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  1. API partners should reach out to [email protected] and [email protected] -- we will deal with legit folks no problem.
  2. Hey guys, we had to remove open source access to our API and the github documentation due to the actions of dishonest individuals who were using this access to rip streams which is strictly prohibited by our agreements with the labels and rightholders. Blame the bad actors. We are doing what we can to rectify, but the open API documentation caused the issue without question.
  3. @#Yoda# We do have a department. They spot check. And check issues reported by users. Can you guess how many albums we receive from labels each week?
  4. Bulk favorite deletion can be done on the website: for https://www.qobuz.com/account/favorites/artists
  5. @mourip It is because CarPlay is still in beta. Access to streaming music will be added in an upcoming update.
  6. Hi everyone Couple notes on recent subjects. Qobuz Connect is not a protocol, right now it's an area of the app that houses Airplay, Chromecast etc. As you know our UPNP/DLNA support is spotty at best. Unfortunately, due to limited engineering resources it's not likely to improve massively any time soon. Some hardware works, some doesn't. There are workarounds for just about every kind of system, it's not perfect, but you know what they say: Pobody's nerfect. Yamaha MusicCast has been supported for a long time in Europe, we are told good things about a firmware update that will add Qobuz in the USA too. Things like this are not something we control, as much as we would love to run the world. Thanks for all the interest and enthusiasm for the service. Everyone's comments are being noted, the product roadmap is full, and you will start seeing more improvements presently.
  7. Service is experiencing outages across the board due to DDOS attack overnight. Not good at all - but it’s being restored ASAP.
  8. @Gus141If it's blue that means it is cached on your device.
  9. Hey guys David Solomon and I are reading this stuff while we have a celebratory beer after another 16 hour day. I wanted to have Metal as a genre for US launch, of course! But we are a tiny team and do not have the resources to properly curate a metal section. Remember with Qobuz it is about the original content etc so its a big job. However - it is probably the next to be added!
  10. This one https://open.qobuz.com/album/t9mvjgf9pgicb is not actually out til next week but we have it. We have full licensing with DG so if there are releases missing it is because they are not cleared for streaming OR it's an easily correctable error. Send details on missing albums through out customer service portal and everything is followed up on.
  11. Jeez guys really appreciate these posts. I know sometimes things aren’t as clear as they should be but you gotta know one key thing: it’s all about you, the audiophiles! Our US team is 4 ppl and we make mistakes — but we are hustling 24-7 to give you the service you want! Written while listening to Beck Odelay on Qobuz. iPhone XS, Apple CCK, Audioquest Dragonfly Red, UE Pro RR — waiting on a corner for David Solomon so we can go get a quick sandwich.
  12. @iamoneagain With tens of thousands of new tracks being commercially released every week, what does it mean for a catalog to be complete? 🙂 Catalog is not a factor in the beta designation...there are some improvements to the apps that we want to make happen before we eliminate it. Are there specific labels you are not seeing available for streaming right now? We are in the process of ingesting over 14 million more independent label tracks but it could take a few months to get them all live on the service.
  13. The email today went to everyone who put their email address in on the old "Sign Up To Be Notified" page pre-2018. Definitely some overlap with people who ultimately became beta testers. No need to do anything if you are using the service already.
  14. @zacster send me a PM with the email address you used and we will check the back end. Which streaming plan did you choose?
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