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  1. Thanks for the super quick reply. This all sounds a lot more complicated that I thought! However, I will have a go, I suppose the first thing is to find out what the firm ware release is for my player - it was serviced before I bought it so I bet the firmware was updated! Hope I do not have to try and downgrade it! Unlike the Pioneer it does not seem to be wi fi enabled but I think I can get a 'dongle' to give it a wi fi capability - otherwise I could use a wired connection - I don't suppose that will matter to the ripping process? I look forward to you putting it down on 'paper' as I am sure a number of others are as well. Many thanks Mitch
  2. I have ripped most of my SACDs using a borrowed Pioneer BDP - 170, and the set of instructions by HiRezGuy at https://www.dropbox.com/s/13mq5pihw0enoqy/SACD Image Creation Process for Pioneer BDP-80FD.txt?dl=0 I have now bought a Sony BDP490 and I am told above (thanks) that the thumb drive I created for the Pioneer will work fine with the Sony. However, I have not managed to start ripping yet. The set up menus for the Sony are different (as you would expect) and so I cannot do things like setting the permanent IP address or disable auto play etc. I think the set up for the Sony590 should be very similar to the 490, and so I would be very grateful if you could give me some help on setting the 490 up - how did you do it for the 590? Thanks Mitch
  3. I have successfully ripped most of my SACDs using a Pioneer BDP 170. I am hoping to get a Sony BDP 490 which is also 'on the list'. Will the thumb drive that I made for the Pioneer work with the Sony? If not where can I get info on how to set up a similar thumb drive for the Sony please?
  4. Rando, Sound advice - thank you Mitch
  5. I thought HDPlayer was for video - it obviously does audio as well, and supports upsampling? Mitch
  6. I'm with you. I think I know as much about the quality of a recording as anyone - that is why for years I have been collecting, and spending a small fortune, on specific Decca, Columbia and EMI recordings, and latterly good quality SACDs. That is why I rarely ever play 16/44.1 and never mp3. However, whether I am in the 'wrong place': I think maybe not. Where else would an analog dinosaur like me get the chance to pick the brains of some of the best informed computer audiophiles on the planet on a genuine computer audio question? Many of the posts on this thread have been very helpful and interesting. I think CA is great. But here's a question on performance and recording quality - would you sooner listen to a great performace/recording, even though it was subsequently compressed, as opposed to a mediocre HD recording? This goes back to the old vinyl chestnut - are we listening to the sound or the music? Mitch
  7. As I explained earlier, it was the iFi Technote that aroused my interest - generally I believe in the maxim that you cannot get something for nothing, and I certainly did not expect to be able to recover what was forever lost in the compression - but if, like a filter, the conversion made a difference of any sort, would the resultant sound be more pleasing to me - maybe enough to go back and listen to some of the mp3 files or 16/44.1 files I have and never open? It would be very interesting if we could persuade the iFi guys to put their view - does anyone know them? I have read the recent posts from marioed, yamamoto2002, pkane2001 and rando with great interest - thanks. I am grateful to manser for his patience - I was not expecting Sox to have no user interface! I am now embarking on a 'teach yourself' command line, as I have not used it before (that should keep me out of the way over Christmas). The 41 pages of instructions that come with SoX are currently well beyond me! Am I right in thinking though that manser's dsd .exe is like a plug-in for Sox or is it independent? Mitch
  8. It says this: 'Windows defender smart screen prevented an unrecognised app from starting. Running this app might put your PC at risk' I know one can never be totally sure. Mitch Win Window
  9. Windows defender does not want me to run the app https://audiodigitale.eu/repo/sox/sox-dsd-mansr-git-x86_64-w64-mingw32.exe (which I think is the right one for my 64 bit lap top) Do you think it will be ok to run it anyway? Mtich
  10. Thanks guys - I will try the search. A very helpful member on Hydrogen Audio suggested that the new SoX on source forge does PMC - DSD so will try that too. I am also told that the Foobar dsd plug in will do 'on the fly' conversion - but not sure how. I had rather wanted to do it off-line and convert PMC files to DSD files. It is interesting that no one on this forum, or Hydrogen Audio has actually said - 'yes, I have tried this and it does not work'. What if (only a 'what it' you understand) that because of the way DSD is processed the conversion, although it dosn't produce a better sound, might produce a different sound (like some kind of filter) - a sound that some people might find more pleasing? If that were so, would it not be worth trying to find out? (Way out of my depth here, but for example, what if the way the noise floor is handled in DSD makes a small difference?). The only people who seem to have actually tried it are the iFi team who have done blind listening tests and say that there is a difference: https://ifi-audio.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/JRMC-MP3-to-DSD512.pdf Mitch
  11. I wish to do off-line conversion of Mp3 files to DSD (or for that matter any PMC file to DSD). Is there a freeware converter out there please. I think it is possible using the Foobar dsd plug-in, but I think this only runs in J Rivers and may need an iFi DAC, neither of which I have. There also may be a couple of professional audio software suites that could do the conversion but they are very expensive. Ideally I would like to do it in Foobar. Grateful for any advice. thanks Mitch
  12. Thanks for all the help. Have now ripped most of my SACDs successfully with my Pioneer BDP170. Is there a list of the all the players that can be used for the ripping process anywhere please? Thanks Mitch
  13. I have just ripped my first 3 SACDs as I am moving my whole CD/SACD collection on to my computer. I am not a great 'computer whizz' so I am absolutely delighted. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this forum and in particular Ted-b and HiRezGuy and those behind the scenes who made this possible. Just got to figure out now how to get Foobar to play them! Thanks Mitch
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