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  1. Hi @jcn3 on those 2 particular albums, along with a bunch of others from BIS and other key classical labels, there is a bug which is preventing them from streaming. We are aware, have been working on it, and will have it fixed before the end of the year.
  2. Working on it @bobbmd! Hope to have in the 1st half of 2021.
  3. Hi all -- anything exclusive to Amazon is only temporary, Qobuz will have all the available 24-bit remasters from Warner and Universal after a short window. Not exactly sure how short. I am pushing the labels to give the good people of Qobuz something exclusive. Amazon is in a totally different game than us.
  4. Hello gents. Cuneiform is one of the GREAT independent labels and I've worked with and known Steve the owner for many years. He does not allow his catalog to be streamed. Period, end. I gave up trying to convince him. One weird thing about Qobuz -- although we are working on it -- is that if we sell music in the download store, it appears in the streaming service, regardless of whether we are permitted to stream it. When we don't have the streaming rights, you see greyed out tracks that only play 30 second MP3 samples. You can stream Cuneiform titles on Qobuz that you
  5. That is a strange one. Label deliveries and the Qobuz system sometimes don't get on that well. I will look into this.
  6. We know about this, some weird shit with Google but hopefully resolved soon.
  7. @JACKUIOWA Let HEOS know you want Qobuz support. The ball is in their court right now!
  8. Great album, the reason we don't have it in 192k is due to a problem with our infrastructure that we working to fix. It affects 192k from this label.
  9. Some days it's less than 10,000. Some days it's more. We are signing new suppliers all the time. Sounds like some metadata or ingestion issues on those releases, I will take a look. True North has all that Cockburn and they are on the list of suppliers we are wanting to sign. It's not like the music is sitting there waiting for us to realize we don't have it and then boom we can push a button. The contract negotiations can take months. Where bigger companies have large licensing teams that do nothing but negotiate and manage these deals, Qobuz does not.
  10. Hi regarding UPNP/DLNA it is in the backlog. We'd like to get it working but as Chris notes it is not trivial to develop and maintain wide support for these decidedly non-standard standards. My hope is we start work on it in the next year.
  11. We had to disable Paypal for new subscriptions and download store. Their business terms were not sustainable for us, unfortunately. Credit and debit cards are accepted directly still.
  12. Jacco it's a known issue, it's on Yamaha's side, and they are working on fixing it. We don't have an ETA yet.
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