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  1. Yes! We are getting the licensing done with them ASAP. Great label.
  2. Bob we haven't heard about any issue like this -- there was a sign in issue a few months ago but they corrected it. We use Audirvana 3.5.25 on the Mac in the office every day with no problem.
  3. Yes we should have everything they have. We are still maybe 10 million tracks behind but we are adding 10,000 albums a day.
  4. @miguelitoThe two Tidal examples you posted are not available on Qobuz UK. There are still a few independent aggregators and labels that haven't licensed us yet. Generally we are trying to get everyone on board. I will look into those labels specifically and try to find out who distributes them.
  5. This is absolutely not true @monteverdi. There are massive differences in licensing between the US and Europe. As I've often said the better benchmark is whether one of the mainstream services in the US has something, then we should too.
  6. Nope all the volume leveling info for our catalog should be delivered to Roon by beginning of next month. And all new releases going forward have it.
  7. That's a weird one with the artist in our db 2x. You can see the rest of the catalog here https://open.qobuz.com/artist/271128 These issues are being cleaned up with a new 3rd party data integration -- by the end of the year (?) should be much better.
  8. Hey @brianlg -- Thrill Jockey hasn't licensed us yet. Been working on it for a while. Let them know you'd love to hear their releases on Qobuz. Bathory has their own label, distributed by the Orchard, should be delivered to Qobuz any day...this has been ongoing for 3 months. Same with the Ulver. End of November is when all the Orchard-distributed back catalog will be live. Drudkh is on Season of Mist, who we have - what are we missing? https://open.qobuz.com/artist/937353 In general, there is no such thing as a fully updated catalog. There are unlimited labels and suppliers, new releases and reissues every single day, and titles changing labels or distribution just as frequently. Our team is really small but totally dedicated. The other companies have lots of people just dealing with licensing.
  9. YES @charlesphoto! My independent marketing company Autotonic promoted your book in the late '90s... Thrilled to see you're part of the Qobuz family.
  10. Another point to clarify for all - licensing is done a per territory (country) basis. While we want to have all the music that the French service has, we are limited to what is available in the US. That is why knowing if something is on another US service is helpful. Much less so knowing something is out in another country.
  11. Thanks for these - I will look into. Are they all on other services in the US?
  12. Please give me some examples. Include the labels please. If they are on Tidal, we will likely have them by the end of the month.
  13. I am checking for the Neu! etc. every day. This is a case of a couple labels that are with the Orchard who still have another million tracks to transfer to us. If it's on Tidal we should have it very soon. Painfully slow process but it is ongoing around the clock.
  14. Thanks for this, Talisman. Reggae is tough because many of the biggest artists record for multiple small labels. Some on your list are still being ingested from The Orchard, CD Baby, etc. I bet some reggae guys use Tunecore which is a problem because they are not delivering to us yet despite the deal being in place for some time. The thing to keep in mind is that the catalog backfill is happening on a by distributor or by label basis. Not by genre or artist. But soon there should simply be no holes other than Tunecore and Metallica! So if you see something missing, let us know, preferably with label information and/or links to release on another service. Regarding the top level genre selector on the Discover page: making these choices was painful! I would have liked to have included Reggae and Metal here along with a few others. However, due to Qobuz' unique content infrastructure, we can't add genres to the selector unless we have the editorial resources to generate lots of playlists, Panoramas and other features for each. In other words, more are coming along with better coverage of those genres across the board. For now, Reggae is under World (hate the term but until we can break out the genres we are stuck with it) and Metal is under Rock/Pop
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