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  1. You will have no problem re: transferring downloaded files via usb stick. Try downloading individual tracks rather than full albums if you continue to have problems. May indicate some other issue. Also try a different browser perhaps.
  2. Mark if you are having trouble, I am sure others are as well. There is nothing special required to download purchased music from Qobuz. The Qobuz app is not required, nor is a Qobuz streaming subscription. You can put them on a music server just like files you would rip from your discs or get from any other source. Can you tell me what what format you are trying to download in? Is it a huge box set?
  3. Did you go to that link? That's where you download your purchases. What problem are you having?
  4. Markus what country are you in? You can see all your purchases here and download in the format of your choice https://www.qobuz.com/profile/downloads
  5. All this is true but not sure where the idea we are not working on personalization, radio features, and autoplay came from. People just have no idea how small our team still is. Anyway, I've got a feeling '21 is gonna be a good year.
  6. Make sure you use your email address as the 'username' when you log in. Were you ever able to access your account?You can submit a support ticket without being logged in by using this link: http://qob.uz/support
  7. Or....https://open.qobuz.com/album/0075596077460
  8. Universal Music Publishing has nothing to do with the audio. They bought the compositions. Not the recordings.
  9. They get lossless files. And in the case of "Mastered for iTunes" or "Apple Masters" they get 24-bit/44.1 But everything is downgraded to lossy AAC.
  10. Hi the other thing about uploading your library is that technically our licenses with the labels and rightsholders do not allow us to do that at this time. What you are talking about is a digital locker service. It is true that VOX is working on integrating Qobuz streaming into their apps which will be cool.
  11. Hi @jcn3 on those 2 particular albums, along with a bunch of others from BIS and other key classical labels, there is a bug which is preventing them from streaming. We are aware, have been working on it, and will have it fixed before the end of the year.
  12. Working on it @bobbmd! Hope to have in the 1st half of 2021.
  13. Hi all -- anything exclusive to Amazon is only temporary, Qobuz will have all the available 24-bit remasters from Warner and Universal after a short window. Not exactly sure how short. I am pushing the labels to give the good people of Qobuz something exclusive. Amazon is in a totally different game than us.
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