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  1. Hi Miska, could you elaborate on what you mean by a 'sharp filter setting in the DAC' please? On my Topping D50 DACs I have seven filters that could use (after the Tidal app does the first unfold and sends a 88.2/96kHz bitstream to the SAC): 1. Apodising fast roll-off filter 2. Minimum phase slow roll-off filter 3. Minimum phase fast roll-off filter 4. Linear phase slow roll-off filter 5. Linear phase fast roll-off filter 6. Brick wall filter 7. Corrected minimum phase fast roll-off filter Which of those would be classed as 'sharp'? Apologies for the off-topic question, but I guess the S2D would also have a similar filters list. I've been listening with filter 5 for months but have recently started using filter 7 which does sounds rather beautiful.
  2. Does it play each track for a few seconds? If so, it may be due to an album that is not permitted to be streamed but can only be purchased outright.
  3. @Miska Okay, I think I understand what you mean now! Thank you. So I'm better off using the 24/96 sent to my external DAC which, as you say, has better filters.
  4. Hi Miska, I'm not sure how this could work. All of the MQA DACs that I have provide a fully decoded and converted MQA audio signal on their respective analogue outputs. For example, take my Node 2i streamer. It has an onboard MQA DAC. If I use its RCA jacks (analogue output) then I get analogue audio output that is the result of a full MQA decoding from the streamer. However, the signal presented on its coax digital out is only the first unfold - and this is what I'm using as the input to my non-MQA Topping D50. So it looks like I cannot present an MQA decoded digital signal on the digital out of the player to feed into another DAC. Perhaps I have misunderstood something - if I could get a full MQA decoded 24/192 PCM stream out of my Node 2i and into the Topping D50 then I'd be a very happy man! Currently I can only get up to 24/96 (which isn't bad by the way, it sounds fantastic, but isn't the full deal).
  5. I was going to buy the S2D for my headphones system but it won't do MQA via its coax input. If you'll be using a USB source (like a computer) then it should work fine. I haven't been able to find a comparison of the S2D vs the Topping D50. For now, the Topping D50 is good enough for me. I do have an iFi Nano iDSD BL DAC that does MQA, which is fine, but the analogue section isn't anywhere near as good as the Topping D50. The same goes for my Node 2i streamer - it's onboard DAC is fully MQA compatible but the analogue stage is inferior to the D50's. Thus, whilst you can gain MQA decoding with many DACs, if the analogue conversion isn't great then you may as well listen via a decent non-MQA DAC as it'll sound better.
  6. I have to agree that if your new DAC requires a driver to work with macOS then there’s an issue with the DAC. I’ve gone through five different DACs over the last five months and none of them required a driver with my iMac.
  7. I've had zero issues 'recognition' issues with five different DACs on my 2017 iMac. I have had issues with EMI on some DACs, which I consequently returned. Were you using the USB-A or USB-C ports to connect your DAC?
  8. @crenca It may be the case. What I couldn't configure in Qobuz was direct access and 'force device volume' mode. Here's the Tidal settings that I'm referring to:
  9. My D50 external DAC shows 96kHz when I play an MQA track via the Node 2i - suggesting that the Tidal app within the Node 2i is doing the first unfold (as is normal) and sending the resulting bitstream to to my D50 via the coax output. There is a setting for the Node 2i to specify an external MQA DAC. I would imagine if I set that then the Node 2i shouldn't decode anything and send everything out of its output ports (USB, coax and optical). I'd love to try this out but the price point of the S2D is a bit above my 'disposable' budget where I'd be happy to take a hit if it doesn't work out.
  10. In the version of the Qobuz desktop app that I tested in January of this year, the Qobuz desktop app was using macOS CoreAudio mixer (abstraction audio layer), whereas the Tidal app has direct access to the DAC in exclusive mode / force (device) volume, so it should always sound better when comparing identically encoded songs. I did play back Qobuz and Tidal through Amarra Luxe running on macOS and I couldn't tell if one sounded better than the other.
  11. Yes it can but I don't like the analogue audio it produces. I did try again to listen to it a few days ago but connected my Topping D50 back in, as there's a significant improvement in the audio. Hence, I'm currently using the coax digital out on the Node 2i as the input to the D50. The S2D would work with my desktop system via USB with no issues, but I really wanted to try it with my bedside headphones system that uses the Node 2i as a Tidal transport due to the higher quality sound (mainly due to the Amiron Home headphones.
  12. Okay, thanks. I was toying with the idea of buying one to try out with my Bluesound Node 2i streamer which only has coax digital out.
  13. Perhaps MQA is a good thing after all - reducing the storage requirements and network bandwidth consumption of downloads for streamed Hi-Res music. Furthermore, the offline playback capability in streaming services like Tidal mitigates this perceived risk to an extent anyway. On a more serious note, carbon-neutral data centres (UK spelling) are a thing and new ones strive to be as carbon neutral as possible. Fully carbon-neutral data centres already exist.
  14. Question for someone who owns the Pre Box S2D: will it do MQA through the coax input? I know it will do MQA hardware decoding via the USB (computer) input.
  15. The TeraDak one should be fine - it uses a different transformer depending on your country's mains voltage. I just don't like the way it's put together internally, but that's probably just a cosmetic thing. The Talema one looks good (your 'wisest choice'). It's also usefully has two 5V outputs so makes connectivity a little easier. The Nobsound one is essentially a bench power supply with variable voltage. Might be useful if you want to power DACs with a different inout voltage in the future, but I'd be petrified of accidentally turning the voltage knob and blowing the DAC!
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