.2, 24/48, .., up to 24/192 (Qobuz and TIDAL, no NAS/local files). Far from scientific, and not using a stop watch, I set up a playlist with all the sample rates and mixed and matched them (sometime playing a couple of the same SR in a row). I estimate sample rate changes experience a 3-4 second delay; no delay between songs with the same sample rate, even when going from 16- to 24-bit songs. Cheers, Gus
  7. My experience with DLNA/UPnP if interested: —turning on the DLNA/UPnP beta in the Qobuz app (MacOS) does not work in my setup: the app sees my Oppo 205 and a Lumin U1 Mini (they are listed in the audio device list) and I can select each one (getting the check mark), but after selecting a song to play, the song never plays —mConnect app sees my Oppo 205 and Lumin U1 Mini and performs DLNA/UPnP controller duties without issues as long as I keep the iOS app in the foreground and don’t do any app switching/multi-tasking (this is when streaming Qobuz and TIDAL); no dropouts, no glitches (tested up to 24/192 on Qobuz) I really wish whatever mConnect is doing correctly could be implemented in the Qobuz iOS app directly 😉. As a minimum, hopefully the API team keeps adding functionality for third-party UPnP controllers like mConnect so that the experience is just as fun as using the native app.
  8. Does the setting in the Lumin app for “Search Mode” (Filter, Find) have any impact on searching in Qobuz or TIDAL; or, is this just for local music?
  9. My memory isn’t what it used to be, so when I’m adding a song to a playlist that is already there it would be great if the app would alert me to the fact that this would be a duplicate and allow me the option of adding it again or cancelling. In the TIDAL app, if I try to add a duplicate a popup says, “Duplicate. This track already in your playlist” with buttons for the options: “Add Anyway” or “Cancel”. ——————— Qobuz Feature Request: please add a server-side duplicate checker when adding a track to a playlist. Or, provide a way to filter on duplicates in a playlist so that I could delete them later if I wanted. I think Roon has a duplicate filter, but I’m not a Roon user. Cheers, Gus
  10. So true, I had high hopes initially for Amazon Music Unlimited HD because when you put so much work into building libraries and playlists you want to go with a service you think will be around in 20 years, which undeniably Amazon will be. But their failures so far (no exclusive mode, forced upsampling on external DACs, etc.) have made me abandon it. Now I just want Qobuz to last for 20 years, or more.
  11. @keeper I should also mention there are some things the U1 Mini has that the Node 2i doesn’t have that may matter depending on your setup: AES/EBU output via standard XLR connecter, S/PDIF coax via BNC, and USB out. The Node 2i as you know just has the Toslink and Coax S/PDIF digital outs. It’s rare to see a streamer or transport with so many output options at this price point. The OpenHome implementation in the LUMIN is on par with the BluOS functionality, but better than standard UPnP/DLNA support like I have in the Oppo 205.
  12. That is a difficult question to answer. Based on sound quality alone (feeding USB from the LUMIN U1 Mini, Toslink from the Node 2i , and S/PDIF coax from the Oppo 205, each to an RME ADI-2 DAC) there is really very little, to no difference between them all. But, I love the LUMIN U1 Mini and the app, and I find I use it the most to stream my music; it has been problem free since I got it too. I dislike the BluOS app (and reading their forums I was surprised that they don’t want to add the display of sampling rate and bit depth for some reason, which I really like to see) so I was using the mConnect HD Player app to stream through my Oppo 205. But that had compromises, mainly gapless playback and playlist stoppages if I sent the app on my iPad to the background. So, I went looking for a replacement streamer in my budget with software I liked, and I’m loving the U1 Mini. Blue Sound is a great company (and the Node 2i a great streamer), but they are really getting into a lot of products and concentrating on the whole multi-zone speaker/synced-playing/multi-room thing and thus the quality of the user interface for folks who just want a great audiophile-quality streamer is second to their emphasis on speakers & multi-room payback (trying to beat out Sonos I guess; good luck). So they are falling behind on support and I think they are stagnating at adding functionality to their existing product line. My research led me to choose LUMIN for my next upgrade: their awesome support, a great app, frequent updates to software and firmware, and great hardware design. Considering how long they have supported their earlier products, I can feel confident this U1 Mini will be updated long after I have upgraded to another device. And they offer multiple upgrade paths if I ever feel I need to go up a notch. But seriously, if you don’t dislike the BluOS app, don’t care if you have a display on the device (I like the blue display of the LUMIN), don’t like the idea of a physical power switch on the back, then you are probably fine with the Node 2i. Now, someone with a LUMIN U1 or a X1 that upgraded from a BluOS or NAD device may have more to say about bigger differences, but the U1 Mini was more of a nice side-grade rather than a definitive upgrade from the Node 2i for me. Cheers, Gus
  13. Thanks. Looks the same as the bottom of my U1 Mini.
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