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  1. Have you tried a properly conducted blind comparison test? Because when I do it sighted, the Qobuz stream always sounds better. ;-)
  2. @The Computer AudiophileYou busted us...that's what we call the "Solomon-Gates Line" -- it is how we inject sentiment against our competitors into Qobuz listeners unbeknownst to them. Bet you didn't know mRNA can be transmitted by digital audio? Actually that's super strange. If anybody else can replicate and offer any insight, that would be great. I was in the studio when this was recorded, there was some light mixing and mastering done, but it was all in 24/192.
  3. @The Computer Audiophile, would you be happy to learn that they are working on integrating hi-res Qobuz streaming into their IOS app?
  4. Yes it was recorded here: https://powerstation.nyc/new-index Classic Neve board. We had say in the recording process, but what do you mean? We're not record producers. We had them record in 24/192. Engineered by the esteemed Todd Whitelock. https://www.allmusic.com/artist/todd-whitelock-mn0000616709
  5. @Stereono point in requesting the same titles more than once. If you do, the submissions are not recorded. Your particular requests are easy to explain. Just because things are listed as being on the same label doesn't mean they have the same distributor. We don't generally license small labels directly, we get them through aggregators and distributors. The stuff you are looking for is distributed by Tunecore, I am pretty sure I checked on this myself. We have been working with Tunecore toward integration for two years. It takes that long. I don't know why. Mostly issues on their side. Distrok
  6. Do you mean RCA out into Sonos Amp? Not sure what you mean by phono out. Anyhow, it sounds like you are already analog by that stage.
  7. I don't think Roon is supporting Qobuz 24-bit on Sonos yet. From the Qobuz app you'd need to do AirPlay to a Sonos speaker at this point so 24-bit is moot. The Sonos integration so far is just a first step.
  8. All the current Sonos hardware maxes out at 24/48. Them's the breaks.
  9. Hi, I read it all, the problem is on our radar and improving user library management is a big deal that we are working on. But if what you were wanting was an easy fix it would have been done already. Any issue you can think of, we know about. We are doubling the number of engineers on our team. It will still take longer than you want it to.
  10. I am not saying streaming was good for the economics of being a musical artist, but your comparison is not really the right one to make. If you sold 100k cds back in the CD era, you were most likely on a major label, with a low royalty rate, and chances are you never got a penny over your recoupable advance (out of which all your recording costs etc were already deducted). Almost anybody can get a million streams today if you are making a certain kind of music and little bit lucky, with no label involvement. I'd posit an artist can end up with more in their pocket in this scenario.
  11. Hi - where did this come from? "A million streams is the equivalent of about 100K in CD or LP sales" For USA chart purposes, 1250 streams counts as an album: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Album-equivalent_unit So a million streams is more like 800 albums, that's about only about 8K gross.
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