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  1. I currently use a HP i7 lap top, but I am thinking of building a PC which is more 'audiophile friendly'. I would be grateful if you could let me know a few more details about your PC. I intend to use it with an iUSB 3 (currently waiting for iFi to resolve the PMC/DSD usb output issue) and an iGalvanic. Is there any way I can make the PC more compatible with the IFi USB/Galvanic pair?
  2. I took your advice and bought the iUSB3.0 with the intention of adding the iGalvanic3.0 this month. I was very pleased with the iUSB. I follow Hans B's blog on U Tube and he was very supportive of the iUSB - not quite as good as the SoTM, but a lot cheaper. It was his report that convinced me to buy. I have looked at a lot of more expensive streamers, but I do not want to be locked into their bespoke solution - I, like many on this forum I suspect, prefer the freedom of my computer - but I want to get the best from it. So improving the quality of feed to my DAC is very import
  3. Thanks for the super quick reply. This all sounds a lot more complicated that I thought! However, I will have a go, I suppose the first thing is to find out what the firm ware release is for my player - it was serviced before I bought it so I bet the firmware was updated! Hope I do not have to try and downgrade it! Unlike the Pioneer it does not seem to be wi fi enabled but I think I can get a 'dongle' to give it a wi fi capability - otherwise I could use a wired connection - I don't suppose that will matter to the ripping process? I look forward to you putting it d
  4. I have ripped most of my SACDs using a borrowed Pioneer BDP - 170, and the set of instructions by HiRezGuy at https://www.dropbox.com/s/13mq5pihw0enoqy/SACD Image Creation Process for Pioneer BDP-80FD.txt?dl=0 I have now bought a Sony BDP490 and I am told above (thanks) that the thumb drive I created for the Pioneer will work fine with the Sony. However, I have not managed to start ripping yet. The set up menus for the Sony are different (as you would expect) and so I cannot do things like setting the permanent IP address or disable auto play etc. I think
  5. I have successfully ripped most of my SACDs using a Pioneer BDP 170. I am hoping to get a Sony BDP 490 which is also 'on the list'. Will the thumb drive that I made for the Pioneer work with the Sony? If not where can I get info on how to set up a similar thumb drive for the Sony please?
  6. Rando, Sound advice - thank you Mitch
  7. I thought HDPlayer was for video - it obviously does audio as well, and supports upsampling? Mitch
  8. I'm with you. I think I know as much about the quality of a recording as anyone - that is why for years I have been collecting, and spending a small fortune, on specific Decca, Columbia and EMI recordings, and latterly good quality SACDs. That is why I rarely ever play 16/44.1 and never mp3. However, whether I am in the 'wrong place': I think maybe not. Where else would an analog dinosaur like me get the chance to pick the brains of some of the best informed computer audiophiles on the planet on a genuine computer audio question? Many of the posts on this thread have been very h
  9. As I explained earlier, it was the iFi Technote that aroused my interest - generally I believe in the maxim that you cannot get something for nothing, and I certainly did not expect to be able to recover what was forever lost in the compression - but if, like a filter, the conversion made a difference of any sort, would the resultant sound be more pleasing to me - maybe enough to go back and listen to some of the mp3 files or 16/44.1 files I have and never open? It would be very interesting if we could persuade the iFi guys to put their view - does anyone know them? I have read th
  10. It says this: 'Windows defender smart screen prevented an unrecognised app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk' I know one can never be totally sure. Mitch Win Window
  11. Windows defender does not want me to run the app https://audiodigitale.eu/repo/sox/sox-dsd-mansr-git-x86_64-w64-mingw32.exe (which I think is the right one for my 64 bit lap top) Do you think it will be ok to run it anyway? Mtich
  12. Thanks guys - I will try the search. A very helpful member on Hydrogen Audio suggested that the new SoX on source forge does PMC - DSD so will try that too. I am also told that the Foobar dsd plug in will do 'on the fly' conversion - but not sure how. I had rather wanted to do it off-line and convert PMC files to DSD files. It is interesting that no one on this forum, or Hydrogen Audio has actually said - 'yes, I have tried this and it does not work'. What if (only a 'what it' you understand) that because of the way DSD is processed the conversion, although it dosn't produce a
  13. I wish to do off-line conversion of Mp3 files to DSD (or for that matter any PMC file to DSD). Is there a freeware converter out there please. I think it is possible using the Foobar dsd plug-in, but I think this only runs in J Rivers and may need an iFi DAC, neither of which I have. There also may be a couple of professional audio software suites that could do the conversion but they are very expensive. Ideally I would like to do it in Foobar. Grateful for any advice. thanks Mitch
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